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Bought a Stillwater 14 used…

Submitted by: paddler808642 on 6/29/2020
Bought a Stillwater 14 used in excellent condition. Using it in Colorado reservoirs. When we have two people in it, it does not seem to track well. Fish tails rather than tracking straight. Thinks Ng of selling it for something that tracks better.

I used this canoe to paddle…

Submitted by: mtelesha on 6/14/2020
I used this canoe to paddle the Raquette River in the Adirondacks with my wife. We started on Blue Mountain Lake and ended 6 days and 80 miles later in Tupper Lake. We had 5 carries that totaled about 7 miles in length. It was the trip of a lifetime and that old canoe as heavy and slow it is got us all the way through. That was 15 years ago and it is proudly still with us. I keep saying I am going to get a Kevlar canoe and my wife wants a kayak but this canoe will never leave my possession just due to the memories.

I bought my Stillwater in the…

Submitted by: paddler236852 on 8/5/2016
I bought my Stillwater in the late 1980's when it was produced by White. The dealer told me that White was associated with Old Town. I agree with all who have written about its stability and its light weight. Ours is still going strong. Fiberglass does scratch but for 30 years of family canoeing it looks pretty darned good. We've changed the cane seat inserts for the webbing and replaced the midships thwart/yoke once. The handles need replacing and that's it.

For those who comment on its width making for difficult paddling, switch to double bladed canoe paddles. When the wind comes up on a big lake you'll get home a lot quicker than with a regular paddle. They come in 2 pieces and can be paddled with the blades in the same plane or offset. Couldn't live without them. You might want drip rings. We do carry regular paddles for poking around in coves and such.


I've owned this boat for 20…

Submitted by: paddler236162 on 3/24/2015
I've owned this boat for 20 years now. been everywhere, done everything in it and it has never failed me. I did fall out of it once while standing up shooting carp with my bow but that's pushing the limits. You can't buy a better canoe for open water, wind, big lakes, fishing or just exploring with a friend. I even outfitted it with oars and oarlocks to get moving faster and get more exercise. Best boat Old Towne ever made, IMHO.

This is the most stable canoe…

Submitted by: 27oob on 8/22/2014
This is the most stable canoe I have ever been in. The fiberglass body is very light and I can pick it up and place it on the roof of our CRV by myself. It maneuvers easily, handles large waves very well, and just glides through smooth water. I can fish from it, enjoy a picnic lunch, stop at a beach for a swim and not worry about exiting or entering. We used ours in WI from many years and now enjoy it on Cape Cod. This is a well balanced canoe with plenty of room for two people to enjoy a full day on the water.

I bought my Stillwater 14 in…

Submitted by: paddler234313 on 10/3/2011
I bought my Stillwater 14 in about 1999 as a fishing craft to be used on a large lake by my home in Minnesota. It is extremely stable, even with my 90 pound Labrador on board, and under windy conditions; yet small enough for me to carry on my own. (I turn the craft around and sit backwards facing on the front seat when it gets rough). I've taken it into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness five times, and although fiberglass boats are rare on the trail, I've never had any problems. You do need to treat these boats with respect, or risk punching through the hull. Not a speedy craft, but the stability makes up for it. The wicker seats rotted out after about seven years. I am replacing the original material with nylon strapping. The hull gets marked up as soon as you start using it, and you will quickly let go of appearances. Overall, I have been very pleased with the product.

Bought my version in 1986…

Submitted by: paddler234091 on 6/30/2011
Bought my version in 1986 when it was produced by White and it is still in use today - 2011. It is extremely stable and tracks well. My brother and I use it to fish on flat lakes and slight whitewater on the Youghiogeny River in PA. Equipped with trolling motor. Lots of rocks in the Yough River so scratches are inevitable. Who cares what it look like? I've punched holes in it and and scraped the keel almost through the hull but it repairs easily with standard fiberglass.

Don't know if the Old Town version is as good as mine but mine is a warhorse. Stable enough to stand when fishing on a lake or slow moving water. Added seat backs and replaced both cane seats once but it has been worth every penny.


I bought a used Stillwater 14…

Submitted by: paddler233166 on 6/10/2009
I bought a used Stillwater 14 for a recent trip with my 12 year old daughter to 6 Georgia State Parks as part of their Paddle Club Program. My criteria for the canoe was stability and light weight to load and unload from a small SUV. This canoe hit on all marks and was perfect for the task. It is not speedy, but I found it was easy to maneuver in tight situations. It never felt tippy, and tracked reasonably well in high wind, strong tide paddle. Excellent canoe and well made for it's mission.

