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The Coupe 10 is a kayak brought to you by Liquidlogic Kayaks. Read Coupe 10 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Coupe 10 Reviews

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Fabulous. This rating is…

Submitted by: Janthelibrarian on 7/23/2020

Fabulous. This rating is also for Liquidlogic Company - not just my Coupe 10. Bought the SOT coupe 12 years ago and it has taken me from lake to river to ocean. About a year ago I rescued a fellow kayaker. We sat double on my single person SOT to the other side of the river. I dropped her off then went back thru the whitewater to rescue her submerged kayak. Severely abused my coupe. Broke my skeg and ripped my seat. Took my kayak to the company in Fletcher, NC, about 1.5 hrs away. While they fixed my kayak they took me on a tour of the plant (Fascinating!) I met their team, petted the dog, they sent me off with some stickers, bling, and a kayak good as new! And recommended a great place for lunch! My next kayak will definitely be Liquidlogic, and I know my coupe will last forever. Thanks, LL!


I have owned two of the…

Submitted by: jkwhite7 on 8/10/2016
I have owned two of the Liquid Logic Coupe's for about 5 years, and I love them. I like the length 10 ft., means that it is easy to store and transport. I like the weight, at 50 pounds, it is easy to lift on and off of your car. I like the built in wheel for single person transport to the put-in and take-out. I like the retractable skeg, which allows tracking on class one and flat water, raise the skeg for class two and three paddles. I like the seat which is the most comfortable seat I have ever sit on, think going down the river on your patio lounge chair. I like the performance of the hull that makes playing on the rapids and surfing an ease. And you can turn this kayak on a dime to avoid a strainer, or that clumsy first time paddler in your line. Now the cons. The hull oil cans easily, but that doesn't seem to harm the performance. It leaks water around the retractable skeg, but not too bad. Water collects in the seating area, which is uncomfortable in cold weather, but I expect Liquid Logic did not expect the average paddler would paddle this kayak in cold weather. I wish it had a better bottle holder. In summary, I love my Liquid Logic Coupe because there is really nothing else that competes with it, it is in a class by itself, as a sit-on-top crossover.

Love it. Great sit-on-top for…

Submitted by: judycarman on 5/5/2016
Love it. Great sit-on-top for swim, surf, etc. without capsizing, easy to get back on. Very stable, easy to load,but slow. On long passages into the wind, you wish for a sea kayak, but this is great for class 2 rivers, lakes, short voyages. Wheel in back so one person can move it. Small skeg can be lowered and helps a lot in wind and rough water. We bought rubber plugs for the self draining holes so we could kayak in cold weather. Bungees in back and room for several days camping equipment.

I own two Coupe sit-on-top…

Submitted by: jkwhite7 on 8/31/2015
I own two Coupe sit-on-top kayaks which I have paddled flat through class three water. They are very stable and have the most comfortable seat I know, so long hours on the river or lake or no problem. The coupe performs best on class one and two rivers. It has a drop down skeg which makes it track well on flat water river sections, but it handles like a whitewater boat on faster rivers. It surfs very well, and you can buy knee braces which helps when you take it on a class III river. Although it tracks well on flat water, you will struggle to keep up with a group of paddlers with longer sit-in kayaks. If you only want to own one boat, and you plan to paddle different classes of water, I would recommend the Coupe.

I have not experienced a lot…

Submitted by: paddler232905 on 10/1/2014
I have not experienced a lot of different type kayaks but I can not imagine being more satisfied with a boat than I am with the coupe. The wheel makes transporting to water much easier and much preferable to dragging. The retractable skeg makes tracking a dream and quick maneuvers are only a flip of the skeg lever away. I paddle several close by lakes and the Snake River water trails love the freedom and nature sights provided by this excellent kayak. Would have one of each color if I had my druthers.

Bought the Coupe for…

Submitted by: Seabass on 9/5/2014
Bought the Coupe for portability and comfort. It is very comfortable even for extended trips. It maneuvers well in fast water and tracks well with the skeg down when cruising. The only negative is the recessed handle on one side is awkward for lifting the boat up on the roof, the plus side is it fairly lightweight.
Overall, this is a great multi-purpose boat.

I bought this kayak hoping…

Submitted by: paddler235336 on 9/11/2013
I bought this kayak hoping for something that would be as much at home in the waves of the Gulf of Mexico and the rapids the Cahaba River as it is the flat water of my local lakes/ponds.

