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When Lendal described the Storm on their website, and after consulting with their excellent customer service team, I knew it was the Storm was for me. While paddling the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail (FL CT) every forward stroke counts. The Storm delivers, from catch recovery! Highly recommend! AND its made in the USA!!

This paddle came highly recommended by a fellow kayaker and it has changed my kayaking experience! Craftsmanship is outstanding!

Purchased the Loon 106 since it was Made in America. Old Towns shipped to my house (affordable!) and it was easy to track its progress.

It comes with all the bells & whistles; (1) Safety first: it has a bulk head! (2) It's easy to sit in & get out of and the seat is easy to adjust and remarkably comfortable. (3) High quality thigh pads and footrests are also simple to adjust. (4) In addition to the rear seal hatch, it comes with an additional sealable workspace that snaps into the forward portion of the cockpit that I can stuffy my camera gear in and it includes a USB port! This workspace is removable if you don't want to use it. (5) Weighing in at 56 lbs, I have not attempted to to place it on the roof by myself yet.

I'm extremely happy with the Loon 106 and it will be with our family for a long time!