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Name: paddler580390

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I took up kayak paddling just 4 years ago, when I started retirement. After two years in nordic / flatwater kayak I changed to sea kayak - as I wanted something a bit more stable in waves - and more safe to use during winter After trying a lot of kayaks in my club I finally found a slightly used Northshire Ocean 17 - and that kayak almost melted my heart!

I am a man, 66 years old with a weight around 75 kgs and 184 cm tall (6 feet I think). I fit into the kayak perfectly, though the cockpit in my opinion could be 3 - 5 cms longer for easier access. However I manage!

It turns well on edge and it tracks well, sometimes, depending of wind and current, with a little skeg and I have never found myself in a situation where the kayak have made me nervous - I feel safe in any type of weather and have now used it twice a week during the entire winter! I admit, that I use it mostly in our lake system, but I am looking forward to take her to the shores during spring and summer.

Besides that, the kayak is well manufactured, with a strong hull and a great look. Mine is Tangerine / white; really the queen of the lakes!