Pescador 13.0 T

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Pescador 13.0 T Description

Perfect for a team of two without sacrificing performance. Proving that a roomy tandem doesn‘t have to sacrifice solid performance, this sit-on-top can fit almost any team comfortably, even a team of one.

Perceptions's custom, high-grade polyethylene plastic and distinct rotational molding process provide exceptional strength and durability with seamless, one-piece construction

Pescador 13.0 T Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Attributes

  • Comfort Seating System (CSS)
  • Molded-In Foot Wells
  • Bow Hatch and Stern Day Hatch
  • Bow and Stern Tankwell w/Bungee
  • Molded Thru Handles
  • Paddle Park

Pescador 13.0 T Reviews

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After over eight years of…

Submitted by: paddler2547212 on 12/27/2023

After over eight years of ownership, this is turned out to be a great boat. When I purchased it, I was looking for a kayak to carry myself and my two young boys and this fit the bill. On lakes or light Rapids is kayak is both easy to maneuver and very stable. The only drawback is that it’s large and heavy to maneuver when loading on off my Yakima roof rack I can do it by myself but it’s not easy.


I've owned the Pescador 13T…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/12/2019

I've owned the Pescador 13T for a bit over two years. I keep enjoying it more. I modified it slightly for fishing. The side walls lends themselves easily to adding attachments which make fishing easier. To date Ive put two catbags in the storage holes, Added 2 YakAttack Mightymount XL Track, (6 inch) in the rear in order to add a rod holder. I can probably add two more in the rear and two in the front. I've also added two recessed mounts in the front. In addition I converted the left handle into a paddle keeper assembly similar to the right. ( not sure why they only had one). Found a couple nice seat pads that seem to fit well on the molded plastic ones. The existing seat backs seem good. I usually take my 10 year old son out fishing with me, and he has a ball. He has no trouble paddling. The canoe slides through the water easily and is very manageable on our large lake. Due to its weight I usually slide it into the back of the truck, and use a tailgate extender to secure the overhanging part. Overall a very good kayak for lake fishing with a few easy to do mods.


We absolutely love our…

Submitted by: rynomatic on 6/5/2019

We absolutely love our Pescador tandem and have had many hours out on the water with my wife and I or with our daughters. The boat is very stable and easy to get in and out of. The seats are comfortable. The tracking is great and it is easy to keep it going where you want it to go when you are paddling in sync.

It is a little heavy at 70 lbs, so getting it on the J-rack on top of our GMC Yukon is a workout. But once you get the moves down, it gets easier every time. Also, building (search Youtube) or buying a scupper hole cart makes moving it to the put-in point MUCH easier. I added some Scotty fishing rod holders that work well whenever we want to fish too. Highly recommended!


My wife and I took this out…

Submitted by: seanemory11 on 9/2/2016
My wife and I took this out on Manatee Bay in Southwest Florida. For a tandem, it was surprising how stable this was, and the tracking was superb. I'm a Perception fanboy, I won't lie, but it's only because of all the kayaks I've paddled in, Perception kayaks have consistently blown the others out of the water, pun intended!

Smooth ride, great tracking. It's nice to not have to constantly paddle to steer. At 13', it's a great length for a shorter, affordable tandem!


This is a great Tandem Kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler236399 on 7/29/2015
This is a great Tandem Kayak. I have two Tandem Kayaks (the other is a Ocean Aegean). The Pescador is a lot more responsive in the water, in terms of agility and speed. You don't lose any stability for it either. I was skeptical about the rigidness of the seats, but have found them to be rather comfortable. The two dry compartments are helpful though you will need some method of securing whatever you put in there so that it does not roll, or slide away. I have used the kayak with my family, in fact, when just paddling close to shore, we've even had two adults (mid sized) and two small children (under 10)on it, comfortably. I would recommend this Kayak if you can find one.

As total neophytes, we set…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/9/2014
As total neophytes, we set out to find a stable tandem SOT kayak for our first. I weigh in at 270 pounds, and my' well we needed a kayak that could safely carry us and be easy to enter and exit. We set off to our local outfitter intent on buying a different model. Once there, he wisely steered us toward the Pescador with it's better handling and a few more features (two 6" hatches, built in seat backs).

We took the boat out over Labor Day weekend, and it met all our expectations. Three different sets of total newbies were able to safely and successfully maneuver the kayak and enjoy a peaceful paddle. This kayak presents excellent value for those interested in a safe and stable recreational tandem SOT.

Pescador 13.0 T

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