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Ocean 17 Description

The new Ocean gives you wings. This unique feature creates a fast and stable hull, with excellent edging. A low profile deck sheds water well and offers very low windage, keeping you in control even in the worst sea and weather conditions. This gives you an unrivalled confidence to go and enjoy the Oceans of the world.

Ocean 17 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Wings, crisp edges that stop just behind the seat and slowly blend into the bow.
  • Neutrally balanced, (the widest part of the kayak is by your hips)
  • Extra recessed skeg blade to reduce the risk of jamming
  • Contoured bulkheads reduce stress points on the hull.
  • Comfortable padded seat with good support backrest and hip pads.
  • Hand grips at the back of the cockpit rim.
  • Easy access deck pod
  • Security attachment point on rear deck.

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Ocean 17 Reviews

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I took up kayak paddling…

Submitted by: paddler580390 on 1/29/2020

I took up kayak paddling just 4 years ago, when I started retirement. After two years in nordic / flatwater kayak I changed to sea kayak - as I wanted something a bit more stable in waves - and more safe to use during winter After trying a lot of kayaks in my club I finally found a slightly used Northshire Ocean 17 - and that kayak almost melted my heart!

I am a man, 66 years old with a weight around 75 kgs and 184 cm tall (6 feet I think). I fit into the kayak perfectly, though the cockpit in my opinion could be 3 - 5 cms longer for easier access. However I manage!

It turns well on edge and it tracks well, sometimes, depending of wind and current, with a little skeg and I have never found myself in a situation where the kayak have made me nervous - I feel safe in any type of weather and have now used it twice a week during the entire winter! I admit, that I use it mostly in our lake system, but I am looking forward to take her to the shores during spring and summer.

Besides that, the kayak is well manufactured, with a strong hull and a great look. Mine is Tangerine / white; really the queen of the lakes!


I bought an Ocean 17 in the…

Submitted by: RS1 on 10/23/2017

I bought an Ocean 17 in the early fall of 2015 in Eastern Canada after having retired and finding myself once again with time to spend paddling on a frequent basis. I have been a paddler for over thirty years, I mainly did long ocean tours and expeditions in my youth. Most were on the West Coast of British Columbia, including long trips in Haida Gwaii, the West Coast of Vancouver Island and the Inside Passage. I have long years of ocean paddling and expedition experience, though I would rate my technical skills at about BCU Level 2, especially now that with age, mid sixties, I am not as strong or limber as I once was. I bought the Ocean because I was looking for a British Style kayak that I could use as an all rounder, both as a day paddling and play boat as well as for longer tours. But it was primarily because I wanted a boat that would allow me to take some skills courses and to improve my technique in rough water and currents that I chose the Ocean 17.

I looked at other boats including the Excape, Atlantic, Cetus and Ocean 17.6. I chose the Ocean 17 for two primary reasons: 1) The partial hard chine, or wings as North Shore calls them; and 2) I wanted a slightly shorter boat that would be a tighter fit and would be more maneuverable and playful to paddle than my longer, bigger expedition style kayaks.

The hard chine bit: I paddled a North American designed boat called the Mariner Expedition as my primary expedition boat throughout the 80's and early 90s. It was 18'6'' long, 21 inches wide, had hard chines, no rudder or skeg, but carried a huge load and was extremely fast. It also surfed very well even when heavily loaded and had huge secondary stability, but it was a bear to turn without extreme lean and huge effort with the paddle. I loved that boat, but it was a young man's boat because of the effort required to maneuver it.

When I turned the Ocean 17 hull side up in the shop, I had an uh huh moment. It reminded me a lot of my old Mariner, but was much shorter and with the hard wing chine with a rounded hull profile at both ends. As I looked at the hull, I suspected it would surf well, have excellent primary and secondary stability and yet turn easily when put on edge. This because of its narrow width, shorter length and because both the bow and stern would tend to skid with their more rounded chine profiles. Looking at the hull profile, I decided on the spot that this was the boat for me.

