Triumph 13.0

13' 5"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Triumph 13.0 Description

The Triumph is a breath of fresh air to the sit-on-top world.

Proving that performance is not something only offered in a sit-inside kayak. Evolved from the touring line, it is speedier and easier to paddle than other sit-on-top kayaks. The molded-in kid's seat and cup holder and ample flat locations add versatility and maintenance-free ease for fishing, camping, bird watching or any type of activity in the ocean swell, lakes, and rivers.

Triumph 13.0 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Attributes

  • Comfort Seating System (CSS)
  • Molded-In Foot Wells
  • Bow and Center Hatches
  • Tankwell with Bungee
  • Paddle Park
  • Molded-In Side Handles
  • Soft Touch Handles
  • Rudder Capable
  • Mold-In Cup Holder
  • Drain Plug
  • Self-Bailing Scupper Holes
  • Skid Plate
  • Thighstrap Attachment Loops

Triumph 13.0 Reviews

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good kayak but needs a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2022

good kayak but needs a rudder to handle wind issues. I installed a perception long pin rudder. Install was easy since the tubes are pre-run and holes pre drilled. This is a good kayak that delivers much better performance than 13-14 foot fishing kayaks.


I have the Triumph 13.0 2013…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/7/2022

I have the Triumph 13.0 2013 model with footpegs and hard molded handles. I mostly paddle slow moving, really wide rivers (Potomac and Patuxent right before they join the Chesapeake Bay) and little creeks. I paddle for recreation and little bit of fitness. I do not fish. I am happy with this kayak and intend to keep it. It does struggle with a side wind (does well in all other conditions) but overall it has a lot to offer. I would not call this a fishing kayak. If you want that, there are better options out there.

I have owned a Pungo 120, Tsunami 140, and Trident 13. The Triumph is slower than the Tsunami 140 and about the same speed as the Pungo 120. It does not track as well as either the Tsunami or the Pungo. Fall out of sit inside or roll one over and it can go okay or it quickly turn into a mess. Fall off a sit on top and just hop back - a much easier and less stressful recovery. I greatly prefer the SOT for these reasons as I usually go out early morning by myself to see the most birds, maximize the coolest temps of the summer days, etc.

I really wanted a SOT but did not want to bust the bank. I did not want one of the wider, stand up kayaks that perform like barges. I wanted something more responsive. I initially bought an used Trident 13 but wound up selling it and buying the Triumph. The Triumph is much more responsive than the Trident. It gets up to speed faster, has an easier cadence and faster speed at a relaxed paddle, and glides much further when you stop paddling. Overall the Triumph 13.0 is a much more pleasant paddling experience than the Trident 13 for me. The Trident tracks better, does much better with a side wind, and really excels at storage. The Trident can haul an absolute ton of gear that is easy to access with the large mod pod and huge front hatch. The Trident also has better initial stability than the Triumph. The Trident is hands down a great seated fishing machine but that comes at some cost of paddling pleasure. Both the Trident and the Triumph kept the inside hull bone dry. I don't like that the small hatch on the Triumph between your legs is as low as it is. It wouldn't take much water in the cockpit to cover it - should be fine but I wish that was raised somewhat. I wish the foot pedal adjustments had the extenders like WS, Old Town, others but it is easy enough to throw your paddle in the paddle park, cross your legs and lean forward to adjust the pegs if needed.

I am 5'8" and 223 lbs. I put scupper plugs in the scupper holes behind the seat. The boat rides with a little water in the cockpit by the scupper holes in the front footwell. My butt stays dry and my feet are fine but there is some water in the footwell. I average just over 3 mph for an entire outing including stops to take pictures, etc. and can sustain a top speed of about 4.4 mph without working too hard. I could get the same speed in the Trident but that was a much harder go.

I really like the molded in handles of the Triumph and lower weight than a lot of SOTs. I car load by myself. I use a Malone Seawing and load from the rear of the car using a Thule Water Slide. I only have to lift one end of the kayak, lay it on the water slide and then push it up into the rack - easy and fast. I tied on a 550 cord handle right behind the seat using the installed eyes you clip the seat into. It's a place where a center handle really should be to make loading the kayak easier. The kayak's center of gravity is pretty good. You can carry it overhead using the hard handles but I prefer to use a C-Tug - makes moving the kayak and all your gear from the car to the pier almost effortless. I strap the C-Tug into the rear tank well - works great. I like the paddle park. It is in the right spot and easy to use one handed. I use a small Plano box for my wallet, camera, knife, etc. and secure that to an eye behind the seat with a paddle leash – easy to stow it in the tank well and reach behind my back to grab the case. I use the small storage bag and hatch cover between my legs in the cockpit for a granola bar, sun screen, other smaller items.

