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Ikelos Kayak Paddle Description

The Ikelos is Werner's most advanced high-angle paddle, with their best paddling design and construction features. You’ll feel exceptionally light, buoyant strokes while the smooth back face gives a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The award-winning Ikelos is the smart choice for those playing or cruising with a high-angle style of paddling and wanting the powerful feel of a full-sized blade.

Additional Attributes

  • Dynel® edges protect the paddle from the rigorous environment paddlers often find themselves in
  • Full sized blades are and ideal fit for larger, well-conditioned paddlers.
  • Smooth back face makes for cleaner entry and exit of your strokes and an elegant feel on the water.

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I usually ride with my dog so…

Submitted by: paddler810836 on 7/1/2020
I usually ride with my dog so for those dog pawrents this one is perfect . Of course you paddle but as an outside person why buy a kayak if your not going to paddle - the experience is 100% worth the pain afterward if you have no experience or practice . The inside is very nice welded and no water can come in - if you do a tiny bit it’ll survive :) this kayak is amazing to make a purchase for beginners !

Precision made has…

Submitted by: bplbuck on 5/13/2020
Precision made has comfortable carbon shaft and durable blades

I love this paddle.. light…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2019

I love this paddle.. light weight .. easy to put together and pull apart. I use it without a feather , but it can be adjusted to use the feathering technique. I use to have very sore arms when I did a long paddle, and now I do not.. Cannot say enough good things about this paddle for kayaking lakes, rivers and the ocean.


Werner paddles had its…

Submitted by: maynardc on 10/2/2018

Werner paddles had its humble beginning back in 1959 and has been in production and handcrafted in the State of Washington for over 40 years. The paddle I recently purchased is a straight shaft, standard grip, high angle, 210cm Ikelos carbon paddle. The Ikelos’ shaft, like all of Werner’s touring shafts, is handmade, and is available in one, two, or four piece configurations. Each of the multi-piece paddles has a button built into the shaft for disassembling the paddle for storage and transport. This new style button, which replaced the older button, is recessed into the shaft thus removing the protruding button some paddlers found annoying. Along with the recessed button, Werner has made a slight, but welcome change, to the ferrule assembly with a “Smart View Adjustable” ferrule. This assembly replaces the older blade alignment method of a piece of tape wrapped around the shaft. While the tape worked well, this redesign provides a more convenient method for setting the angle of the blade. The ferrule itself appears to be unchanged and still consists of a spline assembly. This spline allows for not only feathering the blades from zero degrees to 60 degrees for either left or right handed paddles, but also provides anti-rotational strength for the entire paddling shaft.

Moving from the shaft to the blades, the Ikelos has a large surface area, 691 cm2, which allows the paddler to catch a ton of water. In comparison, a standard high angle blade will have approximately 610 cm2 of surface area. The larger blade does offer some advantages including initial paddling strokes, stopping, and possibly in bracing and rolling because of the larger surface area. Of course one of the downsides to a larger blade is the increase in swing weight when compared to a standard blade. However, when you compare a standard non-carbon paddle, 1000 - 1100g, to the larger bladed Ikelos paddle at 670g, we see a massive reduction in swing weight despite Ikelos’ larger paddle blades.

Another feature, beyond their light weight design found in Werner Ultimate performance line of paddles, is they are exceptionally buoyant. So while the reduction in swing weight aides the paddler with the initiation of the stroke, the buoyancy of the paddle helps lift the paddle out of the water at the completion of the stroke. So what else can Werner add to this paddle? Simply, a small but highly functional dihedral on the power face of the blade and a smooth curved surface to the back of the blade. The dihedral allows for a smooth and stable forward paddling stroke by balancing the water pressure across the face of the blade, while the smooth curved back helps mitigate, if not eliminate, small eddies that can form on backside of any paddle, robbing the paddler of their efficiency and power. Finally to complete the blade, Werner has added drip rings and a Dynel edge to the paddle. This is a roping material designed to be impact and abrasion resistant.

The Ikelos paddle is offered in a variety of single and multi-piece shaft configurations, including both straight and bent shaft. To be honest the Ikelos model is not the least expensive choice on the market. It retails, depending on shaft configuration, from $400 to $490. For my money, it was worth every penny spent. If you haven’t paddled an Ikelos paddle, or even a Werner carbon paddle, do yourself a favor and visit your local Werner dealer and take one out for a demo.

A complete list of specifications can be found on Werner Paddles website at www.wernerpaddles.com/paddles/touring/ikelos


Fantastic paddle

Submitted by: paddler395644 on 9/14/2017

I have been using a Warner Cyprus for several seasons, and absolutely loved it. I recently purchased an Ikelos and found it to be equally wonderful, but with even more power in each stroke. Warner's Carbon paddles are incredibly light, and feel very comfortable in the hand. If you never want to own a carbon paddle, I would suggest never trying one, because once you do, you won't want to go back to any other type.


