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One of the best boats I have…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2021

One of the best boats I have ever paddled and I am a good class 4 river paddler. I was amazed how it performed especially in the surf. At 6 feet and 180 pounds it still handle my weight ok. I would buy another one in a second, too bad they are no longer made.


I give the yak board 5…

Submitted by: paddler824395 on 7/15/2020
I give the yak board 5 stars!! Why!? Because I bought mine back in 2001 and I have had many awesome adventures on the Great Lakes of Michigan, I’ve tried six foot waves ! When you catch one , you’re hooked. Usuall 3 to 4 ft waves are easily manageable. I’ve taken it 17 miles alone sandstone cliffs and I also tow it on a leash when I snorkel. It’s always a great adventure!

No longer made by OK, but…

Submitted by: uwaape on 6/13/2019

No longer made by OK, but you can find them used. Not good for touring or fast paddling, but a lot of fun for short trips and especially ocean waves. Can ride some nice sized waves and get speed up, fairly stable and forgiving. Doesn't really get into the wave sideways as well as a surfski, you find yourself sort of sideways leaning into the wave, but still a lot of fun and easy to learn.


If you are looking for a…

Submitted by: paddler236285 on 8/18/2015
If you are looking for a slow, uncomfortable kayak that does not track, this is the one for you.

I recently had a chance to "play" with a Yak Board at a all inclusive in the Bahamas. I say "play" because paddling this boat is no fun at all. As others have stated, this is a wet butt boat. That is fine if you are in the Bahamas and the water is 84F but otherwise not so much.

At 5'7" I am just the wrong size for this boat. The distance between the seat and the foot rests was just wrong for me and I could not get comfortable. Due to its short length and flat bottom, this boat tracks very poorly. Any power at all in your stroke will slew the boat 20 degrees off course. This boat is also exceedingly slow. I was wearing my GPS and despite having good technique with plenty of power, 3.5 MPH was the most that I could get. I know that surf boats are not supposed to be fast, but they need to be quick enough to catch the wave, and this one is not. The day I used this boat, I was unable to catch a single wave. Admittedly, the waves were small but I would have had not problem surfing with my personal boat.

I know that this review is harsh, but I know what I am talking about. I have been an avid kayaker for a decade and have owned a wide variety of kayaks. There are many small SOT kayaks that are FAR better than this.


I've owned this 'lil lime…

Submitted by: paddler232295 on 7/25/2012
I've owned this 'lil lime green baby for about 3 years now, and I really enjoy taking the Yakboard down class 1-3 rapids (NOTHING BIGGER)! However it's supposed to rated up to 240lbs, but I really think that's a stretch.. I weigh about 220 and I'm only about an inch or two away from the water line. My father, who weighs approx. 180ish is PERFECT for this boat.. So if you're 185 and under, this boat is for you!

Keep in mind that this boat is a ducky and you WILL get wet and continue to be wet the ENTIRE time using it. It's not sold as a dry ride, and it certainly is not.. But for the money, this is one FUN little boat on a HOT day!


my dad got a yak board back…

Submitted by: rowerwet on 8/17/2010
my dad got a yak board back around '99, since then no visit to the beach is complete without at least one of these (he has two now). For surf they are great, I can catch waves any day even the days that the surfers on York Beach, ME can't due to them being small. I have never used a yak for fishing or anywhere but the beach and that is where they shine, on days when the surf is dead I have taken them paddling out to nubble light house or just exploring the rocky coast.

My dad got the yak for another reason though, it makes a great float and boat for free diving or snorkeling, something he likes to do. You will get a wet seat using one of these, I wear a wet suit anyway surfing unless the day is over 90* so no big deal there for me. Make sure you get the rubber seat back it is more comfortable than the cloth on my dad paid extra for, for those complaining about the yawing during paddling, try shortening your paddle, my dad shortened his and it helps, plus for surf a shorter paddle seems easier for quick side to side bracing or paddling.

neither of my dads yaks seem to leak that bad, unless I am punching through a lot of waves and getting wet all the time I don't have to empty that much water, the biggest leak seems to be from the rivets that hold the tie offs. As with any plastic boat store these out of the sun or you will end up with a weak hull or a pile of plastic.


I bought one for my mom for…

Submitted by: paddler233455 on 12/29/2009
I bought one for my mom for Christmas to just cruise around at her house in the keys. What a disappointment. She just sits in it and immediately her shorts are wet. She weighs all of 140 lbs.

