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I’ve owned two of these…

Submitted by: paddler767569 on 4/30/2020
I’ve owned two of these kayaks for over 15 years. They are used on the Eastern Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. We have also fished from them. They are comfortable and fit well (5’ 0’, 105 #; 5’7”, 124#). Tippy for new or infrequent paddlers, as reported by friends who gave them a try. Only one hatch. We use them for day paddles, and use flotation bags in the bow. I would recommend this design and these kayaks for smaller paddlers .

Great boat for inland and mild oceangoing conditions

Submitted by: Multimodalmama on 8/7/2017

I bought a used boat in 2011 for $425 with spray skirt and werner paddle. I'm still using it, but might change that up soon to gain the ability to do more oceangoing paddling.

This is a very nice boat for a short paddler, and I have to say that I love that my sons no longer fit in it and my husband could never paddle it! She's MINE! That said, my size 14-16 hips barely fit and the thigh braces are tight (but that comes in handy when I need my body to maneuver it). If you like to use your body to steer, this boat is good for that. Mine has a rudder. You need a rudder in this boat. I only use it about 10% of the time but then I need it! The boat weathercocks in windy conditions like nobody's business.

On inland waterways, I have won the women's 9 mile and the Iron Herring (12 mile with portage) Herring Run and Paddle in this boat. It can be quick if you are.

I paddled between the harbor islands in Boston Harbor and it felt rather tippy. It didn't roll over, but the boat relies on secondary stability to stay "upright" more than primary. If that unnerves you, this isn't your boat for day touring in salt water bays or, say, on Lake Champlain or lakes that think they are oceans.

TL/DR: Great boat for a short paddler plying inland waters extending to rougher conditions and bay/ocean near shore paddles with the rudder. Relies on secondary stability and needs the rudder to track straight in windy conditions.


I use this boat as a day…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/2/2007
I use this boat as a day paddler for inland lakes and slower rivers. I'm on the smaller side, 5'8" and 160# and this boat is a snug fit for me, I have good contact with the thigh braces and seat. Seat is comfortable but I'm used to backbands and this boat has a seatback. This boat has a sealed hatch in the rear only.

It moves along well for it's length, turns on a dime with the rudder up and tracks fairly well with the rudder down. For this reason it can get in and out of smaller slower moving rivers and wetlands fairly easily. I've also had it out on the lake MI shore and while it doesn't perofmr like a 17' sea kayak it is pretty seaworthy for short paddles.

I like having a poly boat for durability, having said that I think Necky could make a thicker poly similar to Vally or P&H.


I bought this boat as my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2003
I bought this boat as my first boat and owned/paddled it for about a year. I bought it based on the construction and size. It was a great fit for my small frame (5'1" 110 lb female).

The Necky construction is fabulous -- the firm plastic stands up to a beating, the hatch was secure, and the rudder worked well. The seat in this boat is horrible. The back is too high and is held to the seat bottom by a bungee cord that runs through a hook (not a loop). The bungee cord unhooks when rolling, wet exiting, and some entries, which causes the seat back to fall out of the boat. The seat may have been replaced in newer models.

The boat is quite maneuverable due to its short length and hard chines. However, it is really difficult to keep this boat going straight. It acts like many whitewater boats I have paddled. Errant paddle strokes really have an impact on tracking. I found myself sweeping on each stroke to compensate for the previous stroke.

I would rate the speed as slow to average. This is mainly due to the length of the boat. The hull shape is great and slices through the water nicely, but can't compensate for the length of the boat.Initial and secondary stability are fabulous.

Overall, I would say this is a good boat if you want a small, maneuverable boat for playing in the surf or on slow to moderate moving rivers. This boat is not designed for touring or flatwater paddling where you need to keep up with a group of faster paddlers (around 3.5 - 4 mph). I ended up selling this boat and getting a longer low-volume boat (Current Designs Squamish). The Squamish tracks better and is faster than the Looksha Sport LV on flatwater.

