10'8" Ride MSL

10' 8"
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10'8" Ride MSL Description

For an inflatable paddle board that offers super stability and performance, look no further than the 10’8″ Ride. With all the same qualities as Red Paddle Co's other Ride boards, you’ll appreciate the extra stability that comes from its increased volume, especially if you are a slightly larger rider or have a passenger on board.
Made from the exclusive MSL material, at 4.7”/120mm thick, this board provides increased stiffness at lower pressure, making it 40% stiffer than a standard 4”/100mm board. The rounded tail makes the board easy to maneuver, so it’s also a great beginner board too.

10'8" Ride MSL Specs and Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Where to Buy the 10'8" Ride MSL

Red Paddle Co.
10'8" Ride MSL Reviews

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In total love with this…

Submitted by: paddler460952 on 8/24/2018

In total love with this board! Very stable, very stiff, great glide. I like the fact that it's only 4" thick: you're closer to the water for Yoga. Great board!


For the most part, I love my…

Submitted by: paddler425351 on 4/10/2018

For the most part, I love my 10'8" Ride and have used it HARD for the last two years. I am blown away at its durability. The Titan pump kicks butt, too, (although I have doubts about the gauge working properly). That said, I'm surprised no other reviewers mention this board's poor tracking. I paddle long distances on the Sea of Cortes in Baja and sometimes get frustrated at the zig-zag nature I must travel because of this. I bought this for expeditionary use so I can spend long periods of time paddling from island to island with proper gear onboard, and I expected more from a board touted as being the best for this type of use. Additionally, I'm surprised at how many reviewers describe this board as super stable. While I personally feel stable riding it (having done it now for so long) most newcomers to the sport who try my board find that other boards are MUCH more stable than mine, and they often struggle on this board, especially in the beginning. And I wouldn't dare try any standing yoga poses on the board! All this said, I am still giving this board a 4 out of 5 stars because I've grown to love mine despite these somewhat minor issues.


Super-stable and easy to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/23/2016
Super-stable and easy to ride, this board is relatively quick to inflate and extremely stable. I am 230 lbs and put my 60 lb kid on the front and it was still like standing on a table. Easy to propel once you reach target inflation, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a board that's good for the family and fun to lark around on for the day. Pros Super-stable and easy to ride Cons Nothing. Usage Exercise, family.

I am a one month paddle…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/3/2016
I am a one month paddle boarder, age 68, weight 210lb/95kg Height 6.2 and fit. I already have a 12.6 X 30 x 6 inch board which although I can use, on anything more than the total flat I find hard work. Will not state make as it may well be my skill level not the board that is at fault. The point of this Review however is about all these claims made by Red Paddle about stability. All I can say is I got on this board and it was just like i'd been dreaming paddle boarding should be. So stable and I think the word must be FUN, instead of hard work. Rare that a MANUFACTURERS WORD COMES UP TRUE but on this occasion it does. I am delighted. Pros Looks. Two stage pump. STABILITY. Lightness and just the way it handles. Cons Not found any yet although the paddle it came with could have had a larger blade. I use the paddle from my other board. Usage Used exclusively at the moment in the Mediterranean sea down Moraira way in Spain. Conditions very variable, from flat calm to big swells and choppy.

We demoed three boards at our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2016
We demoed three boards at our local shop in Boise and ended up buying the Red 10'8. We chose this board because it seemed to be a very accommodating for everyone in our group. From 200 pounds down to 115 pounds everyone was happy with the way it paddled. Pros Stability Light weight Versitility Cons No ability to swap out fins Usage Lakes and Rivers