The short answer is: It is and more.
The longer answer is : It is stable, comfortable, relatively light, durable, mobile when the skeg is up, straight as an arrow when the skeg is down, easy to load/transport and most of all- plain old fun. That IS the point, right?


Recently I decided to add a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2013
Recently I decided to add a sit-on-top kayak to my growing collection. I purchased the Liquidlogic Coupe because I wanted the capability of use for lakes and use for rivers including some whitewater. I have a sit-in touring kayak and recreational kayak already. I am comparing the Coupe to my other kayaks.

The Coupe is a very comfortable kayak to sit in for hours. I love the seat. Cushy. I love that I can add thigh braces for whitewater. It is great having a cubby hole in reach, too. And the wheel! LOVE IT!

This is a fairly heavy kayak compared to what I already own. I really like the wheel on the kayak. I can easily get it to the water. I use the boatloader by Yakima on my SUV and let the wheel end rest on the bar while I load it. So the wheel helps here in that the kayak doesn't slip while loading it.

The kayak has a drop down skeg that really works well on the lakes. I find it handy that I can pull it up or let it down at anytime. It really does make a difference having it down to paddle straight. And just pull it up and you can turn fairly quickly. I haven't tried it on whitewater yet. Currently I really don't want to get that many scratches since it is still new. Maybe later.

All in all, I am glad I purchased this kayak. I think the price is reasonable. The kayak has a lot of great features. And really compared to most sit-on-tops the weight is on the light end. I really like this kayak for the summer. I can drench myself with splashing water and it just drains out.
I would recommend this kayak as a great cross-over kayak for lakes as well as rivers.


Rode the Coupe before buying…

Submitted by: hotlap on 7/11/2012
Rode the Coupe before buying yesterday,and found things I did not like. Water came in and stayed under the seat. All but impossible to mount on car with just person due to the yak not having a side handles. There is a cut out kind of thing that does not work for a man or woman. Not as stable as my Tarpon 100. I would not recommend to a friend

I bought the LL coupe last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/2/2012
I bought the LL coupe last fall and finally got to take it out recently. This is my first SOT kayak, I usually paddle a canoe and needed something smaller and lighter that I could paddle anywhere and the Coupe fits the bill. My only gripe is that it IS a soggy ride. Water has a tendency to come in through the scupper holes in rough water. I simply got some hard foam balls and plugged up the front holes...problem solved.

It has decent primary stability and great secondary stability as it takes waves and rapids with ease and I never feel it will tip. This thing is all over the place without the skeg though, although I can see how it would help in whitewater. I use this thing for fishing and it is much easier to get around in than my canoe. The Coupe is a great all around kayak that can do just about anything you want to do on the water and it won't break the bank.


I bought the Liquid Logic…

Submitted by: paddler234128 on 7/12/2011
I bought the Liquid Logic Coupe because I wanted a cross-over kayak I could use in flat water, light rapids, and the ocean surf. As a comparison, I also have an Ocean Kayak Frenzy. They both perform quite well for all three categories listed above. The Frenzy is actually a bit better for beginners in ocean surf because the hull design allows for the kayak to stay on course easier than the coupe when surfing down waves. The Coupe has the advantage once you get some skills under your belt. The Coupe will out-perform the Frenzy in whitewater situations and will carry more. I enjoy both kayaks.

One issue with the Coupe in ocean waves is that mine takes on a lot of water. I always need to lift it up and drain out the water from the plug after I use it. The Frenzy didn't take on nearly as much water. I think water is getting in the boat from the hatches. The next time I take it to the ocean, I might use some plastic wrap and rubber bands to supplement the hatch covers.

I like the integrated wheel on the Coupe. It comes in handy when I need to move the kayak over hard ground. Over sand, though, I drag it from the back. It's a good cross-over boat.


Just paddled my new Coupe and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/1/2010
Just paddled my new Coupe and love it! The Coupe is like having two boats for the price of one! First, this boat can paddle everything very well. It's a very stable boat suitable for beginners on lakes and bays... flatwater. It has a skeg that can be controlled easy. The skeg increases tracking on the flats. But, raise the skeg and now you have a boat that turns a lot easier...key to when you take it on rivers with eddies. After paddling the coupe on the lake and the River, I sold my Pelican. The Coupe just paddles better on both flat and moving water. It's so stable I could stand up in flat water... really! For the money I think you get two boats... one for rivers, because it turns, can ferry, goes through waves pretty good. With the Coupes skeg down it goes straight easily with little effort. There just isn't a boat to compare to the Coupe. I saw a video on the Liquid Logic Site of a guy rolling it at a pool session....going to try that!