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SKAGIT CF Description

The SKAGIT CF is a paddle brought to you by Werner Paddles. Read SKAGIT CF reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

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This is a light weight,...

This is a light weight, two piece, paddle that is extremely precision made. Once together there is zero play at the ferrule joint and it feels like a one piece paddle. It can be feathered left or right in increments of 15 degrees up to 45 degrees as well as having it straight. It enters and exits the water smoothly and efficiently. Also, the drip stops work like a dream on this paddle. If I could I would give it 4-1/2 stars. The only negative I have found is that when paddling hard, in rough water, the blade feels like it has a flutter toward the end of my stroke. That said I have only felt it do this about three times and in pretty windy conditions with white caps on the lakes. Considering the fact that my paddle cadence is about one stroke per second (that's 3600 strokes per hour) and I have used the Skagit to paddle approximately 10 -12 miles, to date, the occurrence of this flutter is very limited.

Great Paddle ! At 63...

Great Paddle ! At 63 year's old this is a great paddle for me..... Using The ( Skagit CF ) has Very little if any stress on this Banged up Ageing Vessel my Spirit Has been Riding In ! ! ! New to kayaking this year I picked out the kayak and my son Helped me with the Decision on which paddle to purchase / along with the Staff at Saratoga Paddle Sports Shop . ( Stafford's Bridge Rd Fish Creek in Saratoga Spring's NY ) . Thank's Mike For the ( Skagit CF ) Father's Day Gift : ) ......... 2018

Skagit CF - 2 PieceI bought this (Low Angle) paddle the summer…

Skagit CF - 2 Piece

I bought this (Low Angle) paddle the summer before last for my 17ft Sea Touring kayak. Paddle is extremely light and very comfortable to grip. Performs well for short day trips but lags when traveling long distances as it doesn't draw enough water when compared to a (High Angle) paddle.

The Werner Skagit CF is a...

The Werner Skagit CF is a great lightweight paddle at a reasonable cost. The 2 piece model gives you detailed control over the feathering angle. I used this paddle in the ADK 90-miler last year, and had no discomfort in my arms after any of the 3 days. The paddle looks brand new after a long paddling season.

This could be my favorite paddle. It is carbon-shafted and offers…

This could be my favorite paddle. It is carbon-shafted and offers their "Smart-View" feathering adjustment. But the real reasons for a high rating are

1) how it feels to handle it and the firm, smooth control,
2) how light it is, and
3) the blade design seems to repel the water mostly outside the boat so that the drip rings don't even have much water drainage left to deal with. For this good of a paddle, the price is reasonable.

I have owned both the FG...

I have owned both the FG IM and the CF IM, so this review will cover both Skagit paddles. Currently own the CF IM.

First off, the Skagit is a great design for rec kayakers. Its light weight, smooth stroke really help save energy. I find the blade to be absolutely flutter-free during the stroke which allows a looser grip. I use my paddles to push off shore, push stuff out of the way, and sometimes keep my boat still while I'm getting into it, so I stuck with nylon blades of the Skagit.

The Smart-View ferrule is great, lots of adjustment, locks up tight every time, but most importantly when its locked together, there is nothing protruding from the shaft surface, its as close to a one-piece paddle as you can get while still having the storage/transport convenience of a two-piece! The ovalized grip area is also nice, its a lot more comfortable than a fully round shaft.

There are a lot of paddles in this price range, but I feel Werner is at the top because of the 0 flutter and the best ferrule design in the business. Honestly for most rec kayakers, the FG is fine. The CF is a tiny bit stiffer in the blades, and a tiny bit lighter, but its not worth the (full price) extra cost. I got mine on sale, and personally decided it was worth it then. At full MSRP, the Skagit FG IM is a great paddle for the rec kayaker or going for partial day tours.

I've had the 230 cm small...

I've had the 230 cm small shaft, CF model for two seasons, well into my third. It's my go-to paddle. It's tough. I've pushed off rocks, logs, mud, sand, and got stuck in ice crystals where I thought for sure I'd crack the blade trying to moosh through that stuff. I love this paddle.

I got the small shaft because my hands are small. With cold weather gloves it feels like a normal shaft and my hands last longer than with a normal shaft plus gloves. Long length because I paddle a loon 138 which is a very wide boat. I keep it slightly feathered because that's my natural tendency in open water.

The only complaint is that the decals for the feathering adjustment came off at the end of one season. It's possible that hard use combined with sun, rain, and encounters with sand bars might have been a little much. I emailed Werner and they sent me new decals but in the end I decided to just scratch some adjusting markers into the shaft pieces.

Aside from that, it's really holding up. I've used it hard, two or three times a month and a couple long camping trips. Rivers, creeks, and lakes only. No whitewater.

I'll replace it with the same model if I lose it or break it but I hope it lasts. I finally got it looking just the way I want. Scratched up, nicks at the edges, permanent mud stains from the Wisconsin River. It's beautiful.

I have the Skagit CF IM,...

I have the Skagit CF IM, and I love it. It's my first paddle, and it has served this beginner very well. Its oval grip is quite comfortable, and it has a solid feel - but is also light enough that I can handle it all day without tiring. It's also very durable and holds up well to rock encounters

I absolutely love my Werner Skagit paddle. It's lightweight and strong…

I absolutely love my Werner Skagit paddle. It's lightweight and strong enough to bear my weight (240) when entering on open water. I particularly like the easy connectivity between the two shafts and the nice sync feel when they connect. The only complaint is that Werner is an expensive paddle no matter what level you're buying so they shouldn't cheap out on the looks of the lower end models. Kinda looks recreational level but performs like a pro.

I have two of these...

I have two of these Skagits. They are both the carbon fiber shaft and carbon fiber reinforced blade. The first one I bought 4 years ago. It had a feather system with holes and a locking pin. I drilled a few more holes to gives some more positions. It has had no issues of reliability or premature wear...still like new.

I recently bought a second kayak and wanted another paddle so that my family could take out both kayaks at the same time. I was so happy with the first I bought the current model which now has an index system so you can select various feather angles set at 15 degree increments. The joint on both are tight and no flexure in the joint or the paddle shaft or blade. Both are the same length 220mm (I am 6' tall). Besides the much improved feather indexing system I didn't see any changes in material or shape which I thought were always perfect for me. The handle is slightly oval...just enough to help you maintain a good grip and know where the paddle is oriented. The color of both the blade and handle is black. This color is OK but if given a choice a non black color on the handle might be preferable as when sitting out in the hot sun the black can get fairly hot. I sometimes will put it in the water to cool it down before starting to paddle.I also thought that a brightly colored paddle blade might be useful as an emergency safety "flag". I am thankful that they resisted going to an oversize blade. The blade enters the water cleanly and pulls straight without feeling you are dragging a huge "barn door" through the water like an oversized blade does.

I give the older model a 8 and the new one a 9 based on its excellent feather index system and it would have been a 10 if they had made the whole thing bright yellow or at least the blades. But I wanted this version and features so I decided I could accept the color.