SeaWing™ Stinger™ Combo

SeaWing™ Stinger™ Combo Description

Simplify the kayak transport process with this integrated carrier / loader system. The SS Combo combines Malone's wing style saddles with a modular loader that extends nearly 22" to protect your vehicle and safely load the kayak.

SeaWing™ Stinger™ Combo Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Corrosion resistant polycarbon construction

Additional Attributes

  • MPG107 SeaWing carriers
  • Retractable loading frame (extends over 21")
  • Integrated V-block to align the kayak
  • Fully padded to protect the kayak and vehicle
  • Corrosion resistant polycarbon construction
  • 70mm mounting bolts (fits most vehicles)
  • Simple "no tools" installation
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

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SeaWing™ Stinger™ Combo Reviews

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I've had Seawings with a…

Submitted by: BigandSmall on 12/27/2023

I've had Seawings with a stinger for a long time as well as J racks and Hullivators. From my experience they are the rack that's easiest to load solo if you're not very big/strong. The benefit is you only have to lift one end of your boat at a time. Even with Hullivators you still have to curl your boat into position (If you're strong enough they are awesome). When my daughter built a lightweight boat she still struggled to load it herself onto a J rack on her Focus Wagon. I bought her a seawing/stinger combo and it's no issue now. Wheel kayak to car, set a piece of carpet behind the car, set kayak on an angle with tail on the carpet, dress straps in seawing, deploy stinger, unstrap kayak from dolly, lift front of boat into stinger, walk hands down boat (pressing down) so it doesn't skid away, lift stern of kayak off carpet and shoot it up onto the Seawings, throw straps over top of kayak and strap it down, tie off excess strap, push stinger in and tighten, bow and stern lines and you're done. We used to use a pair of Seawings with only one stinger. Once it's up it was easy to transfer the boat over. Do buy yourself some decent straps with rubber covered buckles so you can throw them over the kayak without fear of chipping any paint. The straps ours came with weren't great.


It's hard to review a…

Submitted by: User on 3/10/2022

It's hard to review a product like this. It's easy to install, it does what it says it will and it does it well. Great so far, right? The problem is that it damages kayaks. The V block is made of a hard plastic that will scratch and leave black marks on thermoformed (and maybe other) kayaks. Black marks that are VERY hard to remove. It's a big design mistake in what is otherwise a well designed product. I gather that Malone used to put some sort of pad on the V block, I don't know why they'd intentionally make a product worse, so it's confusing.

Of course if you cover it with a bath mat or something, it won't damage the kayak any more. But you shouldn't need to do that, and if the mat slips you're back to damaging your kayak.


I've used the SeaWing and…

Submitted by: netsrag on 8/6/2019

I've used the SeaWing and Stinger combo for the past 7 years on both my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Subaru Ascent. I can fit two side-by-side to transport two rec kayaks. The Stinger is what makes this work so well..especially for me because I'm only 5'6". I'm able to lean the boats on the Stinger, then simply lift the rear end and push. To unload, you just need to shift the boat back a bit, then pull it down until it touches the ground while still leaning on the vehicle. Then you simply pivot the boat from the vehicle to the ground. I would not be able to load/unload my 55-pound kayak myself without the combo SeaWing and Stinger. Only downsides are the racks are quite noisy when traveling without a boat and the rubber coatings have pretty much come off after 7 years of use. Still..if you're small, or paddling alone and have no help to load or unload, this is by far the easiest and best system for you.