More power, more work!

Submitted by: paddler274252 on 12/13/2016

I got this paddle new a month ago, and have put about 100 km on it since then on a tidal inlet.
I bought it so that I could give my wife my Cyprus (reviewed) rather than argue over who gets the light weight carbon fiber paddle!
Rather than get another Cyprus, I wanted to move to a larger blade area, as I was finding the Cyprus was not grabbing the water completely under full throttle.

The Ikelos at first felt like more work than the Cyprus, but according to my GPS that's because it was also making me 5% faster in my 14' Manitou (reviewed)! It is more work, and I'm more used to it now, but it is a harder paddle to use. It just grabs the water so well with so little slippage. If you're looking for a bit more speed, or a slower cadence than the Cyprus allows, this is an excellent paddle.

I really like how it feels more stable than the Cyprus under hard paddling close to hull speed. I use the kayak for a cardio workout, averaging 8 kph over 12 km runs, and for that this is a great paddle.


This is my 5th Werner paddle and I love them all! I have…

Submitted by: paddler237035 on 8/15/2016

This is my 5th Werner paddle and I love them all!

I have the carbon fiber bent shaft, 210. It has such strong solid catch. It\\'s totally silent when it enters and exits the water. The large blade size gets tons of grip for acceleration and braces. It helps keep my paddling form in good shape with it's slower cadence.

I like the improved joint. With the view port for the degree offset. Nice improvement to the old decal.

The bent shaft helps a lot with my thumb issues. Moch more comfortable to be able to paddle all day.


This paddle is pure quality.…

Submitted by: paddler236894 on 6/24/2016
This paddle is pure quality. The light weight aspect of it make for a great paddle to use all day. I use mine for about 7-8 hours a day. I am 1,900 miles into a 7,500 mile kayak expedition. My arms do not get tired. The blade moves effortlessly through the water making for a great time on the water. Weather you use the bent shaft or strait shaft, you will not be disappointed.

The first time I picked up…

Submitted by: Snodge on 9/8/2015
The first time I picked up this paddle it felt extremely light and responsive but the price seemed exorbitant. Luckily the salesperson offered me a free demo for a week long trip I was leaving on. Once in use I was sold, the foam core paddle is effortless to use and with bent shaft I have had no wrist problems whatsoever. The flotation of the foam core blades really does seem to make them pop out of the water on each stroke and their lightness allows hours of comfortable paddling. During that original trip with the Ikelos my buddies noticed that they had a hard time keeping up with me until we switched paddles for awhile. On return to the "real" world two of us purchased paddles based on the demo. I also like that Werner fully supports paddlers and shops with it's company ambassadors like Danny Mongo constantly out in the field at seminars and symposiums.

I borrowed an Ikelos paddle…

Submitted by: paddler236150 on 3/1/2015
I borrowed an Ikelos paddle from a kayak friend who had 2 of them. It improved my speed and tracking on 5 river trips we did in 5 days. It is light weight and was not tiring me out on a 5 hour river trip. I paddled 3 different kayaks and had the same positive results. It is the best paddle for me as it moves a lot of water without the tiring corrections I have had with my other 4 paddles. Pricey but worth it.

We have been paddling with…

Submitted by: paddler230641 on 10/3/2014
We have been paddling with some regularity for the past few years and each found that our lower end Werner paddles seemed to exhibit too much flex in the blade. So began the search for a replacement. After as much research as possible I settled on a Werner Ikelos bent-shaft custom made to 230cm because of my height. Wow! What a difference. It seems like all paddle effort goes right into the stroke. No flex at all. 'And for what it's worth - the thing seems weightless.

I have a 220cm carbon…

Submitted by: pfjc62 on 9/5/2014
I have a 220cm carbon bent-shaft paddle which is an excellent and top quality choice. It is extremely light weight, foam-cored and very stiff. This translates into easy, long range paddling with excellent stroke efficiency and is very easy on the arms and body.
I thoroughly recommend this paddle to all levels of experience.

The Werner Ikelos is my…

Submitted by: tattoolenny on 4/4/2014
The Werner Ikelos is my favorite paddle of all time. I tried several others including the Werner Calliste and still feel the Ikelos is the best paddle for me. The ergonomically shaped shaft really does make a difference. The weight of the paddle is perfect. I paddle a 215cm which is a bit long for my size (5'2") but for the variety of conditions I paddle in and wanting to only carry one paddle, this is it. I paddle a 20\\' Necky Looksha 2 around the ocean in the Ft. DeSoto to Caledesi Island area and whether I'm in surf, rough water, or a calm day, the paddle has never let me down. I didn't believe others when they kept saying I had a great boat, now when was I going to get a great paddle? Once I had the right paddle, it made a big difference. Try one, and you'll agree!

