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This is a front running K1…

Submitted by: cliffrnatp on 1/19/2008
This is a front running K1 for sprints or marathons with just a little more stability than the tippiest K1s. Mine is a club (glass) layup. I also have a full carbon Plastex Destroyer, a Javelin, and a V10 ski.

I bought this boat because my nearest paddling spot is a river with many water skiers, and it is just plain annoying to paddle the Destroyer there (rated a 1 for stability). I thought the Sino would be better. It is noticeably more stable, but is still clearly a flatwater boat with low volume that is easily swamped, and can send you scrambling with boat wakes. I believe the Sino is based on a Plastex design, and both hulls look very very similar, with the Sino being only slightly wider at the waterline and just a touch more rounded. The seat and adjustable foot bar are the same design, and the seats are actually interchangeable.

I will leave top speed to the experts, but for my paddling, I am actually faster in the Sino due to the increased stability. The Javelin feels much more stable than the Sino, but does not get out of the water like the Sino and Destroyer. The odd thing is that I am a little unhappy with the Sino for one reason only: it is way too similar to the Destroyer, and now I have essentially two of the same boat. That is pretty funny considering the Destroyer is over $3500 new, and the Sino in glass is $1700. I would sell the Destroyer first actually, partly because the Sino is new rules and much sleeker looking. Even in glass, the Sino is very strong and the components are first rate. The seat platform in the Sino is a solid composite, and looks beefy as they get. How many old K1s with rotten wood bases have we seen?

Tracking is excellent. At 190 lbs, I feel at the top of the weight capacity, but I fit in just fine, and have plenty of foot clearance (6'1" tall, 32"waist, size 11 feet). The seat and push bar are widely accommodating. Having put the Sino side by side to another K1 from another country (oh, lets say some river in Canada), there was no comparison. The Kayakpro is hands down a better built boat, and significantly less money. A great boat for the money.