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The front storage bowl is…

Submitted by: paddler2367285 on 9/12/2022

The front storage bowl is worse that useless. They have a little sticker under the lid that says that the bowl will not be 100% watertight. That is understatement. If you get any water on the deck the storage bowl will become completely filled with water due to the poor design. I wish they had just left it off, that way I could shove my tackle box further up the bow to get it out of the way.


This is our 4th season with…

Submitted by: HoneyBrewSpirit on 8/24/2018

This is our 4th season with our 'yaks and we couldn't be more pleased. We went a little "cheap" because we weren't sure how much time we really would have available to use them. We chose the Pelicans as they were middle of the road in cost, seemed like a quality product and looked fabulous. Now, we plan weekends and vacations around where we can put them in the water. Even more fun...last weekend we entered a kayak race with them and I won not only the women's division, but also overall (yeah-I beat the guys, too)! These 'yaks are so easy to maneuver and paddle, that 4+ mile course flew by in just over an hour.


Good inexpensive and…

Submitted by: paddler443107 on 6/19/2018

Good inexpensive and lightweight sit inside single person kayak, easy to use. Easy to carry for a single adult male. Has a place for your phone or water-proof camera, a storage compartment and a storage net. We have two and have used them quite a few times since we bought them last year. Looking forward to many more paddling trips to come with these kayaks.


Awesome Kayak, Great Time

Submitted by: Conner on 1/17/2017

Over the summer last year my family and I took a trip to Kauai, and we kayaked down a river leading us to a water fall. It was beautiful, and at that second I was convinced kayaking was something I wanted to do. The kayaks we rented were great for calm rivers and easy floats, but I wanted something a little more. Once I got home from our trip I began studying what type of kayak would fit my needs. White Water kayaks do not provide much storage, open top kayaks do not provide stability for rapids, so that left the recreation kayak. After looking at different brands and features I bought a Pelican, Maverick 100x. It has done an amazing job no matter what river I’ve decided to float.

Price is a big concern for people when they think about getting into kayaking. Especially when most people who kayak only try to go in the summer. This kayak was $350 at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Before I went and got it I looked around on the internet, and they were all around the same price. That may sound expensive to some, but I don't regret it one bit! The joy I’ve got out of it is beyond worth it.

Being an Oregon native I’m lucky enough to have many launch points around me. I’ve done calm waters and up to class four rapids, and I'm shocked with how well my kayak has taken it. You can count the scratches on your right hand only. I’ve bounced it of a few rocks, heard it scrape across gravel in low waters, and dragged it up to my pick-up on the boat launch. It’s hard to believe that it’s only plastic.

On-Boat Storage:
It offers more storage then a White Water kayak, but less then an open top kayak. My kayak has two main storage points on it. A smaller one on the nose of the boat with a lid. I don't tend to use it though because water can get in there easily, and a large storage point with straps behind the cockpit. I use that one to hold down my dry bag mostly. I haven't lost anything of the back yet, so it does well. Also you can put whatever you feel comfortable having with you in the cockpit.

One thing I noticed on the reviews I looked at was people always talked about how uncomfortable they were after a long float. I don't know if Pelican had the worry of owner comfort in mind when they were designing, but thats one thing I've never noticed in mine. Even after an eight hour float I felt no real pain. The seats are padded all the way down to my knees, and it has a backrest that reaches the center of my back. I’d still pick my bed over the kayak, but in my option they did a great job designing the seat.

I didn't see a review that mentioned how well they could control their kayak. My friend I normally go with owns a white water kayak, and he can’t control where it goes most the time because it wants to flip. With three rows I’ve changed my whole direction and attack at a rapid. It is so handy especially when you see a rapid that makes you question why your out there. I believe that mostly comes from the design of the kayak. It’s ten feet long and meets to a point at the bottom. Unlike most white water and open top kayaks that are flat on the bottom.


Although I've kayaked before…

Submitted by: paddler237014 on 8/10/2016
Although I've kayaked before in multiple environments, this was my first kayak purchase and I love it. I spent the late Spring/early Summer on a SUP and decided to give a kayak a try. The features of this kayak are just enough to make it comfortable with plenty of room for storage without being "too much". First time out, I know I made a good choice. The Hulk (I named it this due to its green color) was stable, but handled like a champ. It's great for beginners and experienced kayakers. I've let friends who were scared of getting out on the water use it and they cruised around like pros. My next trip is planned to head down a river w/ my camping gear and spend an overnight on an island. I can't wait to take The Hulk along for the ride. I highly recommend it!

Purchasing my Pelican…

Submitted by: paddler236958 on 7/18/2016
Purchasing my Pelican Maverick 100x was the best thing ever. I hadn't really been kayaking before (maybe one or two times) but even for the new/rookies pelican makes it extremely easy and enjoyable. We went to a kayak rental before and they were big, block kayaks that wobbled very easy but the maverick 100x cuts through medium sized waves without you noticing. It doesn't tip or teeter, in fact, you have to try to make it do so. Despite it's stability, it is extremely easy to control and will go very fast if you paddle a decent amount. There are AMAZING adjustable foot pegs for optimal comfort, and heavenly leg guards on each side of the cockpit. The semi-dry hatch actually did an amazing job keeping my waters cool as well. In addition to everything else, it is extremely lightweight and easy to handle by yourself and even easier with two people. Don't let the lightness trick you though, they use impeccably great plastic- rugged and thick and will not damage easily. So save yourself the time and directly buy the Pelican Maverick 100x.

