Name: Nighthawk59

Most Recent Reviews

As an older paddler (62yo) who enjoys longish flatwater trips (>12 miles) this paddle is a real shoulder-saver! The blades can be powered through the water with no waffling or vibrations. The lighter weight means I can put in the strokes without the shoulder penalty. Great product.

Nice PFD for paddling, with plenty of room and freedom of arm movement. One issue I found has to do with the thickness of the foam on the back. It is thicker than I expected and pushes my body forward in the kayak seat. Unfortunately, my seat is fixed and I cannot rectify the issue with a seat adjustment. Other than that it is a great PFD.

Haven't used it on the water yet, but it secures well to the forward perimeter lines. Should put almost everything I need within easy reach. I like the connection straps and how easy they can be moved.

I purchased this boat (14' 9" long) May of 2019 (though the boat is from 2001). Since that time, I have paddled many miles in it through both serene flatwater and mild rivers. The seat is comfortable for about 4 or 5 hours and tolerable beyond that time. I found the boat to track well and paddle easy. There is plenty of storage both fore and aft, the hatches are a bit finicky to put back on, but they keep the water out. About the only downsides would be the weight, at 62 pounds empty, it can be a real task to get back in the racks after a long day of paddling, and the hull material is not HDPE, but something called PolyLink3 which, as it turns out doesn't repair easily (apparently it turns to a liquid rather than softening when heated). It is a pretty boat (red with darker speckles) and I get many comments on it.