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Jimmy Styks
11' 6" (Costco) Reviews

Read reviews for the 11' 6" (Costco) by Jimmy Styks as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I’m having the same issue as…

Submitted by: paddler777 on 9/21/2020
I’m having the same issue as paddler466102 but I bought mine at the end of 2018. I took my board out 4 times total since due to surgeries. The quality just isn’t there apparently.

I purchased the Jimmy styks…

Submitted by: paddler466102 on 10/10/2018

I purchased the Jimmy styks Monsoon inflatable paddle board at Costco in the spring of 2017. They don't sell it anymore so it's probably pointless to leave a review but I'm curious if others have had the same issues I'm having. I used it last summer and this summer and I love the board however its falling apart. Toward the end of last summer a couple of the foam ridges on the deck pad started to peel back and curl up. This summer many more of them started to peel and curl. It's only a matter of time before they come off completely. The bag to carry the board in started falling apart after just 3- 4 uses. Also, the 3 piece paddle is great and convenient but the red locking mechanism that holds the top and middle pieces together started falling out at the beginning of this summer. It was a pain but I put it back in and made it work. About a month ago the red piece fell out while I was paddling and fell into the lake so now my paddle is being held together by duct tape. I submitted my issues to customer service through the Jimmy Styks website twice but never heard back. I expect it to hold up better than it has after only a few months of use. I can only use it 3 months of the year where I live so it wasn't used very much before it started falling apart.


Good board so far. However,…

Submitted by: paddler460838 on 8/9/2018

Good board so far. However, is an electric pump available? Would be ideal in my situation. JS



Submitted by: E-Crisp on 8/21/2017

I am on my 2nd board, from Costco; my bag fell apart after 2 uses... took it back, ordered another one, came in 2 days... works great so far, the paddle is a bit heavy, however, the fin will not stay in, glad I found it on the bottom of the lake, and I am not sure what to do. I have emailed the company with no reply. any suggestions as to how to put the fin in & keep it in?


Stay away from Jimmy Styks inflatables

Submitted by: paddler374377 on 7/10/2017

used it 6 times, blew a seam while it was sitting on the bow of my boat and the pressure was set at around 8 the day before at 3PM. No warranty coverage. NEVER AGAIN !!


Oh man! Where do I begin? I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/14/2016
Oh man! Where do I begin? I noticed hairline cracks on my board, more so on the fin box. I called customer service (JS not Costco) and Veronica told me that it is common to see this happen but since I've only had it for less than a month, she told me to swap it out with Costco since I didn't get it directly through JS. I didn't really feel like taking it back so then she suggested a few DIY videos and sent me the link via email. Needless to say, I did the repair myself and I was back out on the water the next day, with a body suit of course (water is a bit colder- sure does wake ya up). Then, I notice my zipper broke (looks like cheap material to me) without hesitation she placed an order for me- i can't wait to get it in. Pros Board rides excellent for the price Cons Parts look cheap. The fin could be of better quality. You get what you pay for. Still a good product though. Usage Touring - Just to Chill

we have had our 208 for less…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/24/2016
we have had our 208 for less than 30 days and there are hair line cracks around the fin box. Contacted JS and was told this is a common issue and to repair it myself with epoxy glue. What is that? I have owned the boards for less than 30 days and I have to repair it. DO NOT BUY Jimmy Styks Boards there garbage. Pros Price but I guess you get what you pay for. Cons have to repair hair line cracks around the fin box less than 30 days after purchase. I rated it one star because it wont let me give it no stars. Usage cant use now that its taking on water

I purchased two JS 208 Hybrid…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/24/2016
I purchased two JS 208 Hybrid on 7/31/16. Today 8/24/16 I had to return because both boards had hair line cracks at the top and bottom of the fin box. Pros I purchased from Costco, so returning these low quality boards was hassle free. Thank You Costco. Cons Jimmy Styks one year warranty. I contacted the JS warranty department with my defected board issues. JS response was for me to watch a video on you tube on how to repair my boards. What the hell kind of answer is that? I have had these boards less than 30 days. Do not do business with JS!! Usage

I bought two of these boards…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2016
I bought two of these boards for rentals at my shop on the lake. They have held up nicely. They are stable on the water and the soft top makes them super comfortable. All my customers have enjoyed them! Pros Cons Usage

Great entry level SUP.…

Submitted by: birdlegs on 8/1/2016
Great entry level SUP. Reasonable weight and priced right. Pros Very stable. Easy to install and remove fin. Cons Came with an adjustable paddle, but the "lock" on the adjuster snapped after about a year. Usage Exercise/touring.

