Pamlico 135T

13' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Pamlico 135T Description

This best-selling tandem offers performance for pairs. The tandem outfitting system offers upgraded seating and adjustability options for more comfort and customization than ever before!

Pamlico 135T Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Wilderness Systems
Pamlico 135T Reviews

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We had a Sevylor 3-man…

Submitted by: roadrunner on 8/18/2020
We had a Sevylor 3-man inflatable before this but we wanted to be able to track easier with less effort so we went with the Pamlico 135T Tandem. We bought the bright Mango color to be seen better while on a lake with fast boats flying around. The seats are soooo comfortable. They only get hard after about 5 miles or so. Time to get out and walk around. We put our 10lb Havanese dog, Katie, up front on the bow. Easy to paddle. Lots of leg room with adjustable foot rests. At 75 pounds, I put it on top of the pickup-truck rack to strap it down. Not easy but not difficult either.

Bought this kayak new in May,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2016
Bought this kayak new in May, 2015. Got a tandem since my wife cannot physically paddle that much, so I end up doing most of the paddling. It tracks well and rock solid. Travel on slow moving streams, water sometimes low and it took the scraping and hitting rocks fine. It is too heavy for me to load on roof. It would be better if it had a drain plug. Only issue is that the foot brace broke, for which the company had a warranty alert out. They promptly sent me replacement which are more solid. I would double check that they have issue resolved before buying new.

We got this boat used... it…

Submitted by: paddler236771 on 5/18/2016
We got this boat used... it is a 2012. Took it to a small lake for the first time works great. My wife and kids had a great time. Solo I had no problems. Can't wait to put in the water again.

We bought this kayak used,…

Submitted by: paddler236644 on 2/3/2016
We bought this kayak used, but in excellent condition. My wife and I are in our 60s and find the boat heavy at 70+ pounds. I have extensive canoe experience, but I find that this kayak is much more comfortable and so nice to be able to paddle from a seated position. It handles nicely in the ocean inlets around Hilton Head, when the surf is not too high. We find the paddling to handle the boat is good and not as clumsy as one might think. We added a drain plug, which we recommend along with a fishing pole slot. We are happy with our purchase as it is well constructed and stable and does seem to track well.

We bought our Wilderness…

Submitted by: RBrauerei on 9/25/2015
We bought our Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T in 2013 at the end of the summer on the Chesapeake Bay to enjoy paddling together the creeks and coastline near our waterfront home. We both have past basic experience with solo kayaks and after two full summers, we couldn't be more satisfied with the way this tandem kayak handles. We have had it out on flat days and on days with 1+ foot waves on the Bay and have never had a problem. And once we get into synch with our paddling, the boat tracks pretty well. Although, it can be a challenge when going against the tide. I suppose that might be true of any tandem. I have had it out solo; moving the front seat back toward the middle and it still handles quite well. I also have had it out with a niece/nephew in the front seat - leaving me to do most of the paddling and again, it handled well and responded to what I wanted the boat to do.

A highlight of this boat is its seats. We are both in our 50s, with some of the usual back pains associated with getting older. The seats have multiple possible adjustments that once you get right, sitting in the boat for hours at a time isn't a problem at all. The adjustable foot pedals are also a big plus. The roomy cockpit opening makes it easy to exit and enter - even for our middle aged bodies with a few extra pounds around the middle.

As others have noted, this kayak has a lot of room to bring along some gear; we usually have a small cooler in the front bulkhead area and a bag with some towels and small items in the hatch. We have recently started to think we could get enough gear into the kayak for an overnight camping trip.

Of course, it's heavier than solo kayaks, but I have moved it by myself for short distances (100-200ft) and have even taken it down off the top of our Jeep by myself without banging it against the vehicle or ground - although it does take the two of us to get it up there. When it's loaded with the basic gear and paddles, though, it would be best to have a kayak dolly even with two people available.

Overall, I would buy another Wilderness Systems boat for sure and would highly recommend this boat for a couple looking to enjoy a day on the water together.


I chose the Wilderness…

Submitted by: dmv22lpd on 9/8/2015
I chose the Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T for its versatility, moderate weight and size. It is rather small for a tandem kayak, but sufficient for back bays and perfect for estuaries of SW Florida. The estuaries are often overgrown, narrow and rife with tight turns...anything much larger would find you "ping-ponging" off the mangroves and stymieing any forward progress. Its pretty hefty at 72 lbs. but paddles lighter. It won't handle much more than 500 lbs including the paddlers so you have to travel light. I use it on a weekly basis, and we love to fish for sea trout and reds in the bays.

