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I picked up a used and very…

Submitted by: paddler1419941 on 4/12/2021

I picked up a used and very tired 13 foot Mansfield canoe about 30 years ago. I replaced the oak gunnel rails,

added new deck pieces for and aft and was able to salvage the bow deck piece with original Stow Canoe Co, logo.

Added a new coat of green paint and varnished the interior floor and visible ribs. Added new custom printed: The Mansfield

decals. She is a head turner when out in public! The 39" width makes it a very stable and smooth tracking canoe for solo or dual paddlers.


I have been using a 13 ft…

Submitted by: paddler233650 on 6/14/2010
I have been using a 13 ft Mansfield since early 80's. Refinished the wood and beat up the outside on rocks etc. Most stable canoe. Perfect for that flyfishing and the lake trolling in good weather. Ran into a couple that had new looking canoe just like the mansfield. They said that it was produced by Monroe out of California - they paid about $2500. Same design same quality. Need to investigate this some more.

I have owned a 13' Mansfied…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/15/2008
I have owned a 13' Mansfied for almost 20 years, and it's the best fishing craft I've ever used.
I'm a serious fly fisherman and the Mansfield is light enough to hump into backwoods ponds and lakes, stable enough to stand up while casting, and very easy to paddle reasonable distances. I rigged a drag line off the stern to drag a chain, so it behaves like a river boat on trout rivers (the built-in keel acts like a hard chine against the current) when poled. Then, I rigged a small electric motor to an outrigger mount, and it STEPS OUT for traveling longer distances on lakes. With PVC rod holders under the thwart & seats -- and a cooler of cold beer, you couldn't ask for anything better.

My only complaint is that the gel coat has flaked off in several places on the hull, which I patch every few years with epoxy glue. It looks tacky, but only shows when the canoe is upside down.


13' osprey model. Restored all the wood but the ribs. Great for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2007
13' osprey model.
Restored all the wood but the ribs. Great for fly fishing and getting back to where the larger canoes have trouble. I think this canoe is magic! I have only been skunked a couple of times out of plenty of fishing trips. If you want to catch fish get one of these.

After seeing my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/14/2006
After seeing my first Mansfield, I was smitten. Here was a canoe that the beauty of a classic wood ribbed canvas canoe with the lightness and miantenance ease of glass. Also, since I mostly like to fly fish small waters out of my canoes, the beam and hull profile met my "needs" to a T. The problem was that I actually had to buy one to try it as the Stowe Canoe and Snowshoe co went belly up in 91'. It was suprisingly easy to find/ buy a Mansfield, (Georgous 15' in off white with Mahagany ribs, cheery and ash trim, signiture snowshoe weave seats). I have to say I was not disapointed with my purchase.

I've owned 9 canoes ( and still own 5 including a 14' cedar stripper) but the Mansfield fits my needs/wants/likes perfectly. Under 60# for car topping, stable as a jon boat, yet paddles smoother and faster than a boat this wide (39") has a right to. Flat water tracking is great due to the keel and low/wind bucking stems, yet manuverability is fine for even tight creeks. As for appearence, I can't take it out without it drawing comments and attention.( Even when it's just on the truck!) My ONLY (minor) grip about this boat is that the hull is thin enough so that the flat bottom does "oil can" inward when loaded. Still , it's not a whitewater boat and it doesn't seem to rob any noticable hull speed. The fact that I now routinely find unpatched 20 yr old + Mansfields around , tells me that hull durability is not a big issue.

FWIW, I've been so impressed with the beauty and function of My 15' Mansfield , that I now have a another 78' vinage (17', 37' beam, green) sitting in the yard waiting for replacement wales and coat of paint this winter. All , I need now is to find one of the 13' models and even my cedar stripper may become lonesome.

I rate it a 9 only becasue I have owned enough boats to know that no single one is perfect for all tasks. This one however is an 11 for my casual stillwater flyfishing trips where stability, room for 2 men with gear and a view of a georgous/classic hull from the stern seat is 'needed". If you have similar needs, hunt up a used mansfield and enjoy! Life is too short for ugly canoes!


I've had the 15' Mansfield…

Submitted by: paddler231740 on 8/14/2006
I've had the 15' Mansfield canoe for probably 15 years. I previously lived in the Adirondacks in NY but have since moved to Utah. I've used it extensively for fishing on many Adirondack lakes and used it for a 4 day trip down the Green River in Utah. My particular canoe is in perfect condition with just the normal scratches on the hull. I recently refinished the wooden gunwale and other wooden surfaces and also varnished the interior ribs. It looks new!!. The canoe is fiberglass with mahogany ribs and ash gunwales,seat frames, struts and yoke I have wooden Mad River paddles. I might be willing to sell it for the righ offer because I've only used it on one trip in Utah. It will be very difficult to part with.

