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PakCanoe 170 Description

PakCanoe 170 is the wilderness work horse. It will carry enough gear for a full scale expedition and is the best alternative in shallow water situations.

PakCanoe 170 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Folding
  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Inflatable sponsons are placed in the sides between skin and the aluminum frame.
  • 1/4" of closed cell foam on the inside of a very tough coated fabric.
  • Aluminum parts are anodized to improve corrosion resistance and appearance

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PakCanoe 170 Reviews

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Be wary of buying a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/30/2020

Be wary of buying a Pakcanoe. I had two C-clips and a locking ring snap two summers ago on a cold day (about 0 Celsius). Apparently the snaps and clips may snap when the temperature reaches 0 Celsius. Have been in contact with Pakcanoe but have not been able to get replacement parts despite many efforts and willingness to pay. Not sure why not. Cancelled a trip last year and this year I will try to go on a trip by using tie wraps and hose clamps. Otherwise a great boat.


Much has been written about…

Submitted by: PaddleDaddy on 5/2/2018

Much has been written about this canoes chops as an expedition hero. However, as a father of a young family, living in Europe, where we have very good public transport, I came to the 170 from a very different angle. I wanted something to haul my large family of under 10’s for day trips or overnight canoe camping trips. I wanted to get out of the city quickly and easily using public transport and I wanted to take my wife the kids and all the paraphernalia no one would carry themselves on a hike. I wanted the thrill of being on the water, but I wanted something stable and safe. (Please see my other review for the 165 which I use in a slightly different manner). The 170 excels. It deploys the same massive haulage capacity that made it’s name on first descents in the arctic, to carry up to five kids and two adults and their camping gear. And why not? It is an adventure in a bag.


I borrowed a friends…

Submitted by: paddler237092 on 9/6/2016
I borrowed a friends PakCanoe170 for the first time for a weeks camping trip in the Algonquin lakes and river. The wider body is very stable compare to my canoe sitting in my backyard, blending nicely in with the garden plants. Fully assembled, I can lift the PakCanoe with one arm. I had never felt stronger with this oversized canoe. I love it.

On the water, I felt more confident. I didn't had to use stabilizers to balance, thus allowing me to maneuver the rivers with ease.
I look forward to getting my own someday..


I can't say enough about my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2011
I can't say enough about my PakCanoe. You should have seen all the people looking at me when I set up the canoe at the boat landing! It took me over an hour to set it up my first time, but now I can set it up in about 20 minutes. Whoever invented this canoe is a genius!!

Bev and I just finished our…

Submitted by: paddler233290 on 8/7/2009
Bev and I just finished our 67 day, 1900 mile trip down the Yukon River in our 11(?) year old 17 ft Pack canoe. The boat performed well, but a bit slow towards the end of the river where the current slows significantly.
We still love our boat

After contemplating many…

Submitted by: grakenverb on 2/23/2009
After contemplating many different canoes, I decided on the PakCanoe 170 and have been very happy with it. So far I have taken it on several day trips, 2 weekend trips and a week long expedition in Maine. The canoe can easily haul 2 adults and several weeks worth of gear and supplies.

I had been using a friends kevlar canoe, and the PakCanoe is considerably slower, but seems much more stable in rough water. I purchased the heavy-duty spray cover and was able to easily head out in conditions that would have left me sitting on the shoreline waiting for the swells to subside if using the kevlar. It is well constructed, after being dragged on the rocks for a distance in low water it showed absolutely no damage.

I did have some issues with the seats popping loose, but that was more to my "who needs the assembly instructions" mentality. Once I figured out the correct way to secure the seats and using some zip-ties, I have had no further issues. It usually takes about 20-30 minutes to assemble, and less than 15 minutes to pack it up. The canoe will easily fit in a car trunk or closet, and the bag is well constructed, though it doesn't close unless you lace it with some of your own rope (like an old fashioned military duffle bag).

Be prepared for lots of questions whenever you are assembling or packing up, however. Something about the process seems to draw the curious like moths to a flame!