The Pamlico 135T sits low in the water so it doesn't catch the wind or weather-vane. The downside to that positive is...heavy chop is going to find its way into the boat. It'll roll with the wake of passing powerboats, but erratic rollers get you wet. You can anticipate a decent glide once you get it up to speed. With little to no rocker, turning is laborious unlike a canoe.

Another negative is the rear compartment does not maintain water resistance. The seal along the foam is comprised quickly, and without a drain plug, its somewhat a pain in the posterior getting all the excess water out. I appreciate the sliding seat, especially the ability to slide the front seat back to paddle it solo (which gives you tons of room if you are fishing).

All in all, I like the kayak and would get another should this waste away...but it has been extremely durable and survived an airborne loft off the SUV's Thule J hooks at 70 mph...but you can hardly notice. A worthy investment for any twosome.


We love our Wilderness…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2015
We love our Wilderness Systems Pamlico 135T! We use it for recreation on calm lakes and will soon be camping with it. It's one of the most stable kayak's we've used, and it has lots of storage space! We love the movable seats with the option to add a 3rd seat as our family grows.

This kayak is extremely durable as well! After dragging it over sand, rocks, and pavement, there's not a scratch on it! Currently we fit 2 adults and a puppy easily in our Pamlico. Once our puppy is full grown and we venture more into the camping, we intend on getting a 2nd Wilderness single kayak (Pungo 120). Thank you for making a quality product Wilderness Systems! You will be our go-to brand from now on!


Great Kayak. Stable in any…

Submitted by: suteck on 9/5/2014
Great Kayak. Stable in any conditions. I paddle on the Hudson River mostly and it can get rather rough from either boat traffic or weather conditions. I haven't come close to capsizing yet and since I'm not of fan of drowning this has been a real plus!

I am 65 years old with lower…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2014
I am 65 years old with lower back fusion and able to load and unload my 135T by myself due to the light construction. Though light in weight it is still very durable.

My wife and I enjoy spending hours paddling and fishing in the Florida bays, lakes, rivers and creeks in the comfortable seats which give my back great support. We are looking for many years of enjoyment before we pass this down to one of our grandchildren.


Bought this kayak a few weeks…

Submitted by: paddler235767 on 7/21/2014
Bought this kayak a few weeks back and have loved it. It's an excellent recreational tandem (we've used with 3 if the 3rd is small and I've gone by myself). We've enjoyed it for hours on both a local lazy river and on a windy day on Lake Huron. Very stable. Easy to transport. Well built. Easy to get in and out of. Only challenge is the need for the front and rear kayakers to paddle in unison -- however this is a given with the size. And the easy of transport makes up for it.

My wife and I had discussed…

Submitted by: paddler235413 on 12/20/2013
My wife and I had discussed getting a kayak for awhile and then for my birthday a couple of years ago she surprised me with a 135T. We have now had it for approx 3 years and have paddled many of the creeks, rivers and dams around our area of South East QLD, Australia. We have found it to be fantastic. We often go out together but due to my wife's work commitments, I go for a paddle by myself on many occasions. It is large enough and very stable to allow me to take my fishing gear and also my camera gear etc.
It rates a 10/10 for me.

I currently have two Heritage…

Submitted by: paddler231310 on 6/21/2013
I currently have two Heritage Angler solo kayaks. I had been placing my son in the 12 footer with me but he was getting too big. So, it was either buy him a small solo and deal with transporting three boats, or get a tandem and have one adult paddle solo.

I purchased the 135T used. Launched it for the first time this weekend on a large lake in a light breeze. I was very pleased with this kayak. She tracks very well even with just me paddling from the stern. Stable. Turns more easily than I expected (again, with just me turning the from stern). When two are paddling and not in unison (happens often with a ten year old in the bow), we didn't smack paddles as there is good distance between the two people. Balance was fine with me (140 pounds) and child (75 pounds).

My only complaint was that I couldn't get the seat adjusted so it was adequately comfortable. It has plenty of adjustments (seatback pitch and height, under-leg height) and it is padded. So I need to spend a little more time experimenting. Foot rests were well positioned tool.

Finally, I thought that it would be heavy and a bit unwieldy but again pleasantly surprised. I can pick it up on my own and get it into the bed of my truck. If putting it on rooftop racks, you would want help to make it easy.


