10' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Loon 106 Description

Introducing the world's most advanced recreational kayak. 20 years ago Old Town canoe changed the way paddle sports thought about recreational kayaks with the Loon Series. Two years ago the team at Old Town set out to recreate the ultimate recreational kayak. The new Loon series features a completely redesigned hull that provides effortless glide and straight tracking.

Loon 106 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Active Comfort System 2.0 (ACS2) Seat
  • Removable Workdeck with USB
  • Thigh Pads - Match ACS2 Padding (Not Shown)
  • Support Track Foot Brace System
  • Click Seal hatch with bulkhead
  • Bow and stern deck bungees
  • Bow and stern carry handles
  • Paddle Clip (Not Shown)
  • Drain Plug (Not Shown)
  • Sharp keel line for performance

Where to Buy the Loon 106

Old Town Canoe and Kayak
Loon 106 Reviews

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My wife surprised me for my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/14/2020
My wife surprised me for my birthday with this Kayak. Needless to say I knew it was a good chunk of cash to pony up for something that's pure recreational. However, it is worth every since penny that was spent. During these odd times we are living in, this Kayak the Loon 106 is just amazing. They thought of everything. It even comes complete with a USB cord for a battery pack for those long trips. Which I seem to be doing more and more of thanks to this Kayak. It allows me to go further - faster. Which is ultimately whats wanted. Just means that you can explore more distance and see more things. All the while in extreme comfort between the foot holds, the knee pads, and the multi-adjusting seat. I really can't say enough about this, as it really is the best on the Market. It's funny but you actually feel elite when in this going by others. It's the same feeling that i could only imagine would be driving a Ferrari on a busy road full of Honda's. It's just that good.

Old Town knows what they are…

Submitted by: paddler852099 on 8/14/2020
Old Town knows what they are doing... I've been kayaking now for a few years. I guess i consider myself a pro, but on a normal everyday guy kinda level. I've had a few other kayaks, but this one is easily the best by far. Ok - so say your someone looking to get into kayaking and you want to spend a little extra to get a good one, knowing that you'll be doing this because you love the hobby. Well with that said you should also LOVE the kayak your going to buy as it literally IS the hobby. There are a ton of different brands to choose from. Sometimes you might be limited by what brand you can buy simply because of the store that your buying it from only carries certain brands. Well let me tell you that you need to find a dealer or a sporting good store that sells Old Town kayaks... This boat is by far the 'IT' kayak. From the multi-adjustable seat (while your sitting on it!) to the work deck with the built in USB. (Get a battery back up device and your phone will be charged the whole day so you can keep taking those cell phone pictures to your hearts content) The pads for your knees are a life saver. I'm 6'2 and some would say that this boat is to small for me. Well i have to HIGHLY disagree. with the adjustable foot pedals it makes it VERY comfortable to sit and paddle in for HOURS at a crack. When i go out, typically i go out for a minimum of 4 hours at a crack, so comfort is a must! the adjustable foot holds are really easy to adjust and i find myself adjusting them frequently, but that's mainly due to the fact that i also like to change posture when i'm out for that long of a time. The seat is the best in it's class and quite frankly one of the main reasons for buying this kayak. The on the go adjust ability of it is second to none. VERY easy to use and understand. Now one of my biggest beefs with what people write on kayak reviews is the weight... Listen... why are you looking at something like that when the majority of the time owning this the whole purpose of it is to be in the water... NOT on your shoulders. Unless you go on journeys that have tons of portage points, then don't let the weight get you. There are plenty of ways out there that you can get it on your car nicely and easily. The whole purpose of kayaking is to get out and enjoy the waterways that are near you or travel to ones that you can have access too. This kayak allows MAXIMUM freedom and sustainability while out on the water. the bungie straps are easily used in the front and back for carrying whatever you want. I've hauled out chairs to sandbars, coolers, etc... you name it. The rear hatch is very nice and water tight... I actually use mine as an anchor storage. which is actually VERY handy. I also have a wet-dry bag that i tow behind me that carries a skirt and a raincoat so i can be out in the rain and not worry. With all of that being said, It's an Old Town... I mean every time i used to go out and someone with an Old Town would pass by me, there was always a little bit of jealousy on my end... these guys know what they are doing.. And when you own this one (the red and black pictured is my fave) it makes you feel like your in a club. like an elite club.. you own the best out there.. pure and simple. and if you don't believe me, go get one and tell me that it doesn't feel AWESOME when someone goes by you in there kayak and they look at yours like "Damn... i should have got THAT one".... that i can guarantee is a feeling that you'll NEVER have when you own the Old Town Loon 106...

