Barnacle Half-Finger Gloves

Barnacle Half-Finger Gloves Description

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Barnacle Half-Finger Gloves Reviews

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I'm giving these gloves a…

Submitted by: paddler543837 on 8/23/2019

I'm giving these gloves a 3.5 rating. They work pretty good for the most part but I think the area's where blisters tend to form need some extra padding as I'm noticing that after a few hours on the water I start to feel sore spots on my thumbs & sure enough blisters form. They would be great weight lifters gloves.


These gloves are good, not…

Submitted by: dragonswar84 on 7/8/2016

These gloves are good, not great. The terry cloth backing on the thumb is nice for the occasional nose wiping, the padding keeps your hands from getting sore and they offer a great grip on the paddle whether they are wet or dry...which is good because they are ALWAYS WET!

These gloves never seem to dry out even on the hottest days. By the end of each kayak trip, I find myself being able to wring out about a 1/2 cup of water from each one of these gloves. This water retention, besides leading to a wicked hand puckering, actually makes these gloves start to feel heavy after a while. This phenomenon is likely caused by the padding in the palm sucking up water. You would think Warmer would have used a non- absorbent material for the padding instead of a sponge, as these are gloves that are supposed to be used in/around water but they didn't.

Another negative aspect is, that when wet, (which these gloves should be able to be) the velcro closure on the wrist no longer holds well. This isn't that bad though, as the gloves stay on your hand well without it do to a good fit around the fingers. But, it is annoying to have the little tab flapping around while you are paddling.

Besides the absorbency issues and the velcro, over all these are decent gloves. However, I will not be buying them again as I will be on the lookout for a pair of gloves that don't act like a sponge.