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Paddles smooth strat and…

Submitted by: paddler542199 on 8/12/2019

Paddles smooth strat and quietly on water. On land ,Weight is a problem. Heavy and out of balance when not in water . There are handes on each end that will rip off when pulled too hard. Hard to turn over ,no place to grip. If left upright water will seep inside the hull through rivets in battery box. There is small drain plug at the bow. I broke the seat ajusters and have been looking for new ones for years to no avail. Old Town has no parts and ONLY made this unit for a couple years.


I own two of these Ambush…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/10/2018

I own two of these Ambush Kayaks. One I keep on a fresh water lake and the other at the beach. I have had mine since 2005. Great boat to fish from. Everybody wants to buy mine. It will never happen. Chuck


The Ambush Kayak by Ocean…

Submitted by: larrylrjr on 8/31/2015
The Ambush Kayak by Ocean Kayak is my ticket to outdoor paradise. it is a Ferrari and a pick up truck all in one. I initially purchased it to duck hunting with, but found my self challenging the yak and my self to see all that it can do. From fresh water and salt water fishing to a party barge on canoe trips. It fits the bill like no others. People stare in envy and ask all kinds of questions. So be prepared to be social. Inquirers smile when looking at the yak but when they turn away, most look mission driven to own one. I have turned down many offers to part with mine. They can have it when they pry it from my cold dead fingers......oh yeah, that was on a bumper sticker some where.

I bought an old OK Ambush not…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
I bought an old OK Ambush not sure what to expect. When I first saw it I thought - what a barge - but on the water it paddles quite well you can paddle it with a single blade or a kayak paddle. The extra seat is a really good idea its reversible and can be removed. Due to its width its very stable and with a trolling motor it shifts. It has a compartment for the battery and a transom for a motor.

In my mind, its a very good crossover boat with advantages from 3 different styles of boat. Wish I could get a new one...


I have 5 kayaks of which the…

Submitted by: paddler235072 on 7/1/2013
I have 5 kayaks of which the Ambush (mine is an Old Town who took over from Ocean), is THE one for sea fishing. I've even surfed it if you youtube 'kayak fishing Eyemouth' you will see it in action.

I regularly use it in some quite choppy seas with a 2hp Suzuki outboard, which is lighter than the combined weight of my 55lbs Bison and battery. I have 3 Tootega's, one Ocean Malibu 2XL, they are all good but the Ambush is the load lugger and most stable! Would not part with it and am looking for another.


I have had an Ambush Ocean…

Submitted by: TxCamellia on 5/19/2013
I have had an Ambush Ocean Kayak for about 5 years and love it very much. With this kayak I have paddled on several different lakes, and the Neches River. The only problem that I have had so far is when the water level in the river is too low, the keel drags real bad. I was unable to use my boat at the annual Neches River Canoe Race because of this.

The major thing that I like about this boat is that it can be paddled solo or tandem depending on how you place the front seat. It is very stable, you can stand up straight in the boat and not tip it over. I fish from my boat all the time. I hope everyone that owns an Ambush enjoys theirs as much as I enjoy mine.



Submitted by: paddler234505 on 4/23/2012
FISHING MACHINE, I caught a three foot dogfish in 5 foot seas and stayed bone dry. I ues the battery box for a live well. Have been in lakes, rivers, ocean, and even a pool. Very Happy.

I have owned one of these 4…

Submitted by: paddler233095 on 5/1/2009
I have owned one of these 4 yrs. now. I love it; lake or river it will go almost everywhere. I have a 30lb. motor on mine, pushes it great and all day long. Ocean Kayak stopped making them, but Old Town picked it up and is building them now. This boat is tough as nails and a pleasure to own.

After trying many Kayaks,…

Submitted by: paddler232609 on 6/2/2008
After trying many Kayaks, canoes and small boats for fishing - THIS IS THE TICKET!
The Ocean Kayak Ambush will do what all 3 of these others do and do it better! I LOVE IT!
From ocean to thin water creek, this baby does the job and appears to be built to last forever! At just under $1000.00 I don't think it has any real competition! Heck, you can stand up, walk around, fly fish, dive, you name it - I've done it with this!
So, do I like it? Ya, a LOT!

I've had many small boats but…

Submitted by: paddler232305 on 9/5/2007
I've had many small boats but caught more fish from my Ambush than all by far! My wife won't get into a canoe but once I got her into this she wants to fish out of it as much as possible. 40 lb. thrust Minkota pushes us for hours in river, I can't believe they stopped production of this stable Yak.

I have used this kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler232141 on 6/29/2007
I have used this kayak for many years with great pleasure! It has served all my needs from exploring many rivers, playing in the gulf, to being towed behind my wave runner.

I recently purchased an…

Submitted by: paddler231984 on 4/9/2007
I recently purchased an Ambush by Ocean Kayak and many people have commented how it looks more like a Pirogue than a Kayak . .I love it, I had an ole Pirogue built very similar so when this deal came up, I jumped on it.

The best there is for…

Submitted by: paddler229375 on 8/3/2006
The best there is for marathon fishermen. Can be rigged out far better than other models. Carries more cargo, flat floor, easily hauls two 94-qt ice chests + room to spare.

If you want speed, this is…

Submitted by: paddler231349 on 10/13/2005
If you want speed, this is not your boat. If you want a stable platform for poling and sight fishing, then this is your boat. I have had a WS/T160 and my current Ambush. I put a 40# Mincota trolling motor on it and carry 2 trolling batteries, and can pretty much fish all day, traveling several miles. This boat is really more of a canoe/kayak hybrid. Faster and way more stable than my Coleman 15' canoe. I put this boat in my swimming pool and asked my 12 & 14 year old to try to flip it. They took to the challenge like a duck to water but they had to work as a team to actually accomplish the task. Clearly not a kayak for the "purist" but if you want a great functional fishing platform that's extremely dry, I strongly recommend this boat.

This is a barge of a kayak!…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/4/2005
This is a barge of a kayak! It's wide, and stable beyond any other yak though! I can stand a fly fish from it without a problem! Not recommended for unprotected waters though, it's a very hard paddle in the wind and chop! When equipped with a small trolling motor, this boat really comes to life! It's the perfect fishing yak for someone wanting something more stable than the other choices out there and also serves well for nature viewing and photography! This isn't the easiest yak to paddle by any means though at 44" wide! I'm using an 8'6" paddle and still have to lean a bit sometimes! Good small fishing and family boat though!