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Pack Angler Description

The Pack Angler is a canoe brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Read Pack Angler reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you!

Pack Angler Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Pack Angler.

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Pack Angler Reviews

Read reviews for the Pack Angler by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I purchased my Pac Angler in…

Submitted by: BOBR1 on 8/29/2016
I purchased my Pac Angler in 2009. This is a great fishing canoe ! After making several modifications, I contacted Old Town to suggest some design changes. Old Town never responded, but instead chose to discontinue this model, and replace it with the "Next", which is not a fishing canoe. The "Next" is a foot longer, 20 lb. heavier, and has no fishing accessories. Several fishing kayak owners have admired my canoe stating that they wish they had bought a Pac Angler,(with all its accessories & generous storage capability), instead of their heavy, cramped kayak. What's with Old town ? Don't they get it ?

The older I get the more work…

Submitted by: Taj on 9/18/2014
The older I get the more work it is to get my Loon 138 on the top of my truck. Most of my paddling is for fishing and exploring the shorelines of small bodies of water. I don't need a heavy kayak for that!

The Pack is ideal for what I use it for. It is light to carry and easy to paddle with a double blade. The low slung seat helps it feel very stable. It's not for long distances, but very easy to drag over beaver dams to fish the next pond. The Royalex lives up to its reputation. Sad that its on its way out. The little canoe does what it's designed to do quite well.


I've had my Pack Angler for…

Submitted by: davidmichael on 12/13/2012
I've had my Pack Angler for five years now. We haul it around on our 27 foot Class C motorhome during much of the year and then place it on our Honda CRV for the summer. It's a good, all-around, solid boat with the use of a single kayak paddle. We also have two 14.4 foot Necky Kayaks we use for rivers and lakes and Bays, but for fishing I prefer the Pack.

I recently purchased foot and thigh braces to make it more comfortable on longer day trips for fly fishing. It would be great if Old Town top added these braces as that's about the only thing it lacks. At age 76, I haul it around like I was 30 years old. One of these days we'll trade our kayaks in for a Kevlar Canoe but my wife loves that kayak. Went down the Green River to the Colorado last year and camped out 10 days on our own. It was a kick. Loving the West and the freedom of the Rving lifestyle!


I just got back from my Old…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2012
I just got back from my Old Town Pack Angler's maiden voyage... on Harpswell Sound, Orr's Island, Maine. Using a 240cm kayak paddle, the boat handled like a champ. Stability was good, too (leaning on a gunwale hardly dipped the side). Tracking was very good once under way. Not quiet as good as my Lincoln Chebeague 14.5-foot coaster kayak (34 lbs), but not far behind. I paddled out to a group of kayakers, and, after a brief visit, left them easily behind. (Maybe they were novice paddlers?)

The wx was overcast, 10-12 mph winds on the open water, with a slight chop and the occasional wake from a lobster boat. The Pack performed well within my paddling ability to handle these conditions.

Now the real reason I bought this boat: At 33 lbs, it's incredibly easy to get on and off the Yakima racks on my pop-up pickup camper. (I returned the Pack's stablemate, the Guide 119, to Dick's Sporting Goods because it's actual weight of 46.2 lbs was just too much loading and unloading; see my review.)

I just turned 65. My weight is 210 at 5' 8" (lost 2.5 inches in height already, sheesh!) I'm comfortable in canoes and kayaks. The We-no-nah Fusion, Vagabond, and Prism were on my radar, too, but I think the Pack is gonna do me nicely for paddling on the Maine coast and haulin' in big bass from a favorite North Carolina pond.

I'm not ruling out a bigger solo boat some day, but, honestly, I don't feel at all compelled to get one now after my Pack's maiden voyage in saltwater. I highly recommend this boat to anyone looking for a little "all-rounder" canoe for under $1,000.


On my recent buying of a Pack…

Submitted by: wasone51 on 6/12/2012
On my recent buying of a Pack Angler canoe had my wife wondering if I had lost my mind! I am over six two and lets say to proud to push myself away from a good meal. I was going to sink! I am more than happy this is the best canoe I have ever had. Granted you can't move around in it like a larger canoe it is Ideal for fishing. And if you stay on smaller lakes I would rate this canoe one of the best. I my never get in a full size boat again.

