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This was my wife and I first…

Submitted by: paddler820857 on 7/29/2020
This was my wife and I first kayak. She loved it being only 5foot 2 inches tall !!! Myself lm six feet tall . Not lying it was very tight fit for me . So in my opinion it’s more suitable for a smaller person. She could paddle easily and being out of shape had no problems moving out . It padded fine for myself I even took it done some class 111 rapids did great !!! Just couldn’t get past feeling to confined. Both of us felt it had good stability easy of padding and comfortable. But we just ended up selling the rush and awaiting a tandem kayak. And for myself cause I like doing more challenging adventures scouring Craig’s list etc. looking for a used white water cross over . Overall we liked the rush and would recommend it to someone who is small in Stature .

This is one great little…

Submitted by: paddler235900 on 9/2/2014
This is one great little kayak especially for beginners! Lightweight, well equipped with adjustable foot pegs and plenty of deck rigging, comfortable seat, extremely stable. I paddle in tidal waters and notice that it doesn't track as well as I would prefer. I also notice that when I pick up my paddling tempo I begin to plow water much like a canoe. Both those can lead to fatigue on a long trip, but for the most part with the poking around that I do it doesn't prevent me from having a great day. I do wish there was some padding on the cockpit rim for my knees. Probably the biggest annoyance for me is that I keep banging the lash hook for the paddle shock cord with my right hand, and I will probably replace it with something else or just remove it and plug up the holes. One day I will undoubtedly upgrade to something a little more high performance, but those few quibbles aside, I am very happy with my choice of a RUSH. I heartily agree with other reviewers that if you are looking for a small, inexpensive kayak this is a great choice!

The Rush served as My First…

Submitted by: fuzzysoul on 9/1/2014
The Rush served as My First Boat. As such, it will always have a warm place in my heart. However, I can't let that fact cloud my honest opinion: The Rush is not a great boat.

I am not entirely sure what the Rush is. My best description is that it's some kind of recreational boat masquerading as a whitewater ... thing. It's tempting to call it a beginner whitewater boat, but its bow isn't suited for running rocks, and its pancake flat bottom isn't good for quick maneuverability. It's pretty good on anything with a surface as flat as a swimming pool, until you try to get any speed. Then it just submarines and divests all your energy into creating a spectacular wake.

Caveat: I'm a big guy. This boat probably rides lower with me than it was intended.
Still, she's not even a very good at being a weekend bikini 'n' beer barge. The cockpit is close, restricting leg movement. No utility deck (unless you add the little half skirt thing). No storage. She's a tank, though. Dense, thick, heavy. Turn the kids loose with her. No worries.
Comfy seat.


Have had my RUSH now for 2…

Submitted by: paddler234171 on 7/27/2011
Have had my RUSH now for 2 1/2 years. I fish larger lakes with it as well as smaller impound waters. I also have had it out on Lake of the Woods at Warroad MN during a rather windy day and whitecaps that made me 'disappear' from the shoreline. Very stable boat. Handles well on secondary stability - learning curve for me on the initial stability.

I am planning on attempting the "MR340" this year in my RUSH - that is the worlds longest non-stop river race ... 340 miles from Kansas City Kansas to St. Charles MO. It'll be a RUSH!


My wife and I went out last…

Submitted by: paddler234078 on 6/27/2011
My wife and I went out last weekend and bought a pair of Old Town RUSH kayaks at Bass Pro. We had been looking for a few weeks and were planning on buying a tandem because financially and cargo wise it made more sense. That was until we saw the price of the Rush (just under $250ea.) So purchased a pair, just because.

I'm 6' 210lbs getting in made me a little shaky at first (I haven't been in a kayak in 25 years). Once in, I found the seat to be very comfortable with plenty of back support. Trying to reach in and adjust the foot rests was nerve racking until I realized I could press and adjust the slide with my foot. Although I liked the 1/2 spray skirt (especially the built in Beer holder :-) ) It made me feel claustrophobic so I removed it and stuck it behind the seat. We paddled a small lake next to our house for about 4 hours.

The Rush tracks perfectly straight, is simple to maneuver and light enough to paddle all day I do feel like it plows through the water and the bow dips easily when paddling hard/fast. I don't feel as if it sits low in the water (i.e. too small for me)just that the bow sits lower than the stern. Wife says it doesn't appear that way so it may just be me. We'll see if this presents a problem on the Cape next week and in currents.