All the kayaks I have owned have tradeoffs. This one is no different. For me the pros greatly outweigh the cons. I would buy it again. I would potentially replace this kayak with a Swell Scupper 14 - newer kayak dealer and model that looks great but there are no local dealers.


I am not an expert but…

Submitted by: paddler2042637 on 5/19/2022

I am not an expert but decided to get back into the sport after a break of 25 years !

I Have now been out 12 times in my Triumph 13 and would say it is really effortless to paddle.Lovely fast and stable.Seat uncomfortable so pad it up.

I have seen comments about it being awkward to paddle in currents and winds I would say persevere this is a great boat.There is always the skeg if you find it too awkward.I will give it to the end of the season and see how I get on before purchasing one.

I have taken my wife & daughter out in the well at the back and do not even notice the extra weight.


After selling my Ocean…

Submitted by: paddler819690 on 7/10/2020
After selling my Ocean Prowler 13 due to serious illness, I recovered and had the urge to paddle again. I chose the Perception Triumph because we previously owned the Freedom, a very good kayak. The Triumph is a good quality kayak, and quite quick, however, the wind cocking is a problem. The P13 was no problem, but the Triumph is badly let down by this design flaw. What a pity. Yes you can mitigate the wandering bow, but it takes energy, and spoils the trip. I could fit a rudder, but I like a kayak to be uncluttered and simple. The high cost is also an issue. Give this one a miss unless it's for pottering down the river.

This is almost a fantastic…

Submitted by: paddler535344 on 9/5/2019

This is almost a fantastic kayak! It is fast, stable, gives a dry ride, is easy to car-top, has lots of storage space and has a comfortable seating position. The rear tankwell is large and easily accessible. The kayak feels very steady in larger swells, and is very robustly put together. The foot pegs are well-positioned and comfortable. The Triumph is fine into the wind, and when the wind is from the front left or front right. It is very difficult to manage in a side wind, however, and desperately needs a skeg. I think that the problem is that there isn't enough of the stern of the kayak 'in the water' compared with the bow, so that there is always a tendency for the bow to 'bite' and come round into the wind. I've always thought that if there was another foot on the bow, thus raising it up slightly with respect to the stern, this would be an amazing kayak; As it is, it is a very good one.


x navy kayak instructor 47…

Submitted by: paddler521716 on 6/27/2019

x navy kayak instructor 47 years Bought the Triumph13 2 years ago and have put 4000km on her, fast for a SOT 100km days no problem and you can load her up for long camping trips top speed on my kayak gps 14kph/10mph.And I have just done a kayak marathon 43km 360 entered and I was first through the post at 64 still have it bye bye youngsters. On a head to head race with the sit in kayaks not many can match my speed but 47 years experience helps would I buy again hell yes.


Long time paddler here (some…

Submitted by: paddler233776 on 7/31/2018

Long time paddler here (some say old:)) and after owning WS Tarpon 12 &16', OK Prowler 13 &15', Necky Vector 13', Perception Search, Bic Scarpa, Malibu X-13 (second fav) and a West Marine Pescador 12' (old Wilderness mold), this Perception Triumph 13' is my all time favorite. Why? It's all about speed and speed. Seriously, I can hang all day with the sit inside crowd in their 15-16' kayaks it's that fast. Someone noted in another review about plugging the scupper holes for better speed and I was skeptical..but it's true as it gave me even more speed and longer glide. Tracking and glide is excellent, you can lean this kayak hard for a sweep turn as it handles very well. I was going to use my 16' P&H Capella for a circumnavigate Lake Tahoe (72 miles) over 3-4 days, but for longer distances, I'm finding the Triumph more comfortable with allowing me to raise or spread my legs to stretch. Speed difference between the two is very close..amazing. I'm 6-2/220lbs and even loaded with camping gear, this sot handles my weight with ease. One heck of a kakak and bonus is it's lighter than the rest. Keeping this one!


Best sot I've owned and I've…

Submitted by: paddler233776 on 7/31/2018

Best sot I've owned and I've had quite a few: Tarpon 120 &160, Prowler 13 & 15, Necky Vector 13, Biic scarpa, and West Marine Pompano 120. What's outstanding about the Triumph is it's speed..easily the fastest sot I've paddled. It's glide and tracking are excellent, fairly lightweight and easy to cartop with it's rigid handles built in. Front hatch seals tight, seat if comfortable. It's a high quality made kayak. They can be hard to find and got mine at West Marine on sale.


This is an 'update' review. Season two, month eight. As with all…

Submitted by: GPagano on 8/18/2016

This is an 'update' review. Season two, month eight.

As with all things that have to meet a certain standard with me, I challenge all of my kit to its fullest potential, this craft is no exception.