I live in SW Louisiana and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2013
I live in SW Louisiana and bought this boat in the summer of 2010. I am 5'2' and getting fat at the age of 42 as I am getting nearer to 110 pounds. I was able, with a boat loader and wheels, to handle this heavy boat all by myself. My son was six at the time, so I did all the paddling too. My son is getting bigger and is actually helping to paddle these days. We have never over turned, and my son has tried. We are still happy with the boat.

We own many solo Kayaks, a…

Submitted by: jeffonchippewa on 9/7/2012
We own many solo Kayaks, a shorty 9'ers, a 13' Loon, a 13.5' Blackwater, canoe, row boat. etc etc But we wanted to get a Tandem kayak after renting one. So we bought a 2012 Pamlico 135T this summer, and have had a chance to get out for 5 different 4-5 hour long trips. Which are the longest one day trips we have ever taken, Usually after a couple hours we are done.

The seats are excellent, so many ways to adjust we are always comfortable. Get tired take a break let the other paddle. No looking back for each other, can talk without yelling back and forth.

We really love it, took out in our solos once since we bought the 135T. And all we kept thinking was wish we had the tandem with us. The solos will be for guests at the cabin. The tandem will be our boat from now on.

Fast > with 2 paddling it is
Stable > definitely
Storage > lots of space, great dry storage
A Tandem is easy as long as the person in back can keep rhythm with the front. So we have no issue. It is a heavy boat though, but 2 people can handle it. I can move it myself if needed.
And again the Seats in 2012 are awesome, not sure what other year models have.


The 2011 Pamlico 135T is a…

Submitted by: mceb on 7/1/2011
The 2011 Pamlico 135T is a great recreational tandem kayak for flat water paddling. For 2011 they improved the outfitting, the seats are comfortable and adjust on the fly via rails that run along the sides up off the floor. The boat is heavy but all tandems are. Because the Pamlico 135T is a foot or so shorter than most tandems, it actually weighs a little less than many 14-15 footers. The weight is manageable, I can even pick it up and rest on my shoulder to move it around a launch site by myself. Getting it up on our truck requires a bit of a system to not lift the entire weight. I slide ours up the tailgate of our pickup truck into roof saddles.

At 13.5 feet long the Pamlico 135T tracks pretty well for a wide boat (31"). Primary stability is super good on flat water which the kayak is intended for. The flat bottom is great to get into really shallow water, we are fine even into a foot of water. With the front seat adjusted up we don't hit paddles. My wife who sits in the front likes her seat adjusted up pretty far anyway. She's 5' tall, 105 lbs and I'm 5'8" tall, 165 lbs in the rear seat.

Storage is very good. We have 2 dry bags up front under the bow (a 10L and 8L), the stern hatch is small but fits a few items (small 3L dry bag, throw rope and a very small set of kayak wheels). There is additional space behind the rear seat as well. Entry and exit is easy with the super big cockpit. There is a foam block in the bow and a sealed rear bulkhead to help with floatation.

All-in-all a great rec boat if you keep it in quiet flat waters. The large cockpit and wide/flat bottom won't do well in rougher open waters.


Just bought a new p135t and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/6/2010
Just bought a new p135t and love it, we just had our first experience on the Mt. Dora canal paddling in tandem, the kayak is great,took lots of pics and and had shore lunch, getting in and out no problem and lots of room. We can't wait for the next trip.

The Pamlico 135T is a great…

Submitted by: paddler233436 on 11/4/2009
The Pamlico 135T is a great purchase. It has plenty of room and handles great tandem and solo. I can load myself, wife and 3 kids (1, 3 and 5) and it remains very stable in calm water. This is a great boat for the money.

We bought our Pamlico T135 a…

Submitted by: pepiro2 on 9/2/2009
We bought our Pamlico T135 a couple of years ago, after we tried a rental. We just love it.
It is very stable, glides fast and straight, and allows reaching shallow areas. We brought it along to the east coast, and had a great time in the Adirondacks and on lake Champlain, even in 2 foot waves. Our little dog Nickie likes to ride in as well, just behind the front seat.

Only negatives: it is a bit heavy to load on top of the car rack; the seat comes off it's latched position during handling on/off the car roof (I used a tye-wrap to secure it).


Nice entry-level kayak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/29/2008
Nice entry-level kayak. Easily seats two but the nice thing is the front seat is adjustable so when just one person is using it the kayak can be balanced which makes for easier steering. It steers pretty nice as long as you're not too far forward which causes the nose to drag - move the seat back further to avoid that. I mainly use mine in lake water.

