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TYBEE FG Description

The Tybee FG IM is a great value for those with a budget but still after the performance of high angle paddling. Find design features direct from our higher models, but at a lower price. A great spare paddle for expedition or coastal play paddlers. Fiberglass reinforced nylon, injection molded blades are impact and wear resistant, a combination of light swing weight for the value yet maintain premium design elements. Patented Smart View Adjustable ferrule allows for the solid feel of a 1-piece paddle and nothing to snag your gear.

TYBEE FG Reviews


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TYBEE FG Reviews

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Submitted by: paddler376844 on 7/20/2017

For the price and versatility Werner's Tybee is the best first paddle for a variety of kayaking applications.


Overall, a fine paddle in…

Submitted by: gondola on 8/11/2016

Overall, a fine paddle in terms of weight and width, but for a paddle that is $180 I had two weird problems with it, not to mention glib lip service from Werner itself, which left me not wanting to give them my money again.

Problem 1: after using this paddle for 3 years, suddenly one day the two shafts stopped clicking in place. Somehow the clasp button feature that snaps the two shafts in place and then allows you to separate them, once connected, got damaged in such a way as to prevent them from staying in place. The paddle was still usable, but it felt very compromised -- especially if paddling rapids when all of a sudden the paddle comes apart!

Problem 2: when portaging around a huge logjam once, I threw the paddle atop the tall bank that I had to pull my boat up and over since it was muddy, I was frustrated, and I knew I needed both hands. When I relocated my paddle I found the shaft broken at its clasp. Just smashed. Now the paddle was totally dysfunctional, so I had to "doggie-paddle" with each blade/shaft in each hand, for 4.5 miles. I was not a happy paddler!

Werner offered no sympathy and stated that a "technician" would look at it, but (a) that alone would cost something like $60 (not including shipping it out to Washington),(b) there was no guarantee that it could be fixed in the first place, and (c) even if it could be fixed, that would cost additional money. Or...I could just buy a new paddle from a different manufacturer, thank you very much. Which is what I did.


I love the Werner Tybee…

Submitted by: YakinHick on 7/23/2015
I love the Werner Tybee paddles! My paddling style varies by kayak and conditions, but the Tybee seems versatile enough to handle everything. The Tybee does not sacrifice quality, but is inexpensive. The carbon shaft connects securely, has plenty of adjustment, and is light-weight. The blade size and shape seems efficient. I am very happy with my Werner Tybees!

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: funleavy on 8/21/2014
I recently purchased the Werner Tybee hooked paddle, and have been cursing ever since - for having waited so long before making the switch! I was happy enough with my previous paddle (Bending Branches Bounce), but after a friend recommended the Tybee I decided to take a chance. Money well spent! With that said, it costs less than many of Werner's paddles so I didn't really break the bank either.

I have a wide SOT kayak which means I need a long paddle, so I got the longest one available (250 cm). Still plenty light for a long day on the water, and what a difference the hooked blade makes. Adjustable ferrule system makes it easy to separate and adjust for different angles, and locks securely in place. Highly recommended


I use the Werner Tybee kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2013
I use the Werner Tybee kayak paddle with my Aire Lynx Inflatable Kayak. It is a great match up as I am short with a high angle paddling style. Most manufacturers recommend a 230cm paddle for IKs. I bought one and found it was way too long for me. So after an extensive search I found the Werner Tybee.

I like the angle and shape of the blades. They are much more like the shape of whitewater paddles which is great since I am using this paddle in whitewater. It comes in a range of lengths. The whitewater specific paddles do not usually come in lengths above 200cm. I was able to get the Werner Tybee in a 215cm length. Werner offers shorter lengths as well as longer than my 215.

I have now used this paddle only a few times and I really enjoy it. I have banged it off of rocks and used it to push off or rocks as well. It seems like a strong paddle.

If you have a wide boat and are looking for a strong short paddle for whitewater I recommend the Warner Tybee paddle.


I like high angle paddles and…

Submitted by: dghaessig on 4/6/2012
I like high angle paddles and after trying many this is the first high angle paddle that is also light weight that can handle conditions of the small twisty Ozark streams that I like.

Got the Tybee FG in a 230 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/2/2012
Got the Tybee FG in a 230 for use with my LL Coupe SOT and I really wish I got the 240 because the blade is shorter than the Skagit. However, my only real gripe is that the high angle often gets me wet. Not the paddles fault though. It is strong, lite, efficient, and I really like the adjustments available. Best bang for the buck.

I got a Tybee at REI for $90,…

Submitted by: jen724 on 7/30/2009
I got a Tybee at REI for $90, the only time I've seen it discounted from $130. It's a very efficient high stroke paddle, but what has surprised me most is it's toughness. I've dug out of sand and gravel shallows with it, banged it off rocks in whitewater, and haven't gotten so much as a scratch or chip. Highly recommend.

I bought a Tybee on Ebay at a…

Submitted by: mesten on 5/19/2009
I bought a Tybee on Ebay at a great discount for a friend who does adventure races. He loves the paddle, and I borrowed it recently for a trip down the mighty Oswego river in southern NJ. It is a fabulous paddle for the price. Highly recommended if you don't want to spend $300 or more for high-end gear.