The following is, I believe,…

Submitted by: Getout5 on 7/25/2020
The following is, I believe, a fairly detailed review of the new Old Town Loon 106. Hopefully it will answer some questions for those who have them. So.....I decided to spoil myself with a new boat. I knew I wanted a boat in the 10 foot range, which is what I’ve mostly been paddling for the last several years. For comparison, I’ve been paddling a Perception Sunrise 10., which EMS used to carry. The Sunrise is an excellent boat in the mid-price range (around $500 retail but I scored them on sale). It is pretty comfortable and tracks pretty well in a variety of conditions, and was also pretty smooth to paddle. However, as I’m getting older and my back occasionally complains with longer paddles ((over 2 hours), I was looking for an upgrade. My priorities included a very comfortable seat and boat, that tracked well and was quiet in the water, that with any luck would carry me to the end of my paddling days, hopefully many moons from now. After doing some research and testing a few models at a local paddle shop, I decided to go with the Old Town Loon 106. I had paddled the old style Loon in Maine in large, open ponds in Baxter State Park quite a few times during multiple trips there over the past ten plus years, and enjoyed it a great deal. The new Loon is a beauty. It had the most comfortable seat of those I tried (far more comfortable in some cases), and was nice to paddle (as well as you can tell in a small pond for trying out boats). Since my new Loon came in a few weeks ago, I’ve been out in it over 11 hours in multiple locations in lakes and on creeks, from slow, calm water, to water with some chop and waves. It’s handled it all like a pro. The seat is incredibly comfortable and has lots of adjustments. Once you find a sweet spot for your back as I did, I don’t know that you’ll need to tweak it very often. I certainly haven’t so far. But the point is, if you’d like to, you can, and in a variety of ways, all while sitting in the seat. The boat is also very comfortable to be in in general. Foot braces are larger than my older boat, which feel great under foot. There is plenty of room for my long legs (I’m 6 feet tall) in a variety of leg positions. The boat cuts through the water very smoothly and quietly. It also tracks very well, better than any other boat in its size range that I’ve tried. I have not been out in strong winds yet. Once I am, I will update this review. I do notice the weight difference at 53 pounds, as my older boat is 42 pounds. It’s still easy enough for me to get up on the car rack myself. If you aren’t sure if it will be too heavy for you to do this, I would definitely recommend lifting it (or a boat within a pound of it either way) as if you were putting it up on your car, which I did after I demo’d it. At some point, as age keeps chasing me, I’ll have to alter how I get it on the rack, but that would be the same for a lighter boat, albeit a few years later perhaps. The boat came with a paddle clip, which I enjoy having more than I would have thought I would. The back hatch seals very well. It also come with a crazy cool console, with a dry storage space, water bottle holders, bike water bottle holder under the console, and even a phone charging cord built into it. It is easily removable, but I just keep it on as it helps shade more of my legs and is not even close to being in my way. Being sort of old school, I still carry my Nalgene bottle by my hip, and throw a small backpack behind the seat with my other items. That said, my favorite console feature thus far is the small bungee-type cord that is right at the front of the console. It holds my cell phone securely in place and is in easy reach for anything deemed worthy of a photo, and I slide one of the arms of my sunglasses behind it to keep them handy. Everything about this boat seems to scream, “Yo! Check me out!” in terms of its high quality strength and looks. I love it, and couldn’t recommend it more. Just make sure you can get it on/in your car :)

This is an awesome kayak.…

Submitted by: J_pa1006 on 7/13/2020
This is an awesome kayak. Glad nice and smooth over the water I've had it for a little over a month now and have had it in both rivers and lakes. Had it out on lake Huron a Michigan great lake and also a faster moving river the little manistee river. The kayak performed great in both. I love the cockpit work platform and the seat is excellent.

Love my loon 106, seat is the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/19/2020
Love my loon 106, seat is the so comfy. Plus it’s made in Maine. Great product, tracks great. Love the bottle holder. I have the black cherry and my spouse has the sunburst. Compartments stay dry, entire product is made of quality materials.

Purchased the Loon 106 since…

Submitted by: dorseydemaster on 7/25/2018

Purchased the Loon 106 since it was Made in America. Old Towns shipped to my house (affordable!) and it was easy to track its progress.

It comes with all the bells & whistles; (1) Safety first: it has a bulk head! (2) It's easy to sit in & get out of and the seat is easy to adjust and remarkably comfortable. (3) High quality thigh pads and footrests are also simple to adjust. (4) In addition to the rear seal hatch, it comes with an additional sealable workspace that snaps into the forward portion of the cockpit that I can stuffy my camera gear in and it includes a USB port! This workspace is removable if you don't want to use it. (5) Weighing in at 56 lbs, I have not attempted to to place it on the roof by myself yet.

I'm extremely happy with the Loon 106 and it will be with our family for a long time!


Best rec kayak I have ever…

Submitted by: paddler450013 on 7/5/2018

Best rec kayak I have ever been in. Stable and well made,the seat is the most comfortable I have ever sat in and I love the cockpit .I use it for both river and lake kayaking and I have been kayaking for twenty years.Well worth the price.


I recently purchase a Loon…

Submitted by: Angler7 on 8/2/2016
I recently purchase a Loon 106 for fishing. I got my first opportunity to use it this weekend in Charleston, SC. It was fantastic! I know I have no data to show that it helped me catch fish, but I know I couldn't have had the approaches I had which really improved my accessibility!!

It was comfortable and I was able to fish much longer than normal. I started fishing for flounder (I had never before). I fished a couple hrs but had no luck. I realized I must be doing something wrong but didn't know what. I decided to change my tactics and species! With this change and my new Loon kayak, I had my limit of nice speckled Trout within the next 3hrs! I can't wait until I can go again!!!

If you are looking for the perfect angler kayak I recommend you take a look at the Old Town Loon 106! A little pricey but if you love to fish and go often you won't be disappointed!!


Hi I am a 53 yr old kayak…

Submitted by: paddler236917 on 7/6/2016
Hi I am a 53 yr old kayak fisherman for about 7 years most of my kayaks were sit on top types and I was tired of using carts to get to the water so I just bought a old town loon 106 in Promocto NB Canada and wow I am pleased its light easy to paddle even up river and tracks very well and the stability is awesome as much as I liked my tarpon 120 and the predator mx this kayak will get me out more thanks old town the new loon will be a big hit

I have been kayaking several…

Submitted by: conwill on 6/12/2016
I have been kayaking several years now and decided it was time to upgrade my kayak. After several weeks of research, I decided on the new Loon 106 by old town. It has a large cockpit area with a removable watertight dash which makes it easier to take my dog along for the occasional float. The new seat also is wonderful with features that can raise and lower that give your legs a little break on long float trips. The tracking of the Loon also makes for an enjoyable ride.

I have been out on the river several times now and have had no regrets. Several times I have had people stop and ask me if Old Town is has good as they say and my answer is always YES!