Beware, this kayak is heavy - around 70 pounds and it really takes two people to carry. I get around that with an outrigger in my rack which pulls out 3 feet to the side and helps with loading and unloading.

One great aspect of the Pamlico Wilderness Systems 135T is that it has a flat bottom, so you can place it bottom-down on your roof rack and just strap it down. No need for rollers or special V-brackets to support the hull. I had an after-market drain plug installed in the upper-rear hull. This comes in really handy for draining water out of the kayak. It is too heavy to flip to drain. It also has a large cockpit for easy entry and fishing.

If you want a two-person kayak which also works as a balanced one-person kayak, then the Pamlico 135T is perfect. I look forward to years of family fun with this kayak.


I recently acquired a Pamlico…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2008
I recently acquired a Pamlico 135T w/rudder... I plan on using it solo as a fishing kayak,to this end, it basically fits. but I have some complaints so far. the rudder control lines enter at the rudder at a bad angle, lotta resistance when you pull on the lines to raise /lower rudder, also with rudder up, access to rear hatch is obstructed. My biggest complaint is the rudder control pedals and racks. there are 3 racks in boat ...forward pedals are ok and not in the way for solo use .. 2nd rack is to accommodate rudder pedals for a solo paddler (you have to remove pedals from 3rd rack and advance them to 2nd rack) . I'm 5'7" order for me to use pedals in solo mode, I have to move pedals to forwardmost holes of slide on 2nd rack to have room to use my feet. I would suggest to anyone buying this boat for solo use to order boat w/o pedals and racks installed and you install later to fit your size appropriately, you don't need all 3 racks for a solo paddler (disregard for a boat w/o a rudder).

Cheap, sloppy fitting, plastic locking bolt on front seat. SS wire control cables for rudder are looped/crimped thru nylon buckle eyelets for attachment ..only a matter of time b4 the wire cuts thru the nylon ..bad arrangement IMHO! and not easily fixed!! bottom edge of cockpit rim opening is sharp! I bought edge molding for car doors to finish off edges to keep rim lip from cutting into legs. foam chunks in bow and aft are about worthless for flotation. also @ 70 lbs. it's heavy for its size, but with rear seat taken out lots of storage room for things (like a kayak cart, folded up in the back).

For the list price, I think WS could have done a much better job! Seats are comfortable.


Just purchased my first…

Submitted by: paddler232529 on 4/11/2008
Just purchased my first Kayak. The Pamlico 135T is perfect for my wife and I to run class II rivers, check out lakes when camping and using in the gulf. I gave it a 9 because of the lack of a drain plug. FYI, the so called storage compartment in the back can be vastly improved by going to Walmart, looking in the camping/fishing section and purchasing a collapsible trash can. It fits perfect "inside" the lip of the opening and can be held in place with 2 stainless steel bolts passed under the metal ring. Use washers for reinforcement. It now becomes a dry storage container which will keep items from dumping in the water in the unlikely event of a rollover!

I have been active in this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/8/2008
I have been active in this sport for several years. My first yak was a classic Pungo...very nice, rigid boat. I expected the Pamlico 135T to be similarly made, but was disappointed in several areas.

The material used is thinner and more flexible. While it probably reduces the weight overall, it makes the boat feel cheap to me.

There is no bulkhead and the small foam inserts in each end for flotation are a joke. They are poorly fitted and one wasn't securely attached. The quality of the seat/rail construction was lacking. There is a lot of play in the front seat where it attaches to the rail that sits in a channel in the floor. Part of the reason is the rail is free floating at the bow. It only stays in place by gravity, so the front seat isn't securely attached to the bottom of the kayak. To make things worse, the engagement of the seat to the rail is by way of a plastic, loose fitting barrel bolt...very sloppy. Having used nicer tandems before, this design and construction was lacking, imo, but it doesn't cost $300 more either, so that's the trade-off.

You are probably wondering why I purchased this yak. The price, roominess, length, intended use and "chunk" factor all played a part. I plan to use it for camping and fishing with my son, so it will get some abuse. I carry my other kayaks around in the bed of my pickup, and this is short enough to do the same. It is durable enough to allow me to "chunk" it in the truck and not baby it like I'd have to if I bought a higher priced, longer, better made unit. It is also pretty stable. I'd give it a higher number if it were half the price, but I can't for that reason.

