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The canoe club that I belong to bought 3 Jackson Riviera kayaks. I took one home for my 10 year old nephew to try out. He has been in a canoe with me a few times but never in a kayak solo. I took him out to one of the area lakes and he loved it. The kayak tracked really and was able to maintain a steady speed. I also made him remount the kayak by himself and he was able to without out any problems.

I bought this PFD at Walmart. I originally bought this PFD because of the price and I also needed to replace my old PFD because it was rubbing blisters when I paddled long distances. The No Limit PFD works great. I have put it though some tough situations getting ready for a few kayak races. I was able to adjust it very easy to fit me. I have not had any blisters from using the new PFD.

One cool feature of the PFD is it came with a rescue whistle attached to it. I am also able clamp my gps onto the PFD so that when I flip our of the boat I won't lose it.

I have had an Ambush Ocean Kayak for about 5 years and love it very much. With this kayak I have paddled on several different lakes, and the Neches River. The only problem that I have had so far is when the water level in the river is too low, the keel drags real bad. I was unable to use my boat at the annual Neches River Canoe Race because of this.

The major thing that I like about this boat is that it can be paddled solo or tandem depending on how you place the front seat. It is very stable, you can stand up straight in the boat and not tip it over. I fish from my boat all the time. I hope everyone that owns an Ambush enjoys theirs as much as I enjoy mine.