I'd like to end this review by saying that rating this boat is quite difficult. If you want a boat that is playful, I'd rate this boat a 10. If you want a fast boat that tracks well, I'd rate this boat a 6.


I want to qualify this review…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/17/2003
I want to qualify this review before I state it...I do agree with others that a review is best when presented after owning the boat for at least a few years - and I have done so. I am also scoring this boat for the use it was intended and how it was actually used.

I got my LV sport about 3 years ago. I am male, 5'9" and 180#. This boat is a close fit but fairly comfortable. Quality seems very good overall; I thouhgt the poly was fairly stiff but did experience temporary oilcanning while cartopping. The hatch was not waterproof, nor did I expect it to be. It would have been nice to have a front hatch but this boat is not for extended trips. I found the cockpit and knee braces fit me well and the boat becomes an extension of my body.

Regarding performance, I used this boat mainly in flatwater but also some paddling on the great lakes. It has decent speed for it's length, especially in flatwater, and while it carves a turn nicely with edging, the length and rocker allow you to turn this boat while flat. Tracking was decent in calm conditions but was greatly impacted in wind. Having said that, this fall was the first time I used the rudder, choosing instead to work on correcting with paddle strokes. Once I used the rudder I found it very effective. Primary stability is good and secondary is very good; I personally prefer the indexed lean that comes with a hard chined boat.

It was in rough water where this boat surprised me. While it is not a speedy boat, it is fun and inspires confidence in choppy water, surfs well if you paddle fast enough, and can handle smaller swift rivers very well.

I have been happy with my LV and would recommend this boat to paddlers my size and smaller for the same kind of work - playing in surf and chop, swift rivers, and flatwater.


I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: paddler230020 on 12/27/2002
I recently purchased this boat as a gift for my low volume girlfriend. She was having trouble with the loose fit of our other boats. The Necky product is well designed. I found the fit and finish to be excellent. The seating surface is comfortable and supportive. Stock thigh braces are solid. I was skeptical about a rubber hatch. My concern was unfounded. The rear hatch utilizes a clever elastic sealing band that makes the rubber hatch absolutely water tight and one that will not implode. My dealer had me stand on it (175 lbs). The upswept bow is termed a "dolphin" type. It cuts through waves and sheds the water much like a ship would. It has an appealing, aggressive line when observed from the side (where I see it most). When she does let me paddle the Looksha I'm reluctant to give it back. Its hard chine design and low profile allow near instant turns and effortless directional changes. We are looking forward to taking this boat out into the surf zone this spring. Look for a future update. Overall, I believe this to be a good choice for a smaller paddler or someone wanting a tight fit. Happy paddling.

Have just started paddling…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/7/2002
Have just started paddling but consider myself a quick learner in most athletic endeavors. Tried out Wilderness Systems Alto and Cape Horn 14 (wife bought that one)Current Designs Squall and Necky Looksha Sport before deciding on the Sport LV. The reponsivesness to a little hip rock for correcting my eratic paddle stroke makes it quite easy to go where I want to go (i.e. straight). Overall tracking was easier than any of the other boats besides the Cape Horn. Easiest turning boat. Secondary stability is amazing, very confident inspiring, can really work the hard chines. I felt it moved thru the water with less drag than the Looksha Sport, (probably the deciding factor over that boat) and I liked the smallness of the cockpit. I was very skeptical of buying a boat this short, I was thinking longer means more speed and I might outgrow this boat in a couple of weeks. The final choice came down to the Current Designs Squall and this boat after paddling them back to back I felt more confident and like I had more fun and was more capable in this boat. My local dealer helped assuage my outgrowing it fears by assuring that many more experienced kayakers considered the hull quite high performance and that he didn't think I would move beyond it for some time. A freind of ours who has one and is considerably more experienced concurs. Paddled it for a couple of hours yesterday and am very happy with my decision.
Looksha Sport LV