I'm a utilitarian type of guy. Even w/ its flaws, the boat will serve my needs w/ a little retrofitting (drain plug, bulkhead in rear, paddle holders, new rail holes for front seat positioning, cross-brace/equipment platform behind front seat back for stabilizing center of cockpit and allowing for electronics and rod holder mounting). I'd suggest adding the strap on deck that attaches by way of the cockpit ring. It provides a way to keep cellphones dry. The misc. uses for the tray enhance function for the front seat occupant.


My wife and I have rented the…

Submitted by: paddler231542 on 12/17/2007
My wife and I have rented the Pamlico 135T on several occasions out of Lazy Dog Outfitters in Key West, Florida. The easy adjust-ability of the seats are a big plus when used by multiple people (although the sliding mechanism looked pretty delicate to me).

Being a relatively short boat (13'8"), the two seats are necessarily close to one another, so their occupants need to exercise some care to avoid bashing one another with their paddles. It's a very stable boat that's good for a slow, paddle among the calm water of mangroves - a great platform for viewing wading birds, for example. I found that it tracks well in calm water, but handles less well in chop, tending to turn broadside to the waves.
Overall, not bad for a rec boat...


Purchased the 135T after many…

Submitted by: paddler232092 on 6/11/2007
Purchased the 135T after many hours of research on the Web. After finding it priced around $800 retail with free tax and shipping I ended up buying it at my local Kayak dealer for $660 plus tax. I was surprised that I got a much better deal at the shop then over the web.
Love the Kayak. Comfortable well designed seats, ease of entry into the large cockpit. About 69 lbs and at the limit for one person to lift onto the top of a car carrier. My dealer did not recommend a kayak carrier for the tandem. Just turn it over and lay it on the factory roof rack and strap it down. I've driven on the NJ turnpike at 70mph no problems.
Tracking as a solo works well. I use it on streams rivers and back bays. It could really use a drain plug. I'll look into an after market type plug.

Love this kayak! I go out…

Submitted by: paddler232071 on 6/4/2007
Love this kayak! I go out with my kids on a river.
    Very stable, but plenty fast enough too.
  • Love the seats...but try to adjust beforehand.
  • Highly recommend float bags & after market drain plug.
  • There are two sets of foot rests since its a tandem (duh) but I bought a 3rd set for when I go solo so I don't have to hassle removing a set and installing on the 3rd track. Just slide front seat back and go.
  • My 11 & 12 year old had to work hard AND in unison to flood this kayak. Made me feel good.
Gal at store said do not transport kayak with float bags in kayak. I did and lost them.
Perfect recreational kayak for my family.

I have had my new Pamlico out…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/8/2007
I have had my new Pamlico out a few times and am ready to give it a great review.

I got this model because of the HUGE open cockpit. I am going to be using it for some scientific sampling, for which I need to tote gear along. I also plan to use it with my 4 year old in the front seat, so she can get out on the water. I wanted the space for gear, and 2nd seat for the kid, but NOT a canoe. This is the best of all worlds.

I've paddled it alone and with said 4 YO in the front seat. I love it either way! With the kid in the front, I threw all gear under the bow deck and pushed her seat forward to even out the weight a little. Worked brilliantly. Paddling alone, I just move the front seat back & voila- I've got a spacious kayak that is a little slower to get moving than my wife's Pungo 120, but once moving it's surprisingly quick and also easy to turn.

I read someone else's review that they spun in wind when alone. No offense meant, but we haven't had that problem at all. Paddled a wide open lake on a very windy day & had no more trouble with this than with the Pungo solo.

I wish it had a bulkhead in the back, but I'm told that was an option. Mine is a factory 2nd due to some scratches on the side, so I really can't complain with how much money I saved.

Simply put, I love this boat.


