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Name: paddler852099

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The paddle is so light and comfortable. The easy click system to change the angle is really nice and easy to use. I can't say enough about this paddle as I'm an avid kayaker. And let me tell you i'm also an explorer and i love to get into those hard to reach places, where i really need to depend on the paddle to get me out. And i use it all the time for leverage. VERY strong and dependable yet amazingly light weight!

Old Town knows what they are doing... I've been kayaking now for a few years. I guess i consider myself a pro, but on a normal everyday guy kinda level. I've had a few other kayaks, but this one is easily the best by far. Ok - so say your someone looking to get into kayaking and you want to spend a little extra to get a good one, knowing that you'll be doing this because you love the hobby. Well with that said you should also LOVE the kayak your going to buy as it literally IS the hobby. There are a ton of different brands to choose from. Sometimes you might be limited by what brand you can buy simply because of the store that your buying it from only carries certain brands. Well let me tell you that you need to find a dealer or a sporting good store that sells Old Town kayaks... This boat is by far the 'IT' kayak. From the multi-adjustable seat (while your sitting on it!) to the work deck with the built in USB. (Get a battery back up device and your phone will be charged the whole day so you can keep taking those cell phone pictures to your hearts content) The pads for your knees are a life saver. I'm 6'2 and some would say that this boat is to small for me. Well i have to HIGHLY disagree. with the adjustable foot pedals it makes it VERY comfortable to sit and paddle in for HOURS at a crack. When i go out, typically i go out for a minimum of 4 hours at a crack, so comfort is a must! the adjustable foot holds are really easy to adjust and i find myself adjusting them frequently, but that's mainly due to the fact that i also like to change posture when i'm out for that long of a time. The seat is the best in it's class and quite frankly one of the main reasons for buying this kayak. The on the go adjust ability of it is second to none. VERY easy to use and understand. Now one of my biggest beefs with what people write on kayak reviews is the weight... Listen... why are you looking at something like that when the majority of the time owning this the whole purpose of it is to be in the water... NOT on your shoulders. Unless you go on journeys that have tons of portage points, then don't let the weight get you. There are plenty of ways out there that you can get it on your car nicely and easily. The whole purpose of kayaking is to get out and enjoy the waterways that are near you or travel to ones that you can have access too. This kayak allows MAXIMUM freedom and sustainability while out on the water. the bungie straps are easily used in the front and back for carrying whatever you want. I've hauled out chairs to sandbars, coolers, etc... you name it. The rear hatch is very nice and water tight... I actually use mine as an anchor storage. which is actually VERY handy. I also have a wet-dry bag that i tow behind me that carries a skirt and a raincoat so i can be out in the rain and not worry. With all of that being said, It's an Old Town... I mean every time i used to go out and someone with an Old Town would pass by me, there was always a little bit of jealousy on my end... these guys know what they are doing.. And when you own this one (the red and black pictured is my fave) it makes you feel like your in a club. like an elite club.. you own the best out there.. pure and simple. and if you don't believe me, go get one and tell me that it doesn't feel AWESOME when someone goes by you in there kayak and they look at yours like "Damn... i should have got THAT one".... that i can guarantee is a feeling that you'll NEVER have when you own the Old Town Loon 106...