Six Kayak Capacity Trailer (SUT-450-M6)

by  Trailex

Six Kayak Capacity Trailer (SUT-450-M6) Description

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Six Kayak Capacity Trailer (SUT-450-M6) Reviews

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This trailer was the solution…

Submitted by: CA139 on 9/9/2020
This trailer was the solution to all our kayak transport headaches. Securing a kayak to a car can be a pain in the butt, it's so much easier to get it on a trailer. If you look at the price increases as you go to stiffer (and more fragile!) composites you don't save that much weight but the price difference from a fiberglass composite to a Kevlar or Carbon can easily net you this trailer. Especially if your lifestyle involves a lot of paddling or paddlers, or your friends might be coming along or if you plan various trips around paddling, own different boats and perhaps wish to bring more than one or two you could certainly use this trailer to good effect as well. I have owned mine since the winter of 2018 and been extremely happy with the ownership experience. Registration and taxes even in a high tax state are very inexpensive. It's easy to move around so even in tight spots in the wilderness or a small property it's easy to find a place to move it and put it. The quality of all the components is excellent and the only real maintenance is maybe spraying the fork once a year with lubricant as well as changing the axle grease maybe every year or two with red and tacky using a grease gun and applying dielectric grease to the electric plug once a year. This is a very low maintenance way to certainly get your boats around and after having done it for almost 3 entire seasons would never go back to cartopping, it's that much better. Towing this trailer is easy, you use a 2" ball rated for 2,000lbs but it's only 180lbs and fully loaded with boats rated for nearly 800lbs so just about any car with proper towing equipment can haul this little trailer. Even my pre-teen boys can move it around without any trouble making it maneuverable in tight spots. As long as you keep your speeds in check and are careful the vehicle drives like having a couple extra people in your car so no biggie there. A note about the different trailers I feel the SUT-450-M6 or the 6 (six) boat trailer I am revewing is the best deal. This is because the same chassis can fit the rack for the 2 or 4 boat setup which cost only slightly less. To fit more boats you need a different chassis which is significantly more expensive but the price difference with the 2, 4 and 6 boat trailers is only about $200 each step. You have to factor that there are other costs as well that are the same regardless of model. Shipping is depending on where you are getting it delivered about $200 give or take and assembly is another $200. So in the end the relative difference between the 2, 4 and 6 boat trailers is relatively small compared to the overall price. The chassis is about the same size, weight and thus easy to move, there's no extra maintenance or increased problems and the height isn't enough to ever cause a problem with underpasses or even garages so there's really no downside to just ponying up a few hundred more dollars and getting the six boat model. Thanks to that we have able to bring two big doubles, two small packboats and a pair of paddleboards on a few trips making the entire family happy which would have been impossible with any other situation. I have been smitten with the customer service of Trailex. The owners themselves are available a lot of the time and everyone I have spoken to has been knowledgeable, steering me well with every call or contact. It was easy to buy, easy to deliver, didn't take that long and the ownership experience continues to be positive. Anyone as nice as Trailex is a wonderful place to do business. Perhaps my favorite element of all is that when paddling season gets heavily under way I just keep the boats I want loaded and strapped on this trailer. If I need to go to work I don't have to worry about putting them on or taking them off my car. When we want to go paddle I just connect the trailer which is easier and less time consuming than getting the boats out of my basement or garage and securing them to the mounts of my car. I can say from personal experience that I have started to kayak significantly more thanks to this addition to the family. Initially the wife thought I lost my mind when I showed up with it and almost cut my head off "because it's so ugly sitting there" but after just a couple of trips it made our experience so much easier and convenient now she raves about what a good buy it was. I just want to throw out there that we're in our early 40's, very fit and own fairly light, stiff fiberglass boats mostly from the Stellar line that are on paper not difficult to cartop. The convenience we found with this trailer was simply spectacular and I would recommend this to just about anyone shy of a true city folk with very limited parking or storage which could probably be better served with a folding or inflatable. I think that if more people who are having trouble cartopping their boats, especially as they get older, or have more boats, or just want convenience considered this option they would paddle a lot more. This trailer was one of the nicest additions and accessories to our paddling lineup. I could not imagine going without it and as a matter of fact have since removed and sold our kayak racks. I would highly recommend a Trailex trailer for your kayak transport needs and within that recommend the SUT-450 6 kayak trailer. Even if you don't need to carry 6 kayaks the price difference is so small that you might as well go for this one, buy once pay (about the same) once. How much easier the Trailex has made paddling for us is an understatement, if you're interested this is a wonderful option very much worth considering.