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I have enjoyed this Kayak for…

Submitted by: Jcorocker on 5/21/2020
I have enjoyed this Kayak for several years. Have used her for exercise and for photography endeavors.

A strong and sturdy kayak…

Submitted by: paddler438661 on 6/11/2018

A strong and sturdy kayak that launches fairly easily. The storage hatch is way too small, so I had to cut mine out with a dremmel tool. Now I can use all the space inside behind the seat. This kayak doesn't track all that well and requires quite a bit of shallow paddle work. Biggest issue is that the seat back is not permanently attached. It "pops" into a fitting and has adjustment straps, but pops back out of the fitting CONSTANTLY while in the water, requiring me to reach behind myself and reattach the seat back. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this issue because it takes a lot of joy out of the experience of kayaking.


Mine was a retirement gift.…

Submitted by: Moongypsy on 1/9/2018

Mine was a retirement gift. It’s a nice thought, but I knew they never liked me.

I’ve had it out three times. The boat earned the name Squirrelly Pig. It tracks awfully, so paddle work is absolutely necessary. Many small draws at the water work better than large deep draws, unless you like correcting. Odd currents also pull this boat horribly.

Get a good paddle. Mine came without, so I opted for a very light Bending Branches. Unless you want to always be playing catch-up, or sweating profusely. Even out dinking this boats a spinner, and always the wrong way.

Not that I worry about sinking, but I added extra flotation because the nose loves to dive. It also pitches me left in the seat, so I constantly readjust.

Not that this boat is all bad I am able to get on the water quicklyish. The tiny hatch did hold my lunch, and the size gets me out of license hassles.


Great material, very…

Submitted by: adam815 on 8/24/2016
Great material, very portable, and lightweight. Would definitely buy another one if I had more time to get out more. Very aerodynamic. Great product!!

Nice kayak at a low price.…

Submitted by: paddler236893 on 6/23/2016
Nice kayak at a low price. However, one of the rivets that hold the foot brace popped off. Not a good design because that created a hole for water to get in. I drilled and installed a screw to fix. It seems ok so far. I've only had it for a year and a half - this should not be happening.

Great beginners kayak bought…

Submitted by: dbhain on 7/1/2015
Great beginners kayak bought for my girlfriend's birthday at a good price. Hull material is not as hard or thick as I would want, but no holes yet. Drain plug is in perfect spot for cleaning. Handle at front, back and one on either side of inside of the cockpit make for easy carrying. With wider base than my own, I noticed that it was harder for me to paddle in a straight line and windier weather turned me around much faster than in my own, however on calm water it is very stable. Definitely a great beginners recreational flatwater kayak.

Great General purpose kayak.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2014
Great General purpose kayak. Wide cockpit with multiple position footrests. Deep hull tracking channels and sharp keel for improved speed and tracking. Lightweight. Good for adults and kids alike.