A good solid board overall...…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2016
A good solid board overall... paddle is not great I replaced that... mainly use for flat calm waters... this board tracks well not fantastic but its not like your trying to steer it all the time... Board is heavy and could use a cargo net and more attachement points in my opinion Pros - good for flat water - tracks well - stable Cons - heavy Usage light use on flat lakes

Love SUP Boarding! Always…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/17/2016
Love SUP Boarding! Always wanted to learn how to surf but live in the Mid-west, so the next BEST thing is Paddle Boarding! I live only 3 mins. from a lake and in a county that has up to 11 lakes in the surrounding area! Pros I like the size! It is a great size and shape for what I need Cons Would like more graphics? Usage Usage, exercise and sharing lessons with other newcomers to SUP Boarding. Hoping to get a SUP Club together!

Loved it....I was a first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/15/2016
Loved it....I was a first timer....so amazing to glide across the water. The board was easy to use, amazing amazing board!!!!! It was easy to carry. Placing it in the water was so manageable, I took a step on and suddenly I was gliding, completely apart of the gentle water under me....it was truly awesome. Pros Colour, weight, manageability, paddle, Cons Nothing! It was fantastic! Usage Evening tour on the water....calm, enjoyable, peaceful!".....loved it!

Really looking forward to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/3/2016
Really looking forward to getting into this sport as I'm a avid Moutain bike rider and looking for a great upper body workout to balance the lower body workout from riding 50 miles a week( single track of coarse🚵) Pros The versatility and general shape size and weight Cons Nothing it's a beautiful board .... Well I would like to see it in purple and pink graphics Usage Lakes to excersise

This looks like the perfect…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/27/2016
This looks like the perfect beginner board for me. Pros Good for beginners since I prefer a more stable board until I am ready to advance. Cons Usage Exercise, recreational fun on our Texas lakes and in flat water at the beach.

I love this board. We are…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2016
I love this board. We are beginners but active and it's stable enough but turns and maneuvers much better than the rental boards we used in Mexico Pros light enough to carry. Fairly stable. Turns easily. Cons Can't come up with any Usage touring and exercise

All around touring board, ok…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/13/2016
All around touring board, ok for a beginner looking to cruise flat water, would use for surf or racing. Not the best but a good value. Pros Solid construction, looks good Cons Not versatile, tippy Usage Touring only

Beginner type board so was…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/1/2016
Beginner type board so was fairly stable in larger chop. Ease on flatwater but not very quick in the open. Handy in that it comes complete with all you need (Costco) to get started paddling (paddle, bag, leash). Good starter board but not highly durable so careful around rocks. Pros Price and accessories. Good to start on. Cons Not real fast on open water. Usage Recreational flatwater cruising.

I live in Sarasota FL and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/30/2016
I live in Sarasota FL and have used the Beaver from Costco for over a year now... when I say I have used it, I mean just about every Tuesday or Wednesday evening a group of us go out for a night paddle (lights under the board), 5-8miles and most weekends. Can you tell I love it, this year I have already purchased the 'JS' 208 Scout that Costco is selling for a friend for the same price as the Beaver, same dimensions different color. My wife and Friend have the Scout Extreme as they sold out on the Beaver last year, indestructible board, but weighs 38lbs. Still not a problem. Pros I like it in the surf (we only get small surf unfortunately)Great in light crop and perfect in calm water, done some trips down the Myakka river with the gators. Overall I love it. Cons I cannot use it more... people complaining about weight, shame on you 32 Lbs, buy some weights and build some strength or just use your Sup "MORE" Usage Any activity is exercise, if you love doing it, you will want to do it more. I love using it in the surf, I am getting pretty good... surfed & windsurfed when I was young (51 young now)

