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Name: netsrag

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I've used the SeaWing and Stinger combo for the past 7 years on both my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and Subaru Ascent. I can fit two side-by-side to transport two rec kayaks. The Stinger is what makes this work so well..especially for me because I'm only 5'6". I'm able to lean the boats on the Stinger, then simply lift the rear end and push. To unload, you just need to shift the boat back a bit, then pull it down until it touches the ground while still leaning on the vehicle. Then you simply pivot the boat from the vehicle to the ground. I would not be able to load/unload my 55-pound kayak myself without the combo SeaWing and Stinger. Only downsides are the racks are quite noisy when traveling without a boat and the rubber coatings have pretty much come off after 7 years of use. Still..if you're small, or paddling alone and have no help to load or unload, this is by far the easiest and best system for you.

I've been paddling the Axis 12.0 for 8 years on rivers and lakes in southeastern Michigan in myriad of conditions and the boat's never let me down. Just fast enough for a rec/hybrid to reduce the chore of navigating long stretches of open water and fun as hell in rivers, with the ability to handle Class II or II rapids. The drop-down skeg is especially appreciated on lakes and in windy conditions, giving a big assist in maintaining a straight tracks. I like the adjustability of the seat, which allows you to take some of the weight off your tailbone and the dry storage hatch is perfect for stowing supplies for an overnighter. The Axis 12.0 has suited my needs for almost a decade and I imagine it will continue doing so, providing many years of extremely enjoyable paddling.

Just completing my second season with the Axis 12.0 and I couldn't be more pleased. Have paddled on lakes and rivers with it and find it tracks well, the seat is extremely comfortable, has reasonably good speed for a hybrid boat and plenty of room for my stuff. This is my second Dagger. First was a Zydeco. I stick with the brand because of its quality, design, comfort and performance.