The Red 10-8 Ride is a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2016
The Red 10-8 Ride is a fantastic all around board - stable, rigid, responsive, and lots of fun. In terms of a vehicle it is like a Lexus sedan - nice quality, not the fastest, yet definitely not a Buick Roadmaster station wagon either. Pros My favorite features are the board's portability, stability, and quality. I debated with getting another hard board yet decided on an iSUP since it was very easy to transport especially with the high quality backpack that Red provides with the board. The deck is easy on your feet and the board is 'forgiving' if someone was less experienced (or a child fooling around) fell on it. Out on the water it handles very nice while getting in a workout or just doing a leisurely paddle while enjoying the scenery. In terms of quality - I looked at other boards in the same, less, and greater price range and decided on the Red after using the board, talking to others who researched iSUPs, and getting as much data as I could before making a decision. Cons While the board is not as rigid as a hard board it is not too far off - and many less experienced people would not know the difference. Since it is an inflatable I tend to be more careful since it is filled with air, however, that is also a benefit since it will not dent like hard boards. Any specific 'cons' regarding the Red 10-8? Not at this time... Usage The Red 10-8 is a great board to tool around on. I live in FL on the Gulf so going out and paddling around while getting good exercise is one of the joys of being on the water. The board handles chop and light surf OK yet I like it best for general flat water usage which is its sweet spot.

I used this board last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2016
I used this board last weekend with my 60 pound dog and I was very happy with it. I am new to SUP (that day was my third time out) and my dog had only been on a board once before. We stayed on the Red for 2 hours and there was plenty of room for both of us. I like how stable it felt even with him moving around. I also appreciated that the grip part goes so far forward which helped my dog stay safe. Pros Stability, size, feel, really everything Cons No complaints Usage Paddling around a smooth lake with my dog

By far the best board I had…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/10/2016
By far the best board I had ridden and I couldn't wait to get myn. I bought my board coming up to 2 years ago and it was by far the best purchase I have made. 2 years on and the Red Paddle Co customer service team are still so quick to help. I recently changed my fin set up and they where fantastic. I have used this board for everything from sea to white water and on. It is a must have for those who just love being ln/on the water. I would love to try all the other boards red have to offer. Keep up the good work Red Paddle Co. Pros Almost industuctable! Easy to surf and tour. Best build quality in the market. Amazing customer service team at Red. Innovative design and set up all the way down to the carry bag. So easy to store and use. Cons Due to the amazing build quality the board is hard to customise or change aesthetically. Usage I have used this board on rivers, lakes, just for morning exercise and surf lots of surf!

Bought the 2016 Red 10"8…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/27/2016
Bought the 2016 Red 10"8 after using a rental a few times. It is a great Isup for touring. Nice width and length. The board is super stiff when fully inflated and feels like a solid board. It is made of extremely durable material and can take what ever you throw at it. Folds up nice and neatly for storage. The bag it comes with is equally strong and has wheels to pull, or straps to use as a back pack. Pros Really durable, easy to pump up in no time, and fits snug in the boot of the car. One of the best Isups out there. Cons Nothing. this board is the business. Usage Touring, sea, rivers and canals, this board can do it all

This sup board is amazing.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2015
This sup board is amazing. almost inflatable board are maximum air level is 15psi but redpaddle board can insert air to 25psi(max),that's mean this board stiff than any inflatable boards. Pros higt volume(max 25psi) extremely Stiff control easy to ride durable(2layer) Cons little bit heavy Usage exercise surf touring

This board is simply the best…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/27/2015
This board is simply the best ISup you can get. Although no ISup will ever match a hard board, the Red Paddle boards come as close as you can get. I wanted an all around board that has lots of volume. The Ride 10.8 totally delivered. The first time I took the board out I ended up carrying me, my gear, my 8 year-old, and his kids kayak (he got tired) all on this board! At 18psi it is super hard and Red Paddle's new pumps allow you to get it fully inflated surprisingly easy and quick. These ISups are simply the best on the market for all three of the board, pump, and backpack which is also extremely good quality. Pros Everything, the quality is outstanding. Cons These boards are a little more expensive but totally worth the cost. Usage All around. Load it with gear including a cooler.

Really good all round usage,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/7/2014
Really good all round usage, happy on lake, canal, river and sea, and fits in the boot of the Benz. It's very maneuverable, easy to stick on a wave and is super buoyant. Pros As it's a Redpaddle it's inflatable which means it's also deflatable so goes in my car, no need for roof racks, it can hold a shed load of gear on it, and as a bigger guy (90kg+) it has no problems holding my weight in all conditions. Cons It does sit a bit lower in the water than other Redpaddle boards so it's impossible to keep your feet dry even on glass. Usage I use it mainly on the lake and canal for exercise and general keeping in shape, but I do take it surfing over summer which it handles really well. It also gets used in the garden to lay on when the wife won't get out of my hammock.