8 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer

8 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer Description

Looking to transport 8 canoes, kayaks and paddling gear without any travel hassles? The Remackel 8 place canoe and kayak trailer is the perfect way to get to the location without all those unwanted trailer emergency stops on the interstate. This trailer is built right by using the full size tires and tongue weight so you can drive at interstate speeds of 70-75 mph, safely. Additional accessories available for purchase are - black waterproof canvas cover and 8 foot tongue for this trailer.

8 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Galvanized trailer frame and canoe racks, rubber canoe guard, DOT approved safety chains & lights

Additional Attributes

  • •Removable Canoe/Kayak Racks
  • •Loading step on tongue
  • •2200lbs axle with three leaf spring
  • •Full size tire, ST175/80R13 on galvanized rims
  • •Spare tire (ST175/80R13 on galvanize rim), (spare tire will be mounted on the side of the trailer, unless otherwise stated when ordered)
  • •Jack stand with wheel (Rated for 1000lbs)
  • •6 foot tongue

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8 Place Canoe or Kayak Trailer Reviews

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Hungry Jack Outfitters has…

Submitted by: paddler788358 on 6/1/2020
Hungry Jack Outfitters has used Remackel Trailers for over 30 years. In fact, we had the very first canoe trailer he built - it's still in service. Since then, Dennis has redesigned the trailer to suit the different users he supplies. We finally had to have a new one and there was no doubt where we would get it. The new trailer is 5 years into service and is used nearly every day of the season. It is trouble free and will last longer than I will. He listened to specifics I thought would be improvements and he made suggestions on how we could build a better trailer to suit our needs. They are simply the best trailers for hauling canoes I've ever used or seen.

Trailer was exactly as…

Submitted by: paddler236810 on 5/26/2016

Trailer was exactly as anticipated. The bolts are colored to the holes in the frame. Took 2 guys 40 minutes to put together. Really well thought out process.

8 Rack Canoe Trailer with covered storage.


Remackel trailers are the Cadillacs of canoe trailers...

Submitted by: paddler236565 on 10/13/2015

I am writing a review for an 8-place canoe / utility trailer from Remackel Trailers. I am a high school Environmental Science teacher and Outdoor Club advisor in SE Wisconsin, and have been taking my students canoeing for about 17 years now. I have dealt with my share of equipment options over the years, and can honestly say that for my needs, this by far is the best trailer out there.

The construction is sturdy, the pull on the road is extremely smooth, and the functionality in design is exactly what I need to get my crew to and from our destination without concerns about safety or performance. Everywhere you look, the details allow for the efficiency of loading and unloading canoes and equipment you need to get the most out of your trailer. From platforms, to hooks, to handles, the design and placement of the items on and around the trailer have been set up by folks who know what works best when the trip is on. There is nothing cheap about this trailer. It has 13" wheels, marine grade plywood, heavy duty rubber guards to set the canoes onto, and a welded rack that is galvanized inside and out. I am anticipating that these considerations in construction will make this trailer last a long, long time.

I am especially fond of this trailer because it doubles as a utility trailer with 12" sides. Just take out the pins and slide the canoe rack out, and we have a trailer for doing community service projects like invasive buckthorn removal and metal recycling collection from local residents. I opted for the utility cover, and can haul paddles, life jackets, nets, and other equipment in the utility bed with room to spare. I was even pleased to see how they included removable braces that keep the utility cover tight. It hardly flaps in the wind while I'm pulling it.

This trailer is one that I have no regrets about purchasing. I will not need to research other companies if I decide that we need to add to our canoe fleet in the future. Remackel trailers are the Cadillacs of canoe trailers. If you want the best, Remackel is where you go. There are less expensive trailers out there, but if you figure out how many cheap trailers (and headaches) you'd need to go through during the lifetime of one of these trailers, I'm pretty confident that this option is the better deal in the long run.


It's super balanced, no sway at all. 65mph with 700lbs of boats...

Submitted by: paddler235519 on 4/23/2014

We picked up our 8 place canoe trailer from Remackels last week and it looked great. Nice welding workmanship,canoe protectors on the rails. Tie down hooks, tires and box just the way we wanted. We ordered the trailer of course and Dennis was very careful to make us what we wanted as well as what we needed. The communication was excellent. Anyway off to Wenonah we go and pick up 8 heavy livery canoes,and head back to Little Falls. The trailer performed excellent. It's super balanced, no sway at all. 65mph with 700lbs of boats and it tracks like it's on rails. I forgot to mention the sweet custom made tarp with tie-downs that covers the box, doesn't even flap at highway speeds. Thanks Dennis.