I own and have owned several sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks and I will tell you I don't want to start my day wet let alone have constant wet. I was replacing her older Mini X which had cracking issues. I guess I'm back to the drawing board.

It may be a great surf yak, but plan on being wet the whole time. At least it is my only return


I bought 2 Yak Boards last…

Submitted by: paddler233014 on 2/9/2009
I bought 2 Yak Boards last year with the goal of having something that my fiance and friends could take out in the waves of So Cal without having to teach them how to surf. I had no clue that it would be so much fun. I catch myself just cruising out on the yak board instead of the surfboard myself now. Who could have guessed?

The only cons I can pick out is the tracking and the speed. I'm a bigger boy (6'5", 220lbs) which buries the tail in a bit and slows it down. As for the tracking... I think I get ambitious and paddle harder than is needed which pushes such a small yak side to side.
Overall GREAT toy to have!


I purchased my yak board…

Submitted by: paddler232984 on 1/9/2009
I purchased my yak board about 2 years ago and have had a blast with it ever since. I use it primarily in the surf. It can handle almost any conditions. It is not very fast but it can keep up. For the beginner it is very stable and is very easy to steer.

I'm 5'7" and about 180lbs and the yak performs very well. I can transport it in my Altima with the passenger seat all the way up and the back seat folded down. It's only 8 foot and easy to transport. I've also fished with it and it can get to places that some boats can't. Again very stable.

I purchased it from LL Bean as a package with yak board, seat, and paddle for about $340. They ran out of the material seats and threw in a rubber seat for no additional charge. Pretty cool. The paddle broke after my first season and I went back to LL Bean and they replaced it with no questions asked. I was also able to upgrade the paddle for just the additional cost. They were terrific and said they want their customers to be completely satisfied and they stand by all their products. I was very happy that I purchased it from them.


The Ocean Kayak "Yakboard"…

Submitted by: paddler232973 on 1/5/2009
The Ocean Kayak "Yakboard" may be geared for surfing but it is also a very stable fishing platform. I use mine all the time to go 200 to 300 yards out and works great. It is very stable and will take any kind of conditions! I have 3 "malibu 2's" a "wilderness system Riot" a "scrambler XT" and a pelican sit inside. All of them work great. But 99% of the time if I just want to go fishing I take the Yakboard. It is so small you can carry it in anything and it is as stable as any kayak on the market.

We go to Holden Beach North…

Submitted by: kybishop on 12/8/2008
We go to Holden Beach North Carolina every fall break. This typically falls early to mid October. We reside in central Kentucky and take the 12 hour trek east each year and enjoy the great weather we typically have each fall on the beach. This last trip I wanted to try a sit on top kayak in the surf and out in the ocean. I lucked into a Craigslist add while in Holden and found a Yak Board, paddle, two vests, plugs, seat and bilge all for $175.

I really enjoyed paddling this kayak. First time I have ever paddled in surf and it was easier than I thought going out. Coming in... well lets just say I need some more experience. It turned on a dime, very quick to respond to the paddle which was great in the large waves. It felt very stable and it did not take long to feel very comfortable out there. I am about 6' and 175 lbs.

It was not too difficult to keep going in a straight direction if needed. Small and easy to pack around. Plan to take it back next October and hopefully play some more. Will take it down some of the rivers and creeks here in central Kentucky too... soon as it warms a bit. I had no problems with leaks as mentioned by other Yak owners.


I have 3 other so called…

Submitted by: paddler232923 on 10/20/2008
I have 3 other so called BETTER kayaks then the yak board... but when I get ready to go out it is always the yakboard i take... it doesn't track well if you're paddling hard, but if you take it easy it does ok. I don't understand where the leaks people are talking about are coming from... I have had no problems. I have never used it in the surf. I fish the bays around Corpus Christi, TX where you can get some pretty good white caps... I have not had even one problem with this little kayak. I rate it an easy 10 for general use.

This boat is to much fun...…

Submitted by: paddler232407 on 12/17/2007
This boat is to much fun... it's great for surfing handles great in big and small surf.. just know a few things for surf thigh straps are a most and a helmet is a very good idea if you are a beginner and/or big waves are included in the equation... it does get some water in but not very important unless you get wiped out very often. It's not the fastest in flat water but I can still keep up with bigger kayaks such as Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 easily and yak board is over 2 feet smaller...