Like all inflated sup, very…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/26/2016
Like all inflated sup, very compact perfect for traveling. The sup itself is good quality except for accessories, Lost the fin on my first try on flat water. The retainer pin is plastic made. Had to order one from Jimmy styks and pay the price cause they did not want to replace it on warrenty. When i receive the new fin they made modification and replace the plastic pin with a stainless bolt. After a few run the aluminium paddle broke. Pros Verry stable on flat water. Compact for travel. Cons Accessories poor quality. Customer service average. Usage Touring and small surf.

Experienced SUP'r wanted…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/19/2016
Experienced SUP'r wanted something rugged for rivers. I bought this to use in area rivers where I was worried debris or rocks might damage my hard SUP. Its perfect for what I needed. May also keep it in trunk for days I dont have time to come home for hard board. Pros Comes with everything you need to get started; just add practice. Package includes backpack, leash, fin, board and good pump with gauge. Board has good stability -inflates to be nearly as hard as my hard board. Six inches thick - adds stability and keeps my feet up out of the water. No bend - I'd been hesitant about inflatables because I'd seen other SUP'ers looking like they were riding bananas - that hasn't been the case. The board, backpack and pump are better than I expected at this price point. For price point - the SUP is a 5. Marking it down for paddle but for price point - it looks like the only place where compromises were made. Cons Paddle feels clunky. Keep it as a spare and get a nice lighter paddle. Usage Slow rivers, flatwater lakes, fitness, exercise and to hold my cooler.

This is a great general all…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/11/2016
This is a great general all around board. Lots of width, length and great balance. Makes a great starter board for most folks and can also be great for the kids to run around on. Price point is fantastic to get started with board, bag, and paddle! I feel its even affordable for a family to get started with a couple of boards in the SUP world to see if its something they would like to expand on. Pros economical, great for kids as well as adults, added value getting a bag and paddle with purchase Cons If your to heavy the board may be a bit small for you Usage exercise and touring

I live less than 100 yards…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/3/2016
I live less than 100 yards from a lake and have owned two tandem kayaks, a Laser sailboat, and a 26' Cobalt boat for use on the lake. I decided to consider a SUP as a way to get a workout in, early in the day. The wind kicks up on my lake no later than 10:00, so I would be forced to get my workout in before 10:00 and be done for the day (I work from home). I saw the Beaver at Costco and called my wife...the fellow next to me said he'd paid that much for a used board (w/o any accessories). I bought the board and hit the water, by the end of the Summer I was 24 lbs. lighter and thoroughly addicted. I LOVE THIS BOARD!!! I've sold the Cobalt, the Laser, and one of my tandem kayaks was stolen. I haven't been on the other kayak since I bought my Beaver! Pros Durable, easy to set up, incredible value. Super happy with my purchase. Cons As said in other reviews, a little heavy. Mine seems to track more toward the right, causing me to paddle asymmetrically (8 strokes on the left versus 4 on the right). Usage Use it for my morning workout, but it is touring as well. It's my morning meditation...can't say enough good thigs about this board.

Great SUP for lakes and slow…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/19/2015
Great SUP for lakes and slow rivers... only! Pros Stable, beautiful, light paddle, good for beginners. Cons A bit heavy, soft fiber and cumbersome to carry. Usage exercise, touring.

Great board!! My first one…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2015
Great board!! My first one and love the durability. A bit heavy but is very stable in the water. Perfect for the lakes in Central Oregon. Great for older and younger kids! Pros Stability Cons A bit heavy Usage Exercise,touring

Purchased the display from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2015
Purchased the display from Costco, bottom of board were it was standing straight up in store was slightly damaged. Used 2x in salt water and noticed the fiberglass was cracking and chipping off. Also small discoloration bruises in fiