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Name: brodgers

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I reviewed this previously and still think the trailer is great. I've had a lot of trouble with an accessory though and non-responsive customer service. I ordered the risers to solve the fender clearance issue. Nice idea, but the bolts did not work as the originals were too long.

I've tried repeatedly via email to get correct replacement bolts and there has been no response over a couple of months now. I wasted my money with the risers as I can't use them. While this seems to be a good product, the lack of response to simple email questions is not acceptable.

Excellent design, great quality, and outstanding customer service! A very sturdy, neat, and secure way to safely store my two expensive kayaks. I could not be happier or more impressed with this product and with the customer service.

This trailer is fabulous. Tows beautifully, smooth, minimal (if any) impact on gas mileage, easy to load and unload. I couldn't be happier with the performance. My only reservation is that the fenders protrude above the level of the racks which seems to limit the space on the bars that can be used, especially with a kayak that drops below the level of the load bar. I am currently transporting to 12 foot kayaks and a cargo box. Very, very pleased with the trailer, ease of assembly, and quality of product. Good customer service, too!

I've had 5 day long paddles so far with the composite (Airalite) version... I am happier with each outing. It is very stable but will lean for turns. This combined with the 12 foot length make it very maneuverable, and I have found it to be very efficient to paddle and tracks very well for its length.

The only adjustment for the seat is the angle of the back, but I have found it very comfortable even for a full day of paddling. The large cockpit makes it easy to access my camera and other gear I want handy.

I consider this a luxury boat for recreational paddling due to the efficiency, maneuverability, and light weight.