Just bought the Yak in May…

Submitted by: paddler232196 on 7/17/2007
Just bought the Yak in May and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. I wanted an inexpensive boat that I could paddle around a lake with, paddle around the ocean, and surf with. It's a little slower than others on the lake, but works just fine. I can get from point A to Point B and truly enjoy myself with it, and pretty much keep up with friends that also have SOT's.

For surfing, I LOVE IT. It turns on a dime... and catches just about every wave, and is so much fun I can't say enough about it. The hardest part of surfing is turning the kayak fast enough to catch the wave in time... and the yak does this so easily. Plus the 8' length makes it so easy to transport. It fits inside my boyfriends Subaru Outback if you take the head rest off the passenger seat. And it fits in the trunk of my Mercury Milan with the seats down... with only a little sticking out. Much easier than a larger kayak to take places if you don't want to invest in a roof rack. A++ from me.


Already had a Frenzy, bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/30/2005
Already had a Frenzy, bought a Yak Board to have a second kayak for when friends come down to my bay house, and because my then girlfriend now wife wanted to try with me. The Yak is the cheapest in the OK lineup, and that appealed to me, and also I thought it would be fun to have a kayak to take in the surf. The Yak Board can't keep up with the Frenzy on flat water. It goes side to side with every stroke. In the surf, the Yak board is good, but not really any better than the Frenzy, which is also good for surf, but the Frenzy is more versatile. I also had the leakage problem others reported, though not nearly as bad, maybe only a quarter cup after a long day surfing. I too have always thought it was the area where the scupper holes bond to the bottom of the hull. I ended up selling it.

I've owned an Ocean Kayaks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/17/2005
I've owned an Ocean Kayaks Frenzy for over 6 years. Great SOT Yak! Over Labor Day weekend I bought two yak boards at Sports Chalet. Then we headed up to Emma Woods SB, by Ventura, CA. I wanted to introduce the wife and my physician to surfing on a Yak. One yak board filled up faster than a leaky faucet and the other was a sieve. Both of them sunk. Neat to sit on top of slightly under the water but dangerous. We couldn't figure it out at first. Thought maybe the drain holes hadn't been screwed down. Tried one again. The wife couldn't keep it straight and did a slosh three sixty. Noooo stability. It came in by itself. End over End! Wife thought it great fun. She survived. I almost had a heart attack. Took them back to Sports Chalet. No problem the manager was very nice. The air breather had cracks inside the scupper holes and appeared poorly formed. The other just leaked a gallon of water every fifteen minutes. Quality control issues? Still I love my Frenzy so I ordered another one. Next time will have a longer ride!

I love my new yak board. I…

Submitted by: paddler231236 on 8/6/2005
I love my new yak board. I take it to the beach every time I go it is a blast to ride and since I'm only 95 pounds it rides right out of the water. This thing can catch waves and good

Yak Board = Fun! I was…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2005
Yak Board = Fun! I was looking for an all-round SOT to surf a little, and paddle in sheltered water, and found it in this kayak. It's very affordable and is well made like all of the Ocean Kayaks. It's very stable, comfortable, and easy to transport. Because of its slight banana shape, you can turn on a dime, but tracking is a bit wobbly. You really do need to empty out the water every now and then, because it does fill up. If you're going to surf, be sure to get thigh straps and a back rest. This kayak is great for a "grab & go" workout, or to just play.

Surf a Frenzy and bought a…

Submitted by: paddler231154 on 6/23/2005
Surf a Frenzy and bought a Yak Board because it is much more maneuverable on waves. It surfs well and paddles ok. Being a lightweight (140 lbs) helps. I am amazed how much water gets into it. I must drain close to a gallon for each hour in the waves. That is the only downside to an otherwise fine surfboat.

This is my first kayak and I…

Submitted by: paddler231042 on 4/20/2005
This is my first kayak and I love it. It's easy to guide and the holes in it keep it from filling with water. We don't do 'heavy' rapids in it but it's perfect for most rivers and lakes and for wave surfing.