There is PLENTY of room to store gear behind the seat so I may pack all the gear next trip to see if this raises the bow some. The weight of this kayak makes it a breeze putting on and taking it off of the SUV. My wife is 5'4" and considerably lighter than I and didn't have a single complaint about the kayak, only compliments.

Overall if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get into Kayaking I would recommend the RUSH to start with.
Now I just have to figure out how to get 4 Kayaks on top of the SUV...


My first kayak was an Old…

Submitted by: paddler234073 on 6/21/2011
My first kayak was an Old Town Rush. As an inexperienced yaker it was perfect. The one oversight is it lacks a drain hole (I know you can install one). I found the seat to be comfortable, leg room not an issue (5'3" 130lbs) My stature did make tracking less than straight, the boat is a little wide which is part of the reason I have sold it. However; it was a great for a timid beginner turned addict, would recommend the boat.

I purchased this kayak about…

Submitted by: paddler233598 on 5/21/2010
I purchased this kayak about two months ago not knowing the first thing about kayaking. It was very fortunate I picked this one because it does all I want it to. I cruise on the river easily and with no problem. I went down a class three rapid with my older son (who is also learning to kayak) and had a ball. I flipped about 4 or 5 times but by the end was starting to get the hang of it and anticipating the next time. Lost my half skirt on the trip which I hated but have ordered a full skirt as I intend to hit the rapids again. I am currently learning how to roll. My son was questionable as to whether or not this kayak could be rolled but after reading a few of these reviews I am confident that it will with practice.

The Rush was my 2nd kayak. I…

Submitted by: paddler233550 on 4/21/2010
The Rush was my 2nd kayak. I have always been partial to Old Towns since I grew up in Maine and that's really the only thing you can buy up there. Anyways, I'm 6'1, 190lbs. I seem to sit really low and plow a lot of water compared to other kayaks I have ridden. It wasn't a huge deal to me until I took it in the Intracoastal waterway in NC and had to paddle against current. Where a longer kayak has more surface area on the bottom to disperse wait and travel more across the top of the water, the Rush's small size seemed to really hold me back. As for leg room, I have enough, but just enough. I can barely fit a tackle box between my legs, and any other leg position other than straight out is impossible due to the shape of the hull.

My purpose for this review is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2009
My purpose for this review is to reassure or enlighten anyone who may be discouraged from attempting to pack the Rush for multi-day excursions due to its size. Aside from being VERY comfortable paddling for 7 hours at a time (6'1", 180 lbs), this boat delivers, fully loaded with every necessity for your extended voyages.

I had packed: Hennessy Hammock ("tent hammock"), sleeping bag (down), extra clothes (3 complete changes), extra footwear, rain gear (top & bottom), spray skirt (stored), hack saw, 12 meals + snacks, 2 starter logs, can of bug juice, stove, pot, frying pan, bowl, cup, utensils, 2 cans of fuel, water filtration system & water bottle, first aid kit, 30' rope, duct tape, shower, lots of TP, knife, PFD, dry box (lighters, camera, ipod, cigs)... oh, and a case (24) of beer kept ice cold for two days with just 5lbs of ice. Only used the rear bungee for my PFD with everything else packed in the stern cavity, except the cooler which was COMFORTABLY nestled between my legs when I wasn't resting my feet on the deck. This was all packed for a 4 day solo excursion (first time doing anything like this). Only restocking was from a conveniently located bar midway for a fresh case and ice.

Do some planning and research, but it is very possible, with little hassle and room to spare, to get this Rush packed and ready to go... did I already say it still performs just as well under all this "pressure"? Happy voyaging!


I have paddled most of the…

Submitted by: paddler233042 on 3/16/2009
I have paddled most of the small Old Town kayaks, and really prefer the Rush. We got ours for scouting several islands to retrieve stray cattle (we currently run 4 Rushs, and 3 Otter XT), fell in love with the sport and have paddled some pretty difficult class III whitewater with them as well. We upgraded to the nylon sprayskirts which are not completely dry, but keeps most the moisture out, a sponge on the floor picks up the rest easily. and like the poster below we took off the paddle holder for the same reasons: they hurt when you really dig and stuff the rivot between your finger and the nail.

We are able to pack light and stay on the river for over night trips without a lot of discomfort, takes a little pre-planning and spreading the load between boats. My only complaint is the hull of the boat makes it almost impossible to surf a good wave, the V shape nose catches the upstream current and almost immediately puts you upside down. with a little practice and, given the nylon skirt doesn't pull off the lip of the cockpit, rolling the boat back up is not too difficult with some practice in a pool. We also have thought about glueing some foam in the knee spaces to give a little comfort when you have to grip the boat for balance.