The Werner Ikelos natural…

Submitted by: tattoolenny on 1/21/2013
The Werner Ikelos natural bend paddle is the absolute best paddle I have used, ever. I own and have owned several brands of paddles, and the Werner Ikelos comes out hands down the best paddle for a high angle paddler using an FSK boat. You can't go wrong with this paddle!

Like all their Performance…

Submitted by: Jeffrey_Lee on 3/30/2012
Like all their Performance Core paddles, the Werner Ikelos is comprised of outer layers of carbon molded over an interior core of lightweight, rigid foam, creating a paddle with less swing weight and more stiffness than conventional solid construction.

The Ikelos' knifelike edge and light weight offers a clean entry and hookup when grabbing that first handful of water, and a smooth stability throughout the stroke, with no tendency to flutter when under a strong pull. With its big barndoor blades, the Ikelos feels solid even when bracing in rough water. Despite its large surface area and solid plant, the Ikelos does not place undue strain on the shoulders or arms when driven with good paddling form and torso rotation, even on touring days of many miles with a loaded boat. And, with their buoyant foam-cores and broad surface area, the blades practically set themselves up for a roll.

I've paddled the Ikelos for two full seasons now, in a variety of conditions. My only minor complaint involves Werner's Adjustable Ferrule System. It's a slick feature, but both of my Werner paddles which utilize this fine-tolerance mechanism have experienced intermittent problems with jamming in the open position, allowing the paddle to slip apart and refusing to remain together. Despite avid care to keep the ferrule free of dirt, sand, and the lubricants which attract them, this has happened to me and a couple of friends, the only cure being to blast the recessed device with a garden hose and pry it loose with a long screwdriver. If this minor problem persists, I'll consider calling or sending the paddle in for Werner's highly-respected customer service.

Hits: light weight, quality construction, smooth hydrodynamics, solid on-the-water feel Misses: intermittent jamming of adjustable ferrule system

For a more comprehensive version of this product review, please visit:


Ok. How do I explain this...…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/7/2010
Ok. How do I explain this... In short, the paddle lives up to it's name, assistant to god of dreams. My equipment: Necky 14 foot composite manitou. Day touring. My experience: intermediate with some skillz (a "z" is need for the plural for added gangsta-ness). My speed over one mile with this paddle: avg 6.47 mph (yeah, that's real fast). Overall ability to complete technical strokes: 11 of 10. (yeah, 11 is over 10). Connecting stroke: seamless, stress free, can barely tell left/entered water. Bracing: phenomenal. Very buoyant, very powerful kick. Roll: tricky if you fight the paddle, really easy if you don't. Looks: this paddle is beautiful. Nothing more to say about that. Price: High. I found mine new at O2 gear shop online for less than three hundred. It was a sale. Anything else: Yeah, if you love to yak, get this paddle. You will love yakin' even more.

I used a Werner Ikelos 210…

Submitted by: paddler227978 on 11/18/2009
I used a Werner Ikelos 210 bentshaft for three months paddling S.E. Alaska. I am 5'10", I have grown up with manual labor, though I would be able to handle the strain of such large blades. I found that after the third week I was starting to have slight shoulder and wrist trouble, which I attributed to the excessive blade dimensions. I acquired a Werner Athena 215 bent small shaft midtrip, (special ordered and shipped to Petersburg, AK) which I used as a primary paddle. Its small blade size and small shaft saved me. My shoulder and wrist troubles went away quickly, I started out by saving the Ikelos for larger seas, higher winds, etc. Gradually I worked back into a routine of including the larger paddle more and more. It worked, and all troubles with the Ikelos went away.

Hands down the smoothest bite and largest catch you'll ever find. This paddle cuts through the water so sweetly and putting the paddle in the water locks it in place. How you pull is up to you. Incredibly light and strong, worth every single penny. Anyone who has ever spent any time pulling water with something this light, strong and smooth can't go backwards.


I have really enjoyed my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/2009
I have really enjoyed my Ikelos paddle. Lots of paddle surface area for power. The weight, feel, and stiffness of the paddle suits my needs. I use the paddle for workouts and for touring. I like having the extra paddle power when needed and I find no issue with fatigue over a long day of paddling. I gave the paddle a 9 rating because of the cost which I found a bit high - although worth it.