I have just paddled my new…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2006
I have just paddled my new yellow poly Wilderness System Pamlico 135 Tandem for the first time since purchasing it. I chose this model after paddling a green one during a recent demo day sponsored by one of my local dealers. After paddling a Tarpon 140 S-O-T for about a year and only demoing one other S-in-K (a Pungo 140) in the past, I had narrowed my tandem search down to either a Tarpon 130T or the Pamlico 135T based largely on reviews from this site. I was looking for a tandem so I could take my 5 year old daughter with me from time to time and I knew going in whatever tandem I chose would have to paddle well solo. After trying the Tarpon 130T, I decided against it (for a variety of reasons I won't go into now). I then had to wait my turn to try the demo 135T so I took out a Pamlico 120 to pass the time. I wasn't particularly impressed with the Pamlico 120 (mainly due to the poor tracking) and that made me start to second guess myself on even thinking about the 135T as they share a similar hull design, etc. Luckily, when I finally got into the 135T my apprehension faded. Even though they shared a similar hull design, the extra 1.5 - 2 feet of length greatly improved the tracking. The 135T is heavy (around 70 pounds) so it took me several extra strokes to get it moving and up to speed by myself. Once it was up to speed it tracked well and glided along smoothly and quietly. Two good paddlers should really be able to make it go. For a big and heavy boat it was fairly maneuverable, swinging around the end of the pond and some cypress stumps during my demo and the many bends of the relatively narrow bayou where I took it on my first official outing. The cockpit is roomy and easy to get and out of. The adjustable seats make paddling it solo easier as they slide and lock into any of several positions from which to paddle. The Phase 3 Lite seats were comfortable although the position of the adjusting straps (low and slightly behind me, blocked by my PFD) for the backrest made it a little difficult to adjust while paddling. Apart from those straps, my only other complaint would be for the lack of a drain plug...something I really needed after picking up some water while passing though a brief summer shower on the way to the launch. Overall, a good solid boat for a solo paddler (with a small passenger) or as a true tandem. I also thought that it was priced about right for it's value and as compared to other similar boats in it's class.

Just purchased a 135T. As a…

Submitted by: rvigneault on 4/20/2006
Just purchased a 135T. As a newcomer to kayaking,I am very impressed with the stability of the craft and the ease of entry. I have had the boat out on Lac St. Louis here in Montreal for the past 5 days in a myriad of conditions and it handled extremely well. I have paddled both in tandem with my 7 year old son and solo. Both have been great experiences.

The weight of the boat is disappointing. I currently load the boat in my Element as I am a block away from the water, but I am concerned about lifting this sucker onto a roof rack in the near future. Still lighter than a canoe - but not by much.

Overall, it has been a great addition and I look forward to having a full paddling summer.


We bought the 135T about four…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/26/2005
We bought the 135T about four months ago and love it! Have taken it into open waters in the Gulf, narrow rivers with high currents and also fishing in inland waters and bays. Everywhere we go, the kayak performs great! We have even run over an oyster bar and the kayak is so sturdy there are only a few scrapes, nothing major. This makes a great recreational kayak, lots of room, lots of comfort, and we can even take the kids in it and not tip over.

The only drawback I can think of is that it does not have a drain plug. We currently use a sponge to get all of the excess water out after use, but the plug would be a great accessory and we will probably install one in the near future. Bottom line.. Love the kayak, love the quality.


Great tandem. My wife and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/3/2005
Great tandem. My wife and I just traded a 145T in for the 135T and love it. Easy to get into, stable, turns great, and tracks well. I'd call the 145T more of a "performance tandem", if there is such a thing, designed more for a load of less than 400 lbs. The 135T is almost as fast, much more stable, much more comfortable, and carries much more of a load. I don't give it a perfect score simply because it doesn't have the full "Phase 3" seats, but rather the "phase 3 lite", thus less padding and because if Wilderness Systems had added just a bit more length/configured it differently you could store much more, which would be nice. This is the best/most enjoyable tandem I have been in.

Just took our 135T out for…

Submitted by: paddler231225 on 8/1/2005
Just took our 135T out for the 2nd time. Great little boat. Sturdy and easy to maneuver. We sat our 6 year old in the middle and had plenty of room with her forward or rear facing. The boat is faster than we thought. Because it is a little wider we bought the longer paddles. This makes a great difference. We are so pleased that we are recommending it to our extended family to go and get one so we can go on trips together. Our suggested improvement would be to have an optional middle children's seat.

We bought this boat this…

Submitted by: paddler231200 on 7/15/2005
We bought this boat this spring for taking our six- and three-year-olds out on the lakes and calm streams. We went to buy a WS 160T but it was sold out when we got to the sale. Just as well, as this boat suits us better and was a bit cheaper.

Our main factors were stability and ease of entry-exit, and the Pamlico 135T is great on those points.

My wife sits in the bow seat with the six-year-old between her legs while our little one sits on a foam paddle float, facing backwards, behind the bow seat. (I'm not sure why I bought a paddle float -- if this thing ever flipped, it would suck in so much water there would be no way of getting back in and bailing. But it makes comfy seat.)