This was my first kayak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/9/2009
This was my first kayak. Overall it is a good all around boat. I used it pretty often so I found myself wanting to upgrade within the year. It is not the fastest boat but very stable. The seat gets a little uncomfortable after about 3 hours but you can get a cushion to help. Overall this is a nice little boat for the price.

Bought the Rush kayak this…

Submitted by: paddler232800 on 8/5/2008
Bought the Rush kayak this past week and used it over the weekend at Indian Lake, Ohio. Absolutely loved it. For a beginner, I thought it was very easy to use and more stable than I had expected. Hoping to buy a second one soon.

Have owned my Rush for a few…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/16/2008
Have owned my Rush for a few months and it has done all that I wanted it to do. With a spray skirt it handles up to class 3 white water so far. I have friends with playboats, they are surprised that I am going down the same chutes they are. One of my friends has even rolled this boat in a pool so it can be done. Good boat for the price.

I bought my OtterSport at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/15/2008
I bought my OtterSport at Dick's sporting goods (Old Town says it's the Rush,just renamed for Dick's) about 2 months ago. The Rush kayak has been great on up to class 3 whitewater, but it does require at least a nylon spray skirt.

I have been paddling with my friends which have play boats, and have been able to go everywhere the went with no problem. I can't roll this boat but a friend can. I seen it! So for the money if you don't want to spend $600 on a play boat,but want to play where the playboats go then this boat will do it. I did do some small mods to my boat. I got rid of the bungees going thru the hull and added some plastic eyes to run the bungee thru. This keeps water from leaking thru the bungee holes and wetting my legs, silicone sealed the holes.


An amazing yak....handles…

Submitted by: paddler232665 on 6/19/2008
An amazing yak....handles well even in 3in of water...My only complaint is that the rear handle drags in the water and has a tendency to turn you.

I enjoy this yak every time I…

Submitted by: owlman53 on 6/5/2008
I enjoy this yak every time I use and abuse it! It handles excellent, except if you try to go down class 4, it fills with water and you lose the half skirt it comes with! I love this yak. I recommend it for value and you can't put a price on having fun!

I purchased this boat last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2008
I purchased this boat last year as a beginner kayak. The price was right, and the upgrades over the Otter (adjustable foot pegs, paddle holder, and deck rigging) were well worth the few extra bucks. And it came with a half-skirt w/drink holder.

This kayak is very stable. I paddle it on slow moving rivers and small lakes. It felt very stable from the first time I got in it. There is plenty of room to throw a dry bag (or two) behind the seat, strap a bag on the back, and put a small deck bag on the front. The seat is plenty comfortable for a couple of hours on the water, but you do get a little sore after being in it for 9 hours.

To sum it up, if you are looking for an inexpensive kayak with a few upgrades to get out on the water, you can't go wrong with this one!


The Old Town Rush is probably…

Submitted by: paddler232505 on 3/26/2008
The Old Town Rush is probably the most versatile kayak made today. It tracks great on the flatwater and can handle class 3 rapids with ease with the addition of a sprayskirt. I have had mine for 3 seasons now and really put it to the test. Many people with playboats can't believe that I can run the same rivers that they do in this boat.

The only alterations I have made is the addition of foam in the kneewells for more control and the removal of the paddle holder which is really painful when you hit it with your. Overall it's a great boat for a great price.


It looks like I'm writing the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/11/2007
It looks like I'm writing the 15th review for the Rush, and I feel a little redundant in doing so because there isn't a single rating under 8-of-10. My lover and I tried kayaking one time with sit-on-top kayaks, and we really enjoyed being out on the water. We immediately started shopping around, and ultimately decided against the sit-on-top style, and the Rush seemed like a good one (especially after we did some "homework" reading the reviews for many models here at

Our biggest concern was size because we live in a small apartment. From what we could tell, anything much shorter than the Rush was basically a whitewater kayak, and we were told that taking one of those on a lake would be like paddling a snowplow. Our only experience so far has been leisurely days on the lake (no rivers), and we've been pleased. So, we bought two Rush kayaks, and with all the related expenditures (tax/shipping, life jackets, paddles, and wall-hanging straps for storage) I think we spent a little over $1000 for a pair of kayaks - not bad at all if you're going to use them a lot.

