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The Werner Skagit CF is a great lightweight paddle at a reasonable cost. The 2 piece model gives you detailed control over the feathering angle. I used this paddle in the ADK 90-miler last year, and had no discomfort in my arms after any of the 3 days. The paddle looks brand new after a long paddling season.

This sprayskirt is well worth the investment. It has helped me start paddling earlier in the season and continue well into the fall. The abrasion resistant material on the sides has taken a beating without showing any signs of wear. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Pretty great kayak for the price. This was my first fishing kayak and what ultimately turned me onto other forms of paddling. A few minor quality issues but they can mostly be attributed to me beating the boat up more than it deserved.

This was my families first kayak when I was about 10 years old. It is what I first learned to paddle on. My family now owns 5-6 kayaks but we still have the Otter (20 years later). It has taken everything we have put it through and has the battle scars to prove it. Great little boat. Make sure you find some cushioning to throw on the seat.

This is a satisfactory kayak for the price. The kayak is made out of the cheaper polypropylene which gets scratched easier than most materials. Nothing special about this kayak. It is also heavier than most other kayaks in the same length and price ranges.