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Name: Mullin_2018

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Previous review approximately 1 year ago about the First Kayak Iv'e ever owned..... With a little more Experience under my paddle and a Year later Using this Kayak I Like it even more..... Great Kayak by Native Water Craft ! Buy Native you won't regret it ..... Jeff From Massachusetts...................

Great Paddle ! At 63 year's old this is a great paddle for me..... Using The ( Skagit CF ) has Very little if any stress on this Banged up Ageing Vessel my Spirit Has been Riding In ! ! ! New to kayaking this year I picked out the kayak and my son Helped me with the Decision on which paddle to purchase / along with the Staff at Saratoga Paddle Sports Shop . ( Stafford's Bridge Rd Fish Creek in Saratoga Spring's NY ) . Thank's Mike For the ( Skagit CF ) Father's Day Gift : ) ......... 2018

My first kayak... Lived around the water all my life.... Have had Ski/Run-about power boat. Personal water craft , 12' fishing boat... Now i am Kayaking at 63 years young... This is one of the most enjoyable things i have ever done. I have just as much fun paddling as i do fishing out of it. This is such a great pass time..... It's so quiet and relaxing... I don't know much about paddling but i am learning.. : ) That being said i think this is a Great American Made Kayak ! It's very stable , plenty of storage , easy to paddle and get in and out of .. Oh and let's not forget the SEAT ! It's Very Comfortable with good back support... You can paddle for hour's in comfort.. I am no expert but I did notice that with a tail wind ( 5ish mph ? ) It doe's seem to push kayak a bit left / right depending on wind direction but nothing that can not be corrected with a few paddle stroke's more on one side or the other ( No Big Deal ).... In year's past I have done a bit of fresh water snorkeling and i am looking forward to trying it while kayaking.... This kayak has plenty of front storage for fin's , mask or what ever you wish to bring along ... My thank's to Native Watercraft for making such a Great Kayak ! Jeff from Massachusetts........................