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Name: Moongypsy

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Mine was a retirement gift. It’s a nice thought, but I knew they never liked me.

I’ve had it out three times. The boat earned the name Squirrelly Pig. It tracks awfully, so paddle work is absolutely necessary. Many small draws at the water work better than large deep draws, unless you like correcting. Odd currents also pull this boat horribly.

Get a good paddle. Mine came without, so I opted for a very light Bending Branches. Unless you want to always be playing catch-up, or sweating profusely. Even out dinking this boats a spinner, and always the wrong way.

Not that I worry about sinking, but I added extra flotation because the nose loves to dive. It also pitches me left in the seat, so I constantly readjust.

Not that this boat is all bad I am able to get on the water quicklyish. The tiny hatch did hold my lunch, and the size gets me out of license hassles.

OMG heaven... my paddling improved monumentally. I borrowed my neighbors offset carbon fiber with smaller blades and worked my butt off trying to get my cheap boat not to dog walk across the water.

I’ve had much better control with the Navigator. Even though I’ve been kayaking flat water, sloughs have weird currents that are grabby. This light paddle flicks quickly to either side for more efficient corrections.