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I bought this kayak on a…

Submitted by: Cedar_OR on 6/30/2021

I bought this kayak on a whim when my daughter was not able to hike one summer. I knew nothing about kayaks and I bought this kayak on clearance at the end of the season. This model is discontinued, but if I ever come across another one, I will snag it up.

I bought this kayak at the end of 2019, I have not kept track of miles until this year (2021), and noted I have done 96 miles in the last 3 months in it. When we take the kayaks out, we are generally doing 8 mile paddles at this time. Although others in my small kayaking group are or have been looking for other kayaks, I am still currently satisfied with mine. We do rivers, estuaries, and large lakes.

I constantly get compliments on how well my kayak tracks. It does. It neither veers right nor left like I started observing other kayaks in my party will. Even with wind, it still tracks straight. Even with weight of gear in it.

Glides easily through the water with minimal effort. Even with the paddle that came with it.

Hatch on stern. Although not waterproof and looking quite small, there is a fair bit of storage in there. I take small/medium collapsable coolers and I can get three of them easily in there for a insulated hot/cold lunch, a dry box (for snacks), and emergency equipment like lights, first aid kit, etc. If I need to, I can put another cooler in the bow area. These coolers are larger than the 6 pack ones. The largest I have to unload a couple items to get it through the kayak hatch opening, but then I can put them back in and close it up.

Since I often take my tea out with me in the mornings, I really appreciate the cup holder. There is another sideways one in the seat, but I don't usually use it for anything.

Adjustable foot pegs. There is a difference with shoes on and barefoot, so I have to adjust them often. They are easily adjusted from sitting inside the boat on water.

I can go into relatively low water in it. I often can be in 4 inch depth and not even really realizing it.

Other than from my paddle, I do not get water into it very much. It will drain easily after I take the plugs out and elevate it after a day of paddling.

It takes 2-2.5ft swells. I used to take them nose on only, but I have taken swells sideways (although I prefer not to) and no longer worry too much about it as I once did.

It feels very stable to me, and easy to get in and out of.

It says the weight of the craft is 45lbs. As a farm girl, I am seriously thinking this is not the right weight for it, and one of my guy kayaking buddies also thinks it is heavier. I have not officially weighted it yet, but it is HEAVY!!! I can move and load it myself, but out of all our kayaks, this one is the heaviest.

The seat was very cheap and ripped out of the rivets and the kayak in just a couple times of using it. I bought a nice folding boating seat and it fits in there perfectly, lacing into the seat straps which are attached to the Phoenix. So if you have a cheap seat, just replace it, no matter what kayak you have.

All in all, I really enjoy this kayak and looking forward to the many miles of water trials we will have in the future.

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