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13'2" Voyager+ MSL

13' 2"
Width (in)
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13'2" Voyager+ MSL Description

Calling all life’s adventurers… The 13’2” Voyager+ inflatable SUP was created with epic adventures in mind and is the board of choice of many extreme explorers around the world. High sides, large volume and narrower width make it a high-speed cruiser, designed for competent paddlers. It’s got a 6 point cargo tie-down system at the front and 4 point cargo tie-down system at the back for all your gear and an extra-grippy traction pad to help keep your kit in place at the rear. Like the 12’6” Voyager, it has a RSS battens for increased stiffness and glide when loaded with gear, a removable fin from world leading surfboard fin creators FCS, which slots into the fin box easily by hand and are secured in place with a finger bolt. 5 embroidered carry handles on the board make portaging easy and comfortable while also being soft under foot. The Red embossed diamond cut deck pad offers unrivaled grip so you can focus on paddling.

13'2" Voyager+ MSL Reviews


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13'2" Voyager+ MSL Specs and Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate

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13'2" Voyager+ MSL Reviews

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I tried this board out on…

Submitted by: Ichabod_Spoonbill on 7/9/2018

I tried this board out on afternoon and was surprised at how stiff and fast it was. It still felt a tiny bit bouncy, but barely enough that you'd feel it. In some ways the bouncy, inflatable quality made this narrower board more forgiving in chop. I didn't think I'd enjoy paddling an inflatable as much as this one, but I honestly didn't want to give it back.

This is a great cruising and distance board, with the advantage of it being inflatable and therefore collapsible. It's a little on the narrow side (30"), so it might be tippy with a lot of gear, but otherwise I really liked it. Want!


5/5 Would buy another

Submitted by: paddler379728 on 8/7/2017

After doing some research on inflatable stand up paddle board brands, Red Paddle Co. was one that really stood out from the rest. I did more research on the types of boards out there and finally landed on the 13'2" explorer +. That was almost a year ago. Since then, this board has been carried on my back to calm and glassy lakes to rough and windy rivers. It has bumped rocks and strainers in white water. It has been jostled and bumped by hard boards in a flat water race. It has carried myself and a friend with our gear during backpacking trips. It has been used to tow another friend on an inner tube when the river's current slowed too much. The experiences I've had on this board are too many to count! Overall, this board is great for touring, yoga, lazy floats, and somewhat questionable for races, though I still finished in front of some of the racers with hard boards! Anytime I am asked about SUP, I am happy to mention the good experiences I've had with the 13'2" explorer +. 5/5 stars. Would buy again. Recommended for any outdoor adventurer looking for an inflatable SUP.


Outstanding product & customer service

Submitted by: paddler379728 on 8/3/2017

I purchased the 13'2" explorer + about 1 year ago and have placed many nautical miles into it. It has bumped into rocks and logs through white water (without the fin, of course). It has been through rough, windy conditions on the Columbia river with large cargo ships and the crazy wake that they create. It has jostled with other hard boards for position in a flat water race. It has been carried for miles through thick forest to secluded lakes. It has held up to carrying myself, a friend, plus our gear. So far... the board has held up fantastic! The only problem I've ran into was with the quality of the carrying bag. About 10 months into ownership, the bag tore at a seam while lifting by the carrying straps (probably from the amount of hiking I have done with the board). I filed a warranty claim and a new bag showed up at my doorstep the day after it was approved. Hopefully this new bag will last. (I might have a seamstress reinforce the stitching so it will last for the years to come). 5 stars for customer service, 5 stars for the board, unfortunately 3 stars for the bag. Regardless of the problem with the bag, I would buy the same paddle board over again. Every time I am asked about inflatable SUP's, I tell people to go with Red Paddle Co... Disappointment is a rarity with this level of product and service.


I just got the board and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2016
I just got the board and I went for a short ride on the lake in Elk Island National Park. The board felt wicked. This is my 4th inflatable and it is far better than all the previous boards I have been on. I had it only inflated to 15 psi and it was very stiff, on a longer ride I would inflate it closer to 25psi just to get us much out of it as I could. I like the nose and tail runners too, help with the tracking in a light breeze. The new removable fin is a great upgrade and the fin itself can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. I like the progress that Red Paddle Co is making with the inflatables. Probably will add the 12'6 explorer to my quiver for novice clients. Pros Nose runner, semi soft fin and US fin box, the RSS system for extra stiffness Cons inflation time, the new Titan pump is great at first but once the pressure builds up and it is switched to a single pump it seemed to take for ever. Usage Touring, fitness