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Cyprus Paddle Description

The Cyprus is Werner's most advanced high-angle paddle, with their best paddling design and construction features. You’ll feel exceptionally light, buoyant strokes while the smooth back face gives a quiet entrance and exit from the water. The Cyprus is the smart choice for those playing or cruising with a high-angle style of paddling and wanting the conservative feel of a mid-sized blade.

Additional Attributes

  • The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blades creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes.
  • Mid-sized blades are an ideal fit for the great majority of average size paddlers

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If you are planning to go the…

Submitted by: MattMcCannJr on 5/4/2020
If you are planning to go the distance this is the paddle for you. It is so light that it does not cause the fatigue associated with long distance paddling with standard paddles, yet it is strong enough to accept vigorous thrusts in tough situations. Its two piece design packs up safely and easily for long trips to the water. We have used it all over North America, and it is one of the best paddling tools we have ever owned. Werner is our favorite modern paddle, and they have earned their place in our adventures.

Greatly love this paddle!…

Submitted by: Alex-Martin on 10/10/2019

Greatly love this paddle! Have used it both instructing as well as tripping. My only complaint is that the button on the two-part no longer clicks out. I have observed this issue with both my paddle, as well as my students.


Recently purchased and very…

Submitted by: tharsch on 6/18/2018

Recently purchased and very pleased with performance.


As a professional sea…

Submitted by: RogerSchumann on 8/10/2016

As a professional sea kayaking instructor for the past 20 years, I've tried tons of different paddles. Hands down my favorite is the Cyprus. Over the past six years or so, it's been my go-to paddle for all but the roughest surf and rock garden conditions (when I instead grab my burly, Werner Stikine).

As someone who puts in literally hundreds of thousands of strokes each year, a premium paddle is well worth its weight in ibuprophen! I find the light weight of the Cyprus is easy on my aging joints, while the high-performance blade shape--with its foam-core "flotation"--is excellent for everything from touring to surfing to smoothly linking strokes to rolling.

For me and the majority of my students, the "mid-size" high-angle blade style is a perfect compromise of power and versatility. While larger blades do provide a bit more support for bracing and rolling, they also take more muscle for simply paddling; thinner "touring" blades are easy on the arms for churning out the miles, but lack power and performance for maneuvering and bracing. The mid-size Cyprus nails the Goldilocks Zone of "Just Right" for just about everything I do.

Care and Durability: I don't baby my gear (tools, not jewels) but do take modest precautions or switch to a beefier blade when paddling around rocks or when the surf starts to reach double overhead (to a seated kayaker ;-) I've gotten years of mostly trouble-free use from my Cyprus. It is important to regularly rinse the adjustable ferrule in fresh water and lubricate it to keep the button from getting sticky, especially if you paddle primarily in salt water as I do. If the button gets gritty, I shove the nozzle of a garden hose into the end and blast the grit out, then let it dry and spritz a little 303 into the mechanism a couple times a year. This seems to keep it happy.


I've been using Werner…

Submitted by: paddler236985 on 8/1/2016

I've been using Werner paddles with sea kayaks for about 20 years. Over that time, shaft lengths have shortened, and high-angle blades have become popular as a more dynamic style of sea kayaking evolved. In my opinion, the Cyprus is the pinnacle of that evolution.

My go-to paddle is a 205 bent shaft, regular diameter Cyprus. For traveling, I use a 4-piece Cyprus, straight shaft because bent isn't available in 4-piece. I've found the bent shaft doesn't really make that much difference other than what one gets used to--the blade is the essence of the thing. You can save your wrists on a straight shaft just by holding with a looser grip.

Why do i like the blade? It offers a clean entry into the water, a solid pull, a clean exit. The light weight sure feels good on long paddling days or when sprinting to catch that wave. The foam core allows a smoothness of the blade face and back of the blade. That smoothness facilitates slicing strokes like bow rudders, draws, bracing for support on the move, and blended strokes. The Cyprus in general offers a very predictable, reliable feel and connection with the water.

When you're ready to make a worthy investment in your playtime, put Werner's Cyprus at the top of your list (or Werner's Ikelos if you want more power and your joints can take it)!


I got this paddle 2nd hand…

Submitted by: paddler236885 on 6/20/2016

I got this paddle 2nd hand about 4 months ago, and have paddled about 350 kms (~220 miles) with it so far, on a Necky Manitou Sport, and a Manitou 14 (reviewed both).

No, you may not take it, you may not borrow it, you may not touch it!

I started with the standard Aquabound Stingray, which felt loose, wobbly, usually caught in the water on the end of the stroke, and was easily overpowered. Then I changed to a borrowed Werner Tybee, and what an improvement! The blade shape, the construction quality, and the stiffness were all better. I was paddling about 0.5 kph faster according to the gps. However, that paddle wasn't mine, so I picked up the Cyprus when I saw the ad.

Same blade shape as the Tybee, so no real change there, but "Wow" is that swing weight nice! The overall stiffness is much better, the blade seems to bite the water, and then pop back out at the end of the stroke. Not having a reinforcing rib down the back of the blade also means it's better at quick turns (lean on the back of the blade).

I can generate a fair bit of power, and it is more than equal to the task. No wobble, no joint flex (it's a 2 piece), no structural complaining. It will flex slightly under sustained pressure on longer strokes, and then release that energy smoothly into the ending of the stroke. You can feel the cavitation when pulling hard, and the stiffness also makes it easy to "read" what the blade is doing.