It's no speed demon, but with both girls in, that isn't a factor either. My only disappointments are the weight -- it was a bitch to get on top of our SUV, until I built a roller for the tailgate -- and the tracking solo.

I also agree with the other review that suggested a drainage plug. It's a hard boat to tilt to drain.

I had a tough time paddling this boat alone and found it weathercocked like mad in moderate breeze on a lake. Even moving the bow seat all the way back, I got dizzy spinning around, esp. with the wind at my back. Next time I go solo, I'll put in some extra weight. I'm probably going to buy a Tsunami 140 or Capehorn for solo missions without the rugrats.


Myself and my wife bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/6/2005
Myself and my wife bought this kayak, at age 50+, to change sports and stay active, former weightlifters we can no longer do this at our age. So we purchased a 135T Pamlico - Wilderness to try a new hobby as beginner and stay in shape for the long run.

I have to say what a fantastic kayak. I am 6' 240lbs, wife is 5'3 140lbs. We were comfortable relaxed. The seats are great (not I had a back problem at 1 time), we used it 1st time around in large lake, Piney Run in MD (calm clear), practice run after a learning firstimers class by my son on the Chesapeake Bay.

No turning problems. We were in sync, cutting through the water at a good clip. No turning problems, no slowing problems when we wanted to stop. Great kayaking if you are a birdwatcher. The blue herons were great to watch.

Anyway back to the kayak a fantastic kayak for the beginner I guess to intermediate/according to my son.

A great buy where you get the most bang for your boat. No problem getting in and out of at a pier area, and remote banks, or at boat drop-off areas.

Probably stay with same brand for singles if we decide to get. Now practicing for new challenged in more difficult water areas.



This is my second review of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/11/2004
This is my second review of this boat. Now that I've owned it for awhile I have found this boat to be great. It tracks very well, with excellent stability and speed. The seats are comfortable and the build quality is rock solid. This boat is a great boat for fishing too because of the large cockpit. I've had it in the Gulf and it handles waves, wind and chop with confidence. Most of the time I solo in it which it does very well once you know how to move the foot rails to the center track. Also, my kids have really enjoyed riding in the front while I did the paddling.

In summary, I don't think you can find a better tandem rec. boat for the money.

Suggested improvement: install a drain plug.


I got this boat on clearance…

Submitted by: paddler230827 on 10/2/2004
I got this boat on clearance for a great price for a great boat. I thought I wanted the 145, but when I sat in the back of it I couldn't even come close to stretching my legs out all the way. While the 135 is shorter overall, it is MUCH roomier in the back for the rear paddler (me). WS quality is top notch. It's my 3rd WS boat. It tracks straight as an arrow without any annoying rudder that will ultimately break. Phase 3 seating is unmatchable. Boat turns nice with just a little lean. The boat is too wide at 28 inches, but i guess they have to cater to the average fat slob American. It is NOT 55 lbs as the catalog states....but I knew that before I bought it (meticulous research). It is probably more like 65-68 lbs. Weight is not an issue with me though. I'd definitely buy another 135T if this one disappeared. I can think of no reason not to give it a 10.....but it would be nicer if it were 25 inches wide!!

Just got the new Pamlico 135T…

Submitted by: paddler230815 on 9/27/2004
Just got the new Pamlico 135T - it has the new Phase 3 Lite seats (I think it is a 2005 model - was just built and shipped to my dealer per my order) which are just like phase 3 except the back rest does not adjust up/down. The back rest does provide nice support in its fixed position. I took my 7 year old down a calm river and it paddled with ease and tracked great - especially since I was in the back and weigh 230 and he at 50 was up front. It turns on a dime. Adjustable foot rests are a nice feature. Def more than 55 pounds but not hard at all to put on the car solo especially with the help of a Yakima boat loader. I had my 3 and 5 year old out individually at a nearby lake and it handled the "boat/jet ski wake" chop well both in stability and tracking. I did not get the rudder and am convinced it is not needed - although it may help when 2 adults that are not in sync get to paddling it.