My Mansfield is an 11 foot…

Submitted by: paddler231562 on 5/15/2006
My Mansfield is an 11 foot duck hunting model, 36" beam. Stable as a raft! Ash gunnels and mahogany or cedar ribs with laced seats, ABS green exterior. Have had it since buying it new in 1978. Stored indoors, it is in mint condition. Great for fishing in closed waters such as tidal creeks here in Virginia. At 71 I'm ready to sell it.

I've had the Mansfield for at…

Submitted by: paddler230697 on 7/21/2004
I've had the Mansfield for at least 20 years, maybe 25. I've been bragging about it since day one. I'm a fly fisherman who like to stand in his canoe. With the Mansfield, this is no problem. I also like to use a pole as opposed to a paddle where I can and my canoe is unbelieveable for this. I've had to replace the wood gunnels once and brace the rear seat twice, one on each side. Also, have done the usual fiberglasing stuff over the years. Anyway, this is a great canoe. I don't give it a 10, I give it 20!

13' Mansfield purchased in…

Submitted by: paddler230099 on 4/28/2003
13' Mansfield purchased in 1981. Great for fishing. Just replaced for first time the mahogany trim on bow and stern decks.

I still have a Mansfield by…

Submitted by: paddler229973 on 10/28/2002
I still have a Mansfield by Stowe that I bought in Lake Placid, NY in 1976. I bought the 13' version because I could fit it in my Econoline van. Basically I bought it for fishing figuring that the relatively wide beam would make it very stable, which is true. This canoe has been all over the US stored inside and outside. I have used it on some very exciting white waters although it damages very easily on the rocks. It may not cruise like some others, and carry heavy loads, but for the purpose that it was made it works like a charm.

I have had to replace some of the wood over the years because it remained outside for some long periods. Don't know if you can still buy them but I would highly recommend this canoe for the fisherman.


I guess this is the successor…

Submitted by: paddler229297 on 6/25/2001
I guess this is the successor to a canoe made by the Mansfield canoe company in Stowe. I have the olive/hunter green fiberglass over wooden ribs which look to be mahogany with ?oak gunwales and keel. It is very stable and a joy to behold. Hard to hold a line in bad wind and waves, however. I think mine weighs 70#. I have used it on both calm and windy lakes. Even on a stormy one once in the Adirondacks including Lake George, and the Northern lakes. The canoe resides in Vermont just down the road from Stowe. I recommend it for a pleasure boat, for fishing and for lake, river trips. I wouldn't think of white water in this canoe.

This review refers to 15'…

Submitted by: paddler228976 on 10/24/2000
This review refers to 15' version. It's Tan Fiberglass with ash trim and ribs. A beautiful, compliment getting boat. Like the 13' 6" Mansfield, it has a flat bottom. It's almost 40" Wide. Good pond canoe. Does "oil Can " a little in the center. Very stable in flat water. Not for white water. It is mainly used in sheltered, salt water bays on Long Island. When the wind kicks up the waves, it becomes a challenge. The Mansfield is not well suited for waves. It came (used) with a 30 lbs thrust Sears Gamefisher trolling motor. It can go for 3 hrs. on a full charge at about 5 mph! Motor adds greatly to the range because the hull is not easily driven. I bought a 4 blade Sears propeller to replace the 2 blade original propeller. It was smaller in diameter but the extra blades added noticeable speed. Great value for ten bucks! Still a beautiful boat.

Good sturdy canoe for lakes.…

Submitted by: paddler228635 on 5/25/2000
Good sturdy canoe for lakes. Had in boundary waters and was capable but not fast. Not very heavy or expensive. Stable but not too nimble. Great for small and mid sized lakes. Cherry rib and ash trim on a fiberglass hull.

Fiberglass with ash trim and…

Submitted by: paddler228601 on 5/11/2000
Fiberglass with ash trim and ribs. Wide flat bottom. Good pond canoe. Does "oil Can " a little in the center. Very stable. Not for white water. Have owned it for 11 years no problems.

Fiberglass green hull wood…

Submitted by: paddler228515 on 3/28/2000
Fiberglass green hull wood interior with wood ribs and a clear resin coating, wooden gunnels and wicker type seats.