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Cellblok Reviews

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The YakAttack Cellblok is…

Submitted by: biglenr on 8/19/2014
The YakAttack Cellblok is intended to be a "one stop" mount for a fishfinder and transducer arm for kayaks with the tracks to attach it (I know some Native, Jackson, and NuCanoe's come with these tracks standard, others can add the tracks aftermarket).

The battery goes inside the unit, but you need to drill holes through the side of the cellblok to get the cables through to the transducer and the head unit of the transducer.

You need to buy or make a flexible transducer arm, and buy a Ram Mount ball to attach to the Cellblok for the transducer arm to attach to. This added $75 to the price.
I mounted my FF head unit directly to the Cellblock.

- Works as designed. Provides a portable unit that allows you to move your FF and battery from kayak to kayak
- Mounting points for multiple head units and methods of mounting transducer arms are molded into the inside lid of the cell block. Well thought out.

- All the weight of FF, Battery, transducer, goes to one side of kayak.
- Because it mounts on the side rail, having it close enough to touch the FF controls makes it too close, it interferes with my paddle stroke.... This might not affect everyone, I'm paddling a wide NuCanoe with a 275cm paddle, but it's definitely a problem for me.

All in all, it's fair.... I'm not thrilled with it, but I have it mounted in the front of my kayak, and it will do until I find a better way to mount my FF.

Because of the cost ($60 for cell block, $60 for transducer arm, $10 for ram ball) I'm not sure that $130 for an over the side transducer mount is a good investment.