I paid a deposit back in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/20/2004
I paid a deposit back in february at the toronto autoshow, intending to inquire the 145T but the salesperson talked me into getting the 135T. my reservation was that if i bring my kid out camping, 1 foot shorter means 1 foot less of gear i can carry. but Swift Canoe assures me that if i dont like it, i can switch back to 145T.

i brought my 13yrs old along, tried out the 135T and 145T in may. the 145T is a lot narrower, not comfortable to sit in, especially the front seat. its a lot easier to tip over as well. not that it happened, but i had a hard time balancing it with a 13yrs old first timer onboard. as for the 135T though one foot shorter, the opening is wider and longer, actually it would hold just as much (if not more) gears as the 145T.

the 135T is not fast with two on it. doesnt turn that well but still easier than the 145T. its very stable. i tried the Phase 3 seats on the 145T, its not that much better than the basic seat i have on the 135T. i stick with the basic setup with the 135T, no rudder, 895Cdn+tax. rather than the 145T at 1099Cdn+tax.

3 months now, i find myself doing solo most of the time. (my kid takes my Tarpon120 all the time.) at first find the 135T doesnt track well and go very slow. after a few trials, i drilled 2 more holes on the center rod, shifting the seat forward, finding the good spot to sit greatly improve the performance of it. i came close to adding the rudder, but i dont need to anymore. when solo, it turns well and tracks well. Tarpon 120 is a lot easier and more fun to be in.

there were a few times i went out in 1-2ft of rough water. 135T handles very well. but it takes on a lot of water from the large cockpit. i wish it comes with the third set of footrest. the tracks are there but there's only 2prs of footrest. now i take the front pair and put it in the middle for solo.

yeah, just like the rest of the 135T owners i got tricked thinking i was getting a 55lbs boat. but now the website changes it back to 69lbs. if not that i would have given a "10" for the rating.


We've just purchased the 135T…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/13/2004
We've just purchased the 135T and are very happy with it's stability and ease of paddling. We agonized over which tandem to buy and tried several. This was our favorite because of the comfort, stability and ease of handling when going solo. Our only complaint is that we are quite sure that the advertised weight of 55 pounds is off the mark.This is disappointing to me because as a 5'2" woman it will be more difficult for me to get it in and out of the water if I care to go it alone.

hi. we have a pamlico 135 T.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2004
hi. we have a pamlico 135 T. our first kayak. We are new to this and I'm profundly hearing impaired. Due to that hearing loss I need a kayak that is very stable. Very poor balance. We are both overweight and needed a tandem that could take a lot of weight. Plus it handles as a solo so well!...Had it out in a large lake with lots of wind and it was great to handle. Easy to get into and out. Seat does not bother us..Great Kayak Will be getting another one.

I'm giving it a 5 becasuse…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/8/2004
I'm giving it a 5 becasuse the boat's advertised weight from the Wilderness Systems catalog is 55lbs. I bought one and thought it was heavier than 55lbs, so I put on a scale. The result was 73 lbs! The reason I bought this particular boat was because the advertised weight of 55lbs. I wanted something much lighter than my Old Town canoe. Buyer beware! Don't buy this boat if you want something under 60Lbs. This is not the fault of the retailer. Wilderness Systems needs to do some explaining. Their web site says 69lbs, their catolog says 55lbs, and every dealer in the country says it weighs 55lbs because they get their specs from the manufacture catalog.

We just purchased a new…

Submitted by: paddler230592 on 6/1/2004
We just purchased a new Pamlico 135T, and have spent our 3rd day on the water in it. We have fished from it in heavy winds, with chop, and found it to be amazingly stable and excellent to fish from. Plenty of room, fast, tracks well. Seats are super, highly adjustable, comfy. Easy to load and unload from the roofrack. If you don't need to run rapids, this is an excellent kayak!!

The Pamlico 135T is a new…

Submitted by: bruce on 5/10/2004
The Pamlico 135T is a new model for 2004. It is the first kayak that my wife and I purchased. We did not try it out in advance. We are both over 50 and have only rented kayaks while on vacation.

Today, we took it out for the first time and had a wonderful experience. The kayak is short at 13'5" but it is very stable with a very open cockpit (lots of storage space). Although a tandem kayak is purportedly a "divorce boat", when both of us paddled in unison, it moved very rapidly and tracked well. It is listed as 55 pounds but feels heavier. It is easy to store and transport and has a solid feel to it. We had originally intended to purchase a Pamlico 145T. When the 135T became available, we elected to purchase a smaller tandem. The manufacturer indicated the boat has more of the feel of the Tarpon series rather than the other Pamlicos (I wouldn't know if this is correct). It is a great entry level kayak, and although we just returned from our first day of kayaking, I wanted to be the first to review this new model.