As far as use goes, the seat is quite comfortable, but the leg room is probably insufficient for anyone much over 6' tall. I do manage to use the foot pegs if I'm trying to cover some ground(?) pretty quickly, but they make my legs a little uncomfortable after a while. Otherwise I just leave my legs stretched out inside the cockpit without using the pegs, which is good for comfort but less-good for fast paddling.

All in all, I doubt that you can get a 'yak that's this good all the way around, especially for the price. Tracking is good, speed is good, utility/storage is good, carry-ability is good (awkward-but-doable for single-person transportation), etc. The boat is pretty comfortable for fishing, but I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to paddle and have a line in the water at the same time. I do recommend that you go spend the $20 on a dry-bag though, because burritos just aren't as good after they've been in the lake.


I have had my Rush for 2…

Submitted by: bsbass2003 on 11/26/2007
I have had my Rush for 2 months and have paddled every weekend since getting it. It is AWESOME!! I could not be happier with the boat and such a great value. I have paddled lakes, creeks and rivers and have been extremely pleased. If you are thinking of getting into kayaking this is a very nice boat - I would highly recommend it for beginners.

This is a good kayak. It…

Submitted by: paddler232195 on 7/17/2007
This is a good kayak. It isn't the fastest in the world but for the money it IS the best choice. I put my small tackle box in the front bungies and my cooler on the back. My fishing pole goes on the paddle holder bungie. When I'm fishing the paddle lays across my lap. It is easy to carry and load by myself. It turns easy and accelerates easy but is unefficient at excessive speeds.It tracks pretty strait but if it was better you would give up stability from being narrower. The bottom is pretty flat so it will not scrape in 6" of water. It feels a little tippy but gets to a point where it stops. I get pretty plastered and haven't gone over yet, but close. Ha, ha. The seat is comfortable but impedes putting big stuff in back. I sat in all the boats and this was the most comfortable under $700. I am 6'2" and if I were any taller I wouldn't fit. One thing that bugs is that the handles drag in the water. Not a big deal, I'm just anal. The half cover is great, the front and rear are sunk in in so your stuff will sit there even if not bungied down. The color choices are limited. I got the green. I like it. My next will be more sleek and fast. This will probably be the wifes as she loves it too. My new fast one will probably flip when I'm drinking though. I can get a six pack down and stand up in the Rush so its pretty stable. The only time I went in was standing and paddling at the same time. Very good Kayak. I want a better paddle though as its aluminum and plastic. A little too heavy for long days. Throw a towel in the bottom a ring it out every few hours, no need for and expensive pump. Party on!!

I have been using the old…

Submitted by: paddler232050 on 5/29/2007
I have been using the old town rush for about 3 years now I have used other kayaks, but being up here in Alaska it's very nice to have the versatility to do it all with one kayak wether it's kayaking down rapids, touring around the lake, out in the ocean, to just river kayaking it's an amazing boat. It's very manuverable, flips back up with ease, and it turns on a dime. So I'll see ya on the water - I recomend the old town rush it rocks!!!

My first time in a kayak was…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/19/2007
My first time in a kayak was this boat. I think it was the perfect choice for a first kayak... it is stable and very forgiving to my poor paddling. I am 6-2 and a little under 200 pounds and I fill the thing up. If you are bigger than me get a bigger kayak. For little over 300 bucks it is a bargain... the seat is nice, it has adjustable foot pegs and fore and aft bungees. Dont plan to make any long trips in this but for a day of fishing and overnight camping. A rear hatch would have been nice since its hard to get gear behind the seat even though it folds down. But for a little over 300 dollars that is asking a bit much... I'll get on ebay and find a hatch for it and it should round out this little kayak nicely.

I got my rush about 6 months…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/27/2006
I got my rush about 6 months ago, at the beginning of the summer. Since then I have paddled on lakes, a river in a storm, and through class 1-4 whitewater. I love it. I am thinking about adding a playboat to my collection for serious whitewater fun, but for versatility, you cannot beat this boat. As long as you don't hit a stretch with less than a foot of water or whitewater that is too severe, this will take you from one end of the river to the other.

I got this boat in the spring…

Submitted by: paddler232497 on 11/18/2006
I got this boat in the spring and it has been great the whole way. I does everything! Ive taken it one the lake with 30mph wind gust and 4 foot waves. I take it on slow moving rivers and streams. I even took it on an 8 mile non stop class 3 and 4 whitewater. It did great but my friends had the same boats and they flipped alot , so u just have to have a little experience. t my friends also didnt have a spray skirt. I gave them mine and I didnt flip, but i did alot of pumping. If you have a skirt and a pump it can do whitewater and 8 ft waves but u better learn to swim cause I never tried rolling my rush but I always stayed in it, just know ur limits. Its a great boat for the money and the best all around recreation boat because it can do it all. I give it a 10 because no other recreation boat can do what this one can do considering its length.