According to my gps, it also made me ~ 1 kph faster than the Tybee.

The only problem I'm having with it is that when I go paddling with my wife, she decides that it's better for me if she uses it! And that's, ummm, probably true...

Bottom line: Get one. It's what a paddle should be.


I work in a kayak shop and…

Submitted by: paddler236863 on 6/14/2016
I work in a kayak shop and I've been paddling Werner paddles for 10 years, starting with the whitewater line and now getting into sea kayaking. I bought the Cyprus 210cm 1-piece straight small shaft and I've taken it out several times. It's a foam core paddle meant for a high angle style of paddling.

It's nimble, exceptionally response yet sturdy in the water and at the end of the stroke practically jumps 6 inches out of the water, making paddling feel nearly effortless. I'm beyond stoked with this paddle. I might love this paddle even more than my Cetus LV.


I got a Necky poly Elias and…

Submitted by: Sticksman on 7/7/2015
I got a Necky poly Elias and needed a new paddle. I have been using a Aquabound Manta Ray hybrid with my Jackson that I really like but wanted a smaller blade. I felt I was beating my self up and the Sting Ray seemed a bit small. The Cyprus fell nicely in between so I took the jump.

This paddle is very smooth with little blade flex or flutter. The swing is very light. The ferule is a flush one button with internal adjustment for feather. A very sexy paddle and seems to move my boat and my 180 pounds well. I have not tried the paddle with a loaded down boat so I can only hope it performs well here as well.

The only down side (besides price) I have found is the Cyprus is unforgiving of sloppy paddling so it will make you a better paddler, hey maybe that's a good thing.

I gave a 9 because it has a few little voids in one blade edge. Oh so close to a 10, but not quite perfect.


Not much to say other than…

Submitted by: sonnyjane on 1/2/2015
Not much to say other than after demoing several paddles, this won hands-down. I paddle a short length (205) and love it. It's so light and comfortable and just feels like an extension of your hands. Light as a feather. When paddling with friends sometimes I'll let them try mine for a bit and I can't wait to get it back!

I noticed the other day when…

Submitted by: djo on 3/22/2013
I noticed the other day when I was out with my regular group that three of the six of us had independently decided that the Werner Cyprus had become our go to paddle. It is light weight; something that is much appreciated on an eight hour paddle. The bent shaft eases stress on older wrists and allows you to relieve pressure on wear spots on your hands by moving them a bit on the shaft. We figured that we had about nine years of wear on the paddles all together and no one had any issues with the ferrules – something that cannot be said for all paddles.

The medium size blade keeps stress levels moderate during long trips but provides plenty of surface area for braces, turns, and rolls or bursts of extra power when they are needed. Is it a perfect paddle – well, we did notice that the little sticker that tells you the feather angle had washed off over the years. What would be the first thing we would do if we lost these paddles – replace them immediately.

Unless you are one of those folks that like to paddle with wooden sticks, I cannot see how you could go wrong with a Werner Cyprus.


My Werner Cyprus standard…

Submitted by: kocho on 11/30/2011
My Werner Cyprus standard size bent shaft is very light-weight yet well-made and sturdy feeling. The ferule is easy to assemble, though I would not mind a default 0-degree feather position so I don't have to look at it carefully. The paddle blades a low in weight so swing weight is also low. The blades (and the entire paddle for that matter) have very nice buoyancy that helps during the release of the stroke and static braces are almost as easy as with a Greenland paddle.

The bent shaft version appears well balanced: can be pulled straight back or canted a bit either forward (as in a GP canted stroke) or outward (as in a wing paddle stroke). This is due both to balance and the relatively small blade area and blade shape. Steering and bracing slicing strokes also appear well balanced with the paddle neither diving nor flying out of the way.

The blade is not huge but has more than enough power. Contrary to the other review, I do not feel the paddle to be exceptionally stiff – there is just a little bit of "spring" to the blade, which I personally like (less than for instance on plastic-bladed Werner Desperado or similar but more than on stiff WW paddles). I had an Ikelos briefly and felt the blade to be way too big – interfered with my stroke; the Cyprus is smaller so I can do a closer to the hull catch, yet there is still plenty of bite for both forward and steering strokes.

The paddle feels somewhat different than a similarly sized Lendal Kinetic S (all carbon) on a bent shaft – a little less aggressive in the bite with a bit less power overall, but smoother in slicing due to the thicker profile and the shaft feels better made (and the Lendal has more swing weight and is less buoyant, so it feels a bit heavier in use than it actually is). On the one occasion I had a chance to use the straight shaft version I did not like it nearly as much as I like the bent shaft, which I feel is indeed more ergonomic while not being restrictive to where I put my hands (has nice smooth curve to the bends and allows enough adjustment in hand position to suit the conditions).

I do not see any serious area for improvement, so a solid 10.


The Cyprus is the perfect…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/23/2010
The Cyprus is the perfect high angle paddle. There is no deflection from blade tip through shaft. It is very light and well balanced. The blade is efficient from catch through stroke and the foam core assists on the release. I like the size as it is powerful, but easy on my joints. I got the natural bent shaft and it is providing my arthritic wrists some relief. My highest recommendation for the high angle paddler.