My wife and I have paddled…

Submitted by: paddler231340 on 2/4/2008
My wife and I have paddled our 10 year old 17 ft Pakcanoe on many Alaska rivers. The trips were all three to five weeks long, for a total of 5 or 6 thousand miles.
The boat is everything you would want in a wilderness canoe. It easily carries five weeks of food and gear. Is extremely dry (we do use a spray cover) as the bow floats over waves rather than through waves. Extremely maneuverable. We used to use an old Town Tripper and the pakcanoe handles as well as or better and is a much dryer boat.

The boat is light about 52 lbs. The boat slides over rocks much better than ABS and does not abraid as much. The skin is easy to patch, we have developed pin hole leaks in the bottom from sharp rocks especially when we had to drag the boat down the Anniuk river for 60 KM because of low water conditions. But the boat is so easy to patch it is no big deal.

We have had to replace one rib, but we did not even know that it was broken until the end of the trip when we took the boat apart to mail home.

On all our trips we have mailed our boat to the float plane base/or outfitter, and at the end of the trip we mailed it back home. The boat fits inside the plane rather than on the floats. This has saved us thousands of dollars in float plane fees, excess baggage charges and rental fees.

I can't say enough about the boat!


I paddled a Pakboat on the…

Submitted by: paddler232397 on 11/30/2007
I paddled a Pakboat on the Bloodvein River earlier this year and I loved it.
Despite initial reservations, I soon felt at home in the boat. It held a lot of baggage as well as two people, tracked well and maintained a good speed with little effort. Initial and secondary stability are good with little wobble or flexing being noticed fully laden or empty. On moving water it proved to be a stable, predictable and nimble craft that stayed dry even when one of our group made a complete cockup on one of the rapids!

The robust rubber lining on the underside coped well with a lot of abrasion even though we could feel everything through our knees! The alloy frame was a little difficult to build and the clips were reinforced with cable ties during the trip.
Overall I would recommend these boats to anyone.


Aside the time it first took…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/23/2007
Aside the time it first took me to put the canoe together, I find the PB 170 a delight to paddle on lakes. I lost the canoe when I dumped in the river two weeks ago. The canoe not only survived 7 days on its own, but it was fully intact without any damage. It is a tough boat that may take some getting used to because of the soft bottom. That said, I highly recommend the PB 170 for its speed, tracking and variable rocker.

My wife and I have used our…

Submitted by: paddler231340 on 10/4/2005
My wife and I have used our 17 foot Pakboat on nine, month long expeditions in Alaska, Yukon and NWT. The boat is amazingly dry, stable and maneuverable and very light (50 lbs.) We like the boat better than our 17 foot Old Town Tripper that we used for our other 16 expeditions.

The boat can easily carry five or six weeks of gear and food.

The skin is easy and quick to patch. The only damage to the skin during the nine years, are pin hole size holes/abrasions due to dragging the boat through shallow rapids that had very sharp rocks. The skin does not tear.

The best thing about to boat is that it can be mailed to the float plane base, or can be carried on commercial planes as excess baggage.


If you have a need for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/27/2004
If you have a need for a folding canoe, look no further than PakCanoes. I've owned many folding kayaks (mostly Feathercrafts) and the PakCanoe fills the same niche (expedition boat that collapses and can be checked as luggage). The PakCanoe 170 is a 17' expedition folding canoe, weighs 53 lbs and has a >900 lb capacity and takes 20-30 minutes to assemble. The PakCanoe 170 packs into one large duffle bag that can be checked as airline luggage (often without overweight charges).

It's a nice driving and security benefit to put your boat in the trunk instead of on the roof rack. The frame uses shock-corded thick aluminum poles for the longitudinal pieces, with aluminum U shaped cross pieces and thwarts. The skin is a tough PVC fabric for the hull bonded to a closed cell foam for the canoe floor. Inflatable sponsons are used to tension the skin and provide increased buoyancy.

The PakCanoe handles very well and it flexes in whitwater which actually creates a drier ride since you're going over the waves instead of slicing through. We have plenty of room and feel secure enough to take our 12 month old daughter on a number of 3-5 day trips. PakBoats is located in New Hampshire and they're very helpful, I think they even offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We love this boat!!!