I'm really enjoying my new…

Submitted by: paddler234040 on 6/4/2011
I'm really enjoying my new Pack Angler so far. I purchased it for fishing and exploring small lakes, rivers, and creeks here in Kentucky. It has plenty of room for all of my gear, room to stretch and be comfortable, and is light enough for me transport/portage considerable distances. I just purchased a BB Slice 260cm paddle, and it really helped increase my speed on open water and when wind picks up. I know many prefer a traditional stroke with a canoe paddle, but the yak paddle can really extend your range which helps me a ton with fishing. The stability is ample for uses so far, and you simply need to get used to the canoe is a safe place (like any other, for that matter). Highly recommended!

I've had the Pack canoe…

Submitted by: paddler233353 on 9/8/2009
I've had the Pack canoe (Angler edition) for two years now as we travel with our motorhome around the USA. This is a sweet boat at only 33 pounds. It's on top of the motorhome on a special canoe/kayak rack custom made, and I just slide it down to the ground by a line with a carpet on top to protect the paint finish. Reverse it for placing back on the top. Very easy since it is so light to handle.

We have been in large and small lakes, streams and rivers, even ocean bays. Primarily I like it for flyfishing on small bodies of water or in streams/small rivers up to class two. I moved the fishing rod holder closer to the bow front away from my action/sweep of the kayak paddle. Note that with the kayak paddle I have no problem with tracking. Easy! I use about a 240 paddle because of the boat width.

I am now building new anchor holds for bow and stern using a small pyramid anchor for each, with wood mountings that extend beyond the canoe for easy use of the anchor lines. Last week I was fishing for trout in Central Oregon and my anchor line didn't reach bottom and when it did, wouldn't hold because of the wind. The anchor that comes with the boat for the Angler's edition is too light in my opinion. By time I finish modifications this will be one great canoe for fishing.

By the way, although this canoe does fairly well in wind, it is no match for a kayak which is much lower and better designed for speed. I do carry a Necky Manitou 14 kayak with us and a Cayuga 13 kayak for my wife. These are great in the wind and I do use them for fishing when the wind gets too bad. Mostly though the kayaks are for exploring which is limitless here in the Northwest. I love my Pack canoe as well as the Cayuga 13 kayak, both made by Old Town. This means I can paddle a variety of waters in different conditions.


Picked up the Field & Stream…

Submitted by: paddler232936 on 11/1/2008
Picked up the Field & Stream Kay-noe / Old Town Pack Angler at Dick's Sporting Goods. Caught it on sale for $349. Taken it out once or twice so far, and have not had any problems whatsoever. One real complaint....I like the idea of the seat with backrest, but I keep sliding off of it and I get cramps in my rear due to the material. This will be resolved by spring time.

To reiterate what everyone else has stated, the boat is difficult to track straight with single blade. It was no problem paddling as long as I could pry the double blade paddle away from my girlfriend on her kayak. But it didn't take her long before she threw the single blade back at me.

All in all, for the money it is a good boat if you want get in the water for low cost to paddle, fish, and haul plenty of gear for 1 or 2 people. Just don't expect to be intercepting any bassboats or anything.


I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: paddler232588 on 5/23/2008
I recently purchased the Angler edition of the Pack canoe. I love it!
Having had the Old Town Tripper for 30 years or more (which I think is the best canoe ever made), I grew weary of trying to portage this 80 pounder on long camping trips. Now at 72, I have a 27 foot motorhome and place the Pack on top without any problem because it is so light. I had a custom canoe/kayak rack made for the Lazy Daze motorhome to support a canoe and one or two kayaks.

I especially like this 12 foot wonderboat for its ability to do well in lakes, rivers, and small streams. I am looking forward to trying it out on our Oregon rivers up to Class II when I return next year from the East Coast.

I have a 240 Aqua-Bound cabon shaft paddle that works great. I am now looking for a cushion to soften the hard plastic seat on the angler edition. It gives a low center of gravity for excellent balance but it's hard on the backside after three or four hours in the water. I totally recommend this canoe!