Brilliant. I'm 175lb, 45…

Submitted by: paddler230811 on 9/21/2004
Brilliant. I'm 175lb, 45 years and a bit past it and even I can surf this! Contrary to other reviews, in my experience, even in head high surf, I can get out thru the waves when the waveskiers are being toppled - this thing just blasts through, if you are prepared to dig in and really paddle. Catches any wave but even leaning right back it will nosedive on the really big waves, but it's such a blast that it's all part of the fun - think about a helmet in big waves though.

If you are not surfing it's great fun for what we call rock-hopping in the UK - nibbling in and out of a rocky shoreline, exploring the gentle stuff and catching the breakers on the rebound. Sure it leaks at the riveted clips but it's a quick job to empty every couple of hours. If you are going to surf, buy the thigh straps & backrest - the difference is unbelievable - you can even dig your edges in like a real goatboater! Plus the thigh strap makes a great shoulder strap for easy carrying. I own kayaks, open canoes, surfboards, wave-skis and sailing boats but for fun & versatility the Yak beats the lot!


Great for beginners, the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/7/2004
Great for beginners, the tracking is a little sketchy, but will catch even the smallest wave. The worst thing about this kayak is it needs to be emptied very frequently, with or without the scupper stoppers.

Very good surf boat for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/14/2003
Very good surf boat for beginners or casual surfers under 180lbs. Tough to paddle in heavy surf or strong currents but very easily catches a wave. The only thing I can really complain about is the fact that you have to drain the boat once every 45 minutes to one hour.

I've just tried kayak surfing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/26/2002
I've just tried kayak surfing and with this kayak learning to do it took no time at all! Not as fast as some of the crafts but still very fun! It's easy to control and easy to carry. If your interested in trying kayak surfing this is the perfect beginner boat.

The Yak Board is an excellent…

Submitted by: paddler229881 on 8/14/2002
The Yak Board is an excellent starter kayak for the surf, or for someone who likes riding smaller waves. The kayak doesn't paddle well enough to get out past the breakers in heavy surf. It is very easy to catch and ride waves with due to its shape and extreme maneuverability. I wouldn't consider this kayak if you're over 200lbs. it will be underwater. I'm currently selling mine in order to move up to a true wave ski.

After Riding this, you wont…

Submitted by: paddler229638 on 4/15/2002
After Riding this, you wont believe that it only cost $299! It is light, easy to manuver, and tracks nicely. It's not very fast but when you get on a wave, it catches easily.

A great beginners surf boat,…

Submitted by: paddler229149 on 3/19/2001
A great beginners surf boat, and really just a great kayak to have if you live near the ocean. Very stable, and easy to paddle, i do recommend a back rest. Great for families and at only $299 it is probably the best deal in kayaking.

Very easy to manuever, fun to…

Submitted by: paddler229084 on 1/29/2001
Very easy to manuever, fun to explore in, and a kayak for kids to have a blast in!

It's really not fair to only…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/15/2000
It's really not fair to only be able to give this boat one rating... For fun, stability, user friendliness, and newbie forgiveness, it is a 10. For performance in surf it is an 8, and that's only because I have had the opportunity to try the very few sit-on-tops that surpass it in performance, although at a great cost of MUCH less stability. I have rolled mine more than a half dozen times in up to 10 foot surf (knee-straps required) and came back up quick enough to stay on the wave. It carves surf like butter and has GREAT forward tracking which quickly gives it a LOT of forward speed for cutting waves with. Although it is a rocket on a wave front, the speed and sluggishness of this kayak when NOT on a wave is the only factor that, for me and my nearly 200 pound weight, brings the overall score down to an 8! Even at my size and weight I still have an absolute blast with it. Kids really love this boat and these lighter paddlers find it fast enough and VERY, VERY easy to learn to surf.

Great 'beginner' surf boat:…

Submitted by: paddler228991 on 11/5/2000
Great 'beginner' surf boat: stable, heavy, slow. Ready to move up after 12 outings at the jersey shore.

I rate this boat as a 10 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2000
I rate this boat as a 10 for the fun factor. It does not track well at all but is a blast to just go play in the water with. It is very stable and turns on a dime.

A great buy for $299. This…

Submitted by: jrmashburn on 5/22/2000
A great buy for $299. This sit on top kayak is FUN on all kinds of water-seashore surfing, lake, fishing, snorkling, etc. Easy to paddle, very stable, self bailing, unsinkable. You will need a seat/backrest though to make it more comfortable as the plastic molding is hard and it gets warm after being in the sun awhile. Great Family play boat!

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