I have been paddling this boat for 2 years now including on the Great Lakes, the Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers, and a trip to the Maine Coast. I moved back to the West Coast last Fall and have since spent a lot of time paddling her in what is known locally as the Salish Sea. My family has a cottage in the San Juan Islands and I have paddled the Ocean on day trips in Fall and Winter gales and on a couple of extended tours in the area which is known for big currents, big channel crossings, wind and unpredictable weather.

Boat Fit - I am 6 feet tall, 210 pounds, with a 34 inch inseam and size 10 feet. The Ocean 17 fits me like a glove, the cockpit, seat and knee braces feel like they were made for me. The foot braces are rock solid yet easy to adjust. I can maneuver the boat easily with minimal effort because of its excellent cockpit design, seat and fit. In fact, some times when paddling, I look at the sea birds around me and feel a kinship with them, I literally feel at one with the sea. I can paddle the Ocean for hours and remain comfortable and happy.

Handling - This boat handles exactly like I envisioned when I looked at the hull in the shop. It feels lively, yet reassuringly steady and mannerly in rough water. The primary and secondary stability are excellent with a hard chine feel when put on edge, yet it turns smoothly and easily like a soft chined boat, the best of both worlds. It surfs wind waves and boat wakes very easily, though I have yet to try it in breaking shore surf. It is quite a fast kayak and keeps up with longer boats paddled by younger men easily, loaded or empty.

The Ocean 17 is a brilliant all rounder: I have paddled this boat a lot empty as a day boat and sought out rough conditions often with winds of 25 knots plus and with wave heights to 3 or 4 feet, in order to practice my paddling skills. I have also loaded it and gone out to the Boundary Pass Area of the Northern San Juans for a week as well as to the Gulf Islands in Canada. I need to pack a little more carefully than I do with my bigger expedition boats, but she carries enough food and gear for extended tours with a little thought and planning. She also handles very well loaded. Because of her low profile, she will take a little water on deck in rough conditions, but sheds it well and remains mannerly and solid in the handling department. She turns easily and can wander a bit in following wind and seas, but deploying a bit of skeg makes her track very well. The bulkheads and Valley hatch covers are excellent and the cargo remains bone dry, not a drop of water in the cargo holds ever. The boat is very well constructed and solid.

Finally, Aesthetics - The design of the boat and the colors are very pleasing to look at. I have had on several occasions had sail and power boaters come up to me on shore as I paddled in to the beach and ask me about the boat and tell me how beautiful she looked as I approached. My Ocean is the Tangerine orange and white color scheme. Having non-paddlers approach to tell me my boat is beautiful is not something I have had happen in any other boat I have owned or paddled.

So, I guess I have given my Ocean 17 a rave review. She is for me the ultimate all rounder, if I had to own just one boat, I still own several, the Ocean would be the one.


The North Shore Ocean 17 is a…

Submitted by: tvcrider on 7/8/2016
The North Shore Ocean 17 is a very capable all-round sea kayak. This kayak would work best for someone of small to medium build. I go 5' 9"; 152 pounds: 30" inseam, and size 10 shoes. The Ocean 17 cockpit fits me very well. I've paddled it on the Rhode Island coast, local flatwaters and confused 4-5' rough stuff at full ebb in the Indian River outlet, a tidal race on the Delaware shore. This kayak does not miss a beat!

The Ocean 17 has efficient forward speed similar to the Cetus LV, yet it turns smartly when put on edge. It's also easy to roll as my play in the above tidal race proved. The kayak is a high quality fiberglass/diolene build and for those of you who may not know it comes out of the Valley factory. All four Valley hatches are tethered and stay bone dry.

I find the stable and robust Yakima foot braces to be a real plus and the fourth hatch on the fore deck is very handy for quick access items (glasses, flares, etc.)

North Shore is best known in the UK, but their kayaks can be found in the US. If you are looking for a 16-17' all-rounder give this one a try. As with all my kayaks purchased since 2007, the Ocean 17 came from Marshall at 'The River Connection' in Hyde Park, NY, where customer service really matters.