Took it out today for the…

Submitted by: paddler231637 on 6/19/2006
Took it out today for the first time on spanaway lake in Wa. state. Great kayak, now my wife wants one. Im 6' tall, Would not advise for someone taller. With PFD I was maxed out. If your looking for a kayak get this one.

I have A new 2006…

Submitted by: paddler231553 on 5/9/2006
I have A new 2006 rush.Tracking was very very good. And I covered A lot of water in little time. With little effort. I cant wait to see how it does on 1 or 2 class river.

For me, the quality of a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/22/2005
For me, the quality of a kayak depends on how easy it is to use. If it is too much work to get the boat out, on my car and into the water, I may as well stay home and watch a kayaking video instead. My Rush is incredible. I have been out 10 times in the 5 weeks I've owned it. I am adding a bag hatch, a fitting which holds a sail or night light or fishing rod. I have also added a paddle leash, clips to hold the paddle when I'm taking a paddling break or taking pictures, a dry bag, two water bottles, etc. I even stencilled a name on the sides. Have I gone overboard here or what???

This is my first kayak, had…

Submitted by: Castman on 9/13/2005
This is my first kayak, had never even been in one before. I'd rate it excellent to learn in, very stable, tracks pretty well and very easy to transport due to size and weight.

Just own it for 2 months.…

Submitted by: paddler231193 on 7/11/2005
Just own it for 2 months. Rush is no fast kayak. But, in small (less than 2 miles long) lakes around Iowa, Rush is the best choice for a once-a-week user who just want to exercise/relax. The half skirt/working deck is very useful and also blocks some water from splashing in. Price is okay for a budget-tight person like me, about 100 bucks more than Otter. Weight is a bit over my ability but I still can do transportation solo. I believe I'll do it more easily after few more times. About stability, I tested it by placing a can of Coke atop the front deck (Rush is the only not-round deck kayak I've ever seen) and paddled it for an hour. The can didn't even shake (about 80% full). There is not doubt in its stability. Again, if you desire higher speed like 4mph or faster, Rush isn't the right choice. But anything else Rush is a good choice.

Have had the Rush out on the…

Submitted by: kayakpaul on 5/9/2005
Have had the Rush out on the lakes every day for a minimum of 45 minutes each day. I have a small car and it is very easy to lift up and place on the roof (I use the foam blocks and straps).

This boat is no greyhound but it moves well, tracking is a good two to three inches sway with each paddle but a lot of that might be my inexperience. This boat has a small cockpit compared to some and I got the half spray skirt and upgraded seat on sale (never felt a drop on my legs yet and I have been in some rough wind driven water). You feel very secure in this boat and as another reviewer mentioned, it might tilt a bit but it does not go over easily at all and believe me I have tried trying to learn how to roll.

Essentially this boat has replaced the gym as it accomplishes a very solid aerobic workout (use the foot pegs and brace etc) and it provides that wonderful peace of mind being out where no one can bother you (assuming you are smart enough to leave your cell phone in the car…or at least off).

Arrive home from work, and the boat is on the car within five minutes and within 15 minutes I am lowering the boat into the sleep in years and no need to kick the dog anymore. Great beginner or intermediary boat, highly recommended. Obvious difference in tracking (better), and accessories over the otter which is still a great beginner boat but about $100 less.


Just bought this as my first…

Submitted by: paddler231022 on 4/4/2005
Just bought this as my first kayak. I decided to go with the Rush over the Otter XT because of the lines, and the salesperson said it would be less stable than the Otter, but faster as well.

I found the stability to be very good. The kayak is not fast, but it is good enough. I found it was not too hard going against a 1-3 MPH current.

Overall, I think this is a better kayak than the Otter, certainly a better value since the difference was only $50 (got it on sale). I can learn the sport and keep this boat for graceful river cruises.


I saw this kayak and loved…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/23/2005
I saw this kayak and loved it. Its lines are awesome looking. I chose the green with black spots. Also comes in orange and black.

Its features are front and rear bungees, foot rests (adjustable), NICE padded seat (adjustable), paddle holder, semi-skirt with pockets, foam end flotation installed, and handles.

Its strait line tracking is ok. Handled great on rapids. Turns very fast. Tilts easy but won’t flip easily.