This is a very stable boat. I…

Submitted by: paddler232646 on 6/11/2008
This is a very stable boat. I went to paddle test a few canoes before making a decision. I test paddled the Camper 15, the Charles River and the Stillwater 14. In my mind, and the minds of the kids I had with me (ages 14+15), the Stillwater was comfortable and had a much better feeling of stability. I have used it mostly on lakes both with 1,2, or 3 people in the boat and it has been a joy. Not the fastest thing on the water but who's rushing in a canoe anyway.

It does scratch like other reviews have said, but not as bad as I had anticipated. I almost didn't buy it because of all the reviews stating how bad it scratched but I'll tell you I am glad I did. I am going river riding in a few weeks and I'll update to let you know how it handled water other then lakes. Good Luck!


This is my first canoe and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/30/2006
This is my first canoe and and I am extremely happy with the choice. I bought this canoe in August and use it exclusely for fishing. I use this canoe solo and weigth was important. I am able to get it on top of my suv by myself with little trouble. I have gotten better at this as time has gone on. I have a trolloing motor and anchor. With this weight and my 190 lbs I have no problem but do sit backwards. The scatching is true as all have said. I feel very safe and have been on lakes where many power boats have zipped by.

First canoe purchase. Love…

Submitted by: paddler231774 on 9/1/2006
First canoe purchase. Love the light weight. Is incredibly stable even for a clumsy person like myself. I have been nothing but delighted in this canoe. I will admit that tracking is a little tough in the wind. It does scratch easily but that should be expected as that is the norm with all fiberglass canoes. The beauty it has gotten me into far outweighs the marks it has received. I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a lightweight canoe for lake paddling or slow river work. Great purchase!

A very stable canoe. Entry…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/14/2004
A very stable canoe. Entry line is clean and sharp. The hull is stiff and does not oil-can. It is perfect for lake paddling and fishing. The weight of the canoe is light enough for one person to handle comfortably. It is just a pleasure to paddle it. A nice boat for its price.

Purchased it 6 years ago when…

Submitted by: paddler230752 on 8/20/2004
Purchased it 6 years ago when I left the mountain streams and moved to the coastal plain of Virginia (i.e., stillwater). Very stable for fly fishing and the full-length keel helps with tracking. I grew up with heavy Indian brand fiberglass canoes, but this one weighs only 54 pounds, so I can load and portage it myself. Added an anchor outrigger and trolling motor this year for fishing - it almost tries to plane when the motor is in high speed! Canoe is flat and wide, so it has a shallow draw and glides nicely through deadfall in cypress/tupelo swamps. Only down side is the thin gelcoat finish, which will scratch if you stare at it long enough :)

I have owned this boat for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/8/2004
I have owned this boat for a year now and I love it. It is a good compliment to the two glass kayaks I own., My only comment would be that it had some construction problems that needed to be corrected in the seats-this I did with a hand full of washers--good as new. very stable boat and a good fishing platform. I would recommend the boat to anyone.

For the most part, this boat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2001
For the most part, this boat has everything a family needs. Excellent stability, light weight and relatively easy to paddle. It is a great boat and it has a lot to offer for the price. However, my one detraction is not a problem with the boat but rather its material. Fiberglass scratches easily and soon after you get this shiny new beauty, it starts to look hammered. I am a bit frustrated that after two trips and having a bunch of scratches. My next boat will be Kevlar.

I own a 14'Stillwater,…

Submitted by: paddler228346 on 10/30/1999
I own a 14'Stillwater, fiberglass. I am 69 and need the stability it offers. I fish big lakes here in Maine as well as duck hunt on sometimes choppy kennebec & Sasanona rivers. Haven't swamped yet!

A good canoe of crosslink…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/25/1999
A good canoe of crosslink construction, it held up well to rough landings and other minor abuse. Easy to paddle but a little wide for comfortable paddling. Tracks well except in wind. VERY GOOD initial stability, great for fishing. I can stand up in it (with care) and cast a fishing rod, and I'm 6'1, 225 llbs. Good investment for the money spent, good canoe if used as designed.