Name: dbhain

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I found the best way to get these on my break apart paddle was by wetting them first. Slide the grips into place and effectively prevent blisters and sore hands after a long day of paddling. Longest trip with them so far has been 3 hours and they did not slide down the shaft at all.

Got to use this paddle board while on an excursion in Mexico. First time on a paddle board and was impressed with this one. Even in decent surf was able to stay upright for awhile. It is a stable paddleboard and the grips on the deck helped me keep my footing. Seemed very sturdy and well made.

Deck covering provides traction and grip. Well made.



I love this paddle. It has been used for 1 full year now and no wear or tear. Very durable fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic blades with a corrosion resistant aluminum shaft. It is a break apart paddle and weighs in at 2 pounds 3 ounces. Has done well on all flat water trips.

I have used this kayak around 15 times so far this season. The material it is made with is durable, ran over/got stuck on a cement block and no damage. It easily picks up speed and stays on course while paddling. Comfortable seat and 21" wide cockpit make for a relaxing day on the water. Back hatch has not leaked once. Only design flaw for me is that when sitting I can not reach the gear hammock that is in front inside the cockpit, however there is still a ton of accessible places for gear. Overall great kayak.

Great beginners kayak bought for my girlfriend's birthday at a good price. Hull material is not as hard or thick as I would want, but no holes yet. Drain plug is in perfect spot for cleaning. Handle at front, back and one on either side of inside of the cockpit make for easy carrying. With wider base than my own, I noticed that it was harder for me to paddle in a straight line and windier weather turned me around much faster than in my own, however on calm water it is very stable. Definitely a great beginners recreational flatwater kayak.

I absolutely love this storage system. Living in an apartment with no storage space I was on the hunt for something to hold my kayak and not take up a lot of livable space. I hung this system so the bottom of the J was around the height of my shoulder. This allows me to easily put up and take down the kayak, and have it up high enough that I still have room underneath to place a computer desk or other furniture. Now living in a new apartment with a garage, I use the hybrid feature utilizing the straps to hang my bike upside down so my outdoor gear is off to the side and slimlined against the wall leaving room for my car. Product is very sturdy and strong.

This rugged camera comes with me on every adventure. When hiking or geocaching I don't worry about dropping it due to it's rugged design and is shockproof to withstand a drop at 6.5 feet. Plus the built in GPS is great to use as a backup when my Garmin is jumpy in the woods.

I absolutely this camera for kayaking as it is waterproof to a depth of 33 feet. I purchased the Panasonic camera float to go with it just in case it does fall into the water. I have even used this underwater while snorkeling and came back with amazing shots, and not one problem with the camera after being completely submerged. Also, the battery life is decent but I always carry a spare on long trips.
I recommend this camera to everyone.

I use this on my 2005 Subaru Outback and have mainly been using it to transport two recreational kayaks. It works wonderfully, easy and quick to load and unload, folds down when not in use. Furthest trip with them on top was around two hours going speeds up to 70mph and they did not budge an inch.