I thought this blade might be…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2008
I thought this blade might be too much surface but it's not. The dihedral shape lets enough water flow off the sides so that it pulls though the water no matter how hard of soft you pull on it. The advantages of this design far outweigh the disadvantages. It catches just right very early, right when it hits the water. It also does well at any angle or even half submerged if you are in some really tight areas. The blades do catch more wind but the adjustable ferrule works like a dream. I also have a Lendal Kanetic S tour, which is a little small for me, but it does have a lot of catch for such a small blade. The Ikelos is my primary paddle though. It really does everything well.

I have been paddling the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2007
I have been paddling the Ikelos for about 18 months, this after using a Camano for about 9 years. When I went to the Ikelos I switched from a low to a high angle stroke, which is much more efficient. My Ikelos is a straight shaft, 210cc & I currently paddle an Avocet.

I find that the Ikelos does all things well, but it really shines when you are linking strokes. If you think it might have to much surface area for you, try a Werner Cypress (sp?). A last suggestion, once you have choosen an angle of feather, never change it. It is important to know where you blades are realative to the water surface, if you are changing your feather than this changes. The next time you go for that big brace it may not work.


I purchased this paddle in…

Submitted by: bruce on 10/30/2006
I purchased this paddle in April 2006 and have been very pleased with it. Initially I had speculated that this may be too much paddle for a novice but it is not. I purchased a carbon bent shaft model for no other reason than it was in inventory at the dealer and the straight shaft was not. It weighs 27 oz. and has a foam core. This paddle is advertised as suitable for a high-angle stroke which I have.

Some people on P.net have indicated that the high/low angle dichotomization of paddles is a marketing technique. I disagree and feel that the performance of this paddle is enhanced in a high-angle venue.

The paddle has a nice powerful catch. It is easy to brace with it. The ferrule system is excellent with many options for paddling angles.


If you kayak regularly and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/2/2006
If you kayak regularly and always wish you could get more speed out of your boat, then you are ready to experience the Ikelos paddle. My first trip out on my somewhat sluggish fiberglass Swift Caspian Sea with the Ikelos was incredible. I went further and much faster with less fatigue than ever before. I was thinking about selling the Swift for a faster boat, but that's no longer case since I bought the Ikelos. If you invest the $425-$450 in a great paddle like this, you'll never regret it.

Great, light, strong/stiff…

Submitted by: paddler231651 on 6/28/2006
Great, light, strong/stiff paddle, really like the new ferrule design. When paddling into 10-15 knot winds the paddle will flutter due to the wind hitting the paddle that is out of the water, adjusted the feather from 60o to 90o and the flutter went completely away. Also, use the lower hand thumb/index finger to hold the shaft firmly and that also prevents flutter. This paddle really hooks up!

Truly phenomenal paddle. I…

Submitted by: paddler235058 on 12/16/2005
Truly phenomenal paddle. I was quite happy with my bent Kalliste, but wanted a bit more power for higher angle paddling. The Ikelos simply made my Looksha IV HV seem lighter? Acceleration and bracing strokes simply stronger, yet silky smooth, VERY buoyant, and despite the stiff, bent shaft, very easy on the joints.

Not quite as silent as the Kalliste, but a big improvement (and a lot easier to use) than the bulky Corryvecken. I use a 220cm...probably go with a 215 if I get a skinnier boat someday. But don't feel that you need to get a short paddle, as swing weight and friction are extremely low. I liken it to sticking a velvet knife in butter: plants firmly and the YAK moves...not the water!


I have the bent-shaft carbon…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/19/2004
I have the bent-shaft carbon fibre 215 Ikelos and this is one nice paddle. Designed for the high-angled paddler, the blade gives you plenty of catch so that you get generate some serious power in your stroke. I also tried out the Corry, the Shuna, and some of their low-angle paddles and this one fit my style the best. The Shuna had too small of a blade and I felt that I wasn't using the full power of my muscles as the blade slid through the water without enough catch. Compared to the Corry, it's a little more expensive but what you do get is the foam-cored blades. This gives you a sweet buoyancy-rebound feeling when you dip your paddle in and moments later on the exit. It's almostt like it helps you finish your stroke due to the blade's buoyancy. Swing weight is light as a feather,... no, scratch that, light as air. You put this paddle on the water horizontally and watch it float, it's not floating in the water, it's floating above the water! The only downside is that this is a $400 paddle, the price of a small recreational kayak.

After many years of paddling…

Submitted by: falcon on 5/12/2004
After many years of paddling and many paddles, I can honestly say this paddle has done to improve my speed, efficency, and comfort than anything previous to it. The grip on the water is second only to my wing paddle. Due to it's design it slices cleanly out of the water. The combination of light weight and stiffness are amazing. I highly recommend it.