This is my first kayak ever.…

Submitted by: paddler236538 on 9/25/2015
This is my first kayak ever. I purchased it quite late in the season in store at dicks sporting goods. I was considering this and the trophy 126. I ultimately chose the maverick because of the big deck for storage in the back. The kayak is absolutely stable in all waters I've brought it in ranging from flat calm to moderately intense chop. I've used it 9 times. I'm from CT and have brought it to Candlewood lake, highland lake, burr pond, stillwater pond, Colebrook river lake, and the CT river and not once have I ever felt unsafe. This kayak can handle chop extremely well. My only complaint is because the bottom is so flat it has trouble tracking straight and if I stop paddling the kayak will want to veer to the left or right for no reason at all. It's a small price to pay for the stability and it's definitely helping me get experience and build confidence on the water. It's a perfect beginner kayak.

I used to Kayak years ago.…

Submitted by: kk1 on 9/12/2015
I used to Kayak years ago. Bought the Pelican Maverick 10 in the spring. I couldn't be happier with it. I use it all the time and it is the perfect kayak. light weight, sturdy, functional. plenty of deck room to strap on a tent, sleeping bag, backpack. I added some rod holder to it and it's perfect for fishing. My wife tried it when I got it and a week later she had one. highly recommend this one

My husband & I decided to…

Submitted by: bahs10 on 9/4/2015
My husband & I decided to take up kayaking this summer, and Dick's had a great sale which sealed the deal. Now, with these lightweight kayaks, we can decide on a whim to go on the water. Like the waterproof space for cell & wallet, the bungees to hold the few other things while kayaking a lake or the river. I feel safe, and so far on 4 outings, no spills or rolls. We are quite happy with our purchase - and they look good too.

Just a beginner and like the…

Submitted by: bhc_1010 on 9/4/2015
Just a beginner and like the stability & tracking of this kayak; the price was good on sale @ Dicks. Light weight and easy enough to load and unload either with or w/o the wife. Enjoyed lakes in PA and the river in WV - so now we have another outdoor adventure to enjoy with each other w/o a lot of hassle. Great beginner kayak with plenty of room for the few things we want on a short kayak trip

Love, love this Kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler236299 on 6/29/2015
Love, love this Kayak. Handles well in any water. Comfortable seat and the knee pad bumpers are great protection for your knees. I bought the LTD which has a water tight hull in front. So far nothing has gotten wet. Got this on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for a great sale price. I would recommend a fiberglass paddle over the aluminum though. It's not to heavy for me(female) and just love it.
Happy kayaking!!!

I never expected this to…

Submitted by: fuzzysoul on 9/9/2014
I never expected this to write this about a Dick's kayak, but the Maverick just might be the perfect personal party boat. Stable, tracks well enough, good price, yadda, yadda, yadda...
OK, the important stuff: She's light; she can stow your wallet and keys; and she has a special deck mount for the smartphone. Throw your LIFOAM cooler on the back, wander down the creek and catch some rays while cranking some Pitbull. Good times.

This kayak seat bottom was…

Submitted by: paddler235957 on 9/7/2014
This kayak seat bottom was comfortable, however the back despite the strap seat still should have a more smooth ridge line. The foot rest were easy to move. the stability was great. Like the cargo space with the net on top, however I did have a lot of water in this area when I was paddling in lake water that had waves that were not quite white caps. The water was over the small water tight storage area located in this gear storage area. It would be nice if it came with a cover for that area should you not have gear. giving low risk to the items in that storage area with water proof cover for smaller items . Love the knee pads on each side.

This kayak was very easy to control. Though only 10 feet long tracking was great. I would recommend this product. I love the cell phone placement with bunji.


Great little kayak, sits a…

Submitted by: anneemarie on 9/5/2014
Great little kayak, sits a tad low in the water, super easy to paddle and maneuver. Has a nice little dry storage compartment that would hold keys cell phone wallet, etc. On the cockpit it has a place where you can "bungee" your cell phone or iPod or similar device. Open storage on the stern where you can strap down a dry pack or small cooler for day tripping. Good price on sale.

I love this kayak. It was the…

Submitted by: paddler235938 on 9/5/2014
I love this kayak. It was the perfect entry level kayak for a beginner. The backrest is comfortable and still enough room for my son to sit in front of me in the single cockpit. The price was great. The river I was paddling in was 1 foot deep in many parts and it was able to float on top and get through pretty easily.

Love this kayak and recommend to others. As I get more experience I will upgrade to a thicker plastic model since I hit a lot of logs and rocks. But, as a beginner, this kayak rocks and my son loves it.


My wife and I bought one each…

Submitted by: paddler235648 on 7/2/2014
My wife and I bought one each and are new to kayaking. We've really enjoyed them and they handle much better than the kayaks we were renting. I would recommend this to my friends!

New to kayaking and wanted a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/10/2014
New to kayaking and wanted a good beginner boat that would be comfortable but yet inexpensive. I researched and sat in many boats. The Maverick 100x is the Dick's Sporting Goods model of the Intrepid 100x. The seat is very comfortable for a boat costing less than $300 (paid $299 during their sale). I tried the Future Beach Fusion 124 but the seat was uncomfortable and there is no 'true' dry hatch.

The only issue I see with the Maverick is the small 4" dry hatch, but that is easily remedied with a couple dry bags clipped into the seat straps. I loved the Lime Green and white boat, but also comes in 3 other colors. I see that the Intrepid only comes in sky blue and white.

If you're looking into an entry level boat, check it out. It's not fast but is a great little boat to relax and take in Mother Nature. Spend more on a good fiberglass paddle though!