I have beaten this thing near to breaking, using untold gallons of hot water to work out the dents. Scarred the underside so badly, I swear its taking on water sometimes...alas, it's just the factory front hatch. Dragged over paved lots and rough rock shores. Still floats, still outruns or matches my podmates (12-15': Mix of sea and rec, she is the only SOT) at cadence. She's a long-hauler to be sure. Loaded within 25 lb of max rated, I use a slower, energy saving cadence for anything over a 10 mile day. The performance comes from the closing of the scuppers.

No really, try it when you demo one.

With all eight open, she sits like a typical SOT for fishing and enjoying the slower life. Primary stability is insane, to where the only way I could tip her was a standing or a grab-the-handle and hard lean roll. Close them and things change, rapidly. Secondary stability comes to the forefront, and she picks up speed. 3-6' wind or motorized swells and 20+ winds, gravy. Seriously, she thrives on playing when its nautical. or a nice Class I or II shows up.

The factory seat is crap. I used a few stadium pads and tie-wraps to mod it into something usable. Its good now for tripping, fishing, and touring. I use a low-back for PT, surf and anything involving a helmet. Thigh straps are a must. Without a rudder or skeg from the factory, all of the control comes from you, period. Lean to love them, they are your friend. An entry level pair have handled everything well enough.

More to follow as the season enters the colder months.


This kayak really looks the…

Submitted by: paddler236802 on 5/26/2016
This kayak really looks the part with its clean lines and great design touches. The boat sits higher in the water than any of my previous SOT`s making for a dryer ride even with the bungs out. The hull is slightly narrower than most boats and with the higher seating position this means that the boat is not as stable as some of its rivals. This said I find the boat stable enough for even rough seas once you get used to it. Storage is great and anything put in the forward hatch stays dry even in rough waters. There is loads of room in there but beware small items that have a habit of migrating to the back end of the boat. The small hatch in front of seat is great for small items such as phones that you may want easy access to. I note that some reviewers have criticized the handling of this boat in windy conditions and they are right to do so. Right in to the wind is fine but with side winds the handling becomes difficult and you end up paddling one sided for long periods. I have persevered with this boat because I like everything else about it but it is a serious failing in design. After various attempts at corrective paddling I gave up trying to control this boat and as a last ditch attempt fitted a rudder kit, the rudder is in a fixed position and therefore acts very much like a skeg which I drop down for straight line paddling and raise when I need maneuverability. This has quickly become second nature and the change in handling is fantastic. I am now intending to keep this boat now the handling issue is resolved but I feel slightly disappointed that Perception, with all their experience, have designed a boat that becomes unmanageable in side winds.

I love this kayak! Sleek,…

Submitted by: YakingYak on 8/5/2015
I love this kayak! Sleek, bright vivid colors, 13 ft and still light enough for me to manage by myself. The first ride, my 75 pound son sat in the child seat and the boat was remarkably stable in the ocean inlet on a high boat traffic day. Later solo rides have been great the boat ride is smooth and fast. There are 2 small factory made holes in the back, I imagine for a rudder (or other attachment), some water is getting inside the yak and this seems to be only possible entry point. Only regret is not having spent more time in it.

I bought the kayak thinking…

Submitted by: paddler236233 on 5/20/2015
I bought the kayak thinking it would be a lil up grade from my perseption 12ft but I was wrong the seat is very cheap the width of the cockpit is to narrow so the child seat would barely fit a newborn I don't bring a child with me but it's a waste of space long story short I paddled it once and sold it the next day (lost money) but that's my fault the only up side to the kayak is the large area in the back that can actually fit a full size ice chest I liked a lot and the rubber skid plate at the bottom perseption looks to me a cheap version of wilderness systems the pescador 12 is a great boat for somone not ready to pay a lot and you get your money's worth I've had mine for 4years but if you do want to go with a longer boat save your money if you like the idea of this boat check out the ride 135

Quick and simple review: 2014…

Submitted by: GPagano on 5/7/2015
Quick and simple review: 2014 Triumph 13.0 Tested on Onondaga Lake and portions of the Seneca river: 4-17/4-28

I feel it is the superior SOT for creeking, light touring and other non-fishing activities. Silent through waves in mildly nautical conditions, swift across the glass. Easily maintains cadence and speed with other thirteen and fourteen footers.
Unfortunately, stronger winds like to mess with her, but technique easily dismisses any issues.

The Triumph is the performance cousin to most SOT's out there.


I have owned a Perception 13…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2014
I have owned a Perception 13 in Australia for a year, with a "Flat Earth" 0.7 square metre sail and rudder. Great sea keeping boat.. Handling wake from large/fast motor cruisers easily, quite fast for a SOT and launches into moderate surf easily. Would recommend anytime.

Just bought my new Triumph 13…

Submitted by: paddler235736 on 7/11/2014
Just bought my new Triumph 13 after using my Malibu 2 XL for solo and tandem trips. The Triumph is very fast compared to the Malibu but is still very stable. It has moulded carry handles which makes the kayak very easy to car top on my own. It is very hard for a beginner to control in windy conditions, that said it has forced me to investigate and practice better paddling techniques and now I find it far easier to manage. It is a great boat for fishing too and has all the storage space you could need.

Having only tried out a…

Submitted by: paddler235702 on 7/5/2014
Having only tried out a handful of kayaks before I purchased my Triumph 13 I was buying a little blind. Since having it I've found it very stable. Quick but yet maneuverable. The only down side I've found is that it can be hard to control in a strong current/side wind. I've just had rudder fitted which I hope will resolve this. That said, it is only a little draw back and generally in very happy with this boat. Light enough for me to easily manage on my own and plenty of storage space. I would highly recommend this boat.

Firstly, this is the first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/7/2013
Firstly, this is the first SOT I've owned, though I have had experience of Ocean Kayak's Malibu 2. I very much like the Triumph. It's got a great lively feel to it - not so much primary stability as the Malibu 2, but with great secondary stability, which means I can edge it. This comes in handy with cross and tail winds and especially surf.

In a headwind, and into surf, I find the boat is great. It really cuts the water. It's got great storage - a really big rear well and impressive storage hold in the front. Bringing it in through surf was at first tricky. As soon as it's hit by a breaker in the surf zone, it will swing, but all it needs is an edge into the face of the wave, and it will slide beautifully up onto the shingle. I find it weathercocks a lot with a following wind, more than the Malibu 2, but not much. Again, edging seems to sort this out.

Child seat - I've had my daughter out with me, and it's kind of useful for that, but it does disturb my paddle stroke somewhat. I find it actually better for her to sit in the rear well. This also seems to solve the weather-cocking problems. The main thing I like though is its manoveurability. I can turn it really quickly, which is very helpful in choppier seas.

All in all for me, a great kayak, though again, I've only got the Malibu 2 to compare it to.


I like the Triumph very much.…

Submitted by: paddler235105 on 7/17/2013
I like the Triumph very much. Because my family live next to the beach in Iceland. And I really love fishing. There is very much space in the luggage compartments and also good storage for your catch. But he's heavy and difficult to steer.

So I've owned and paddled a…

Submitted by: Smithfield_Paddler on 7/5/2013
So I've owned and paddled a fairly wide variety of boats. From Pungos to Scorpios. After being a touring boat guy for several years I just kinda got tired of all the gear required to paddle a touring boat. I now wanted a boat to paddle just a few miles at a time that had enough stability to fish and swim off of. The problem with most SOT's is that they can't really be edged effectively. I really didn't want to use corrective strokes all the time to turn the boat. This hull is a great compromise of stability and maneuverability. You can actually edge turn this boat very well.

Plenty of dry storage if you want to make an overnight or weekend trip. Seat height feels like a good compromise between the sporty low height of the Necky Vector and the more traditional heights of the WS Tarpon boats. Speed is slightly better than most other SOT's due to the hull shape. The molded in handles are GREAT and very well balanced. Makes the boat much easier to pick up and handle. Honestly one of the easiest SOT's to car top. Also keeps the boat from snagging on the roof rack when upside down like a traditional strap handle does. I know it seems like an odd thing to gush over but I LOVE the handles!

Bottom Line: I'd say this boat is about 60% touring and 40% fishing.


I test paddled a Triumph 13…

Submitted by: paddler234122 on 6/12/2013
I test paddled a Triumph 13 lately with the intention of buying it coz I had a Freedom before and loved it the triumph is a much worse kayak slower heavy tank with poor tracking the seat is higher too which I didn't like I'm just over 11 stone I think its designed for heavier paddlers so as to keep it lower in the water so the wind wont blow the bow all over the place it was calm and it still needed a lot of corrective strokes to keep it straight perception should have continued the freedom coz if it aint broke don't fix it so im on the look out for a second hand Freedom

I bought this kayak after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2012
I bought this kayak after reviewing the OK Trident model that runs a couple hundred more in price. The Triumph 13 is fast and stable. It's upswept bow handled chop with ease, and is very quiet. It only weighs 58 lbs bare, and has molded in side carry handles which allow for a good grip while lifting and carrying. The cargo bay will accept a large milk crate with room to spare. If you want a kayak for longer fishing trips or near shore ocean fishing, this one will work great.

Pros: More aggressive hull…

Submitted by: paddler234648 on 7/9/2012
Pros: More aggressive hull design than the tarpon/Pescador, lighter, longer. How can you go wrong? Cons: Seat is not as good as the Tarpon/Pescador. This is made by the same company, why would they give a new model an inferior seat to an older model?
Child seat in the front. I am looking for a Porsche equivalent in my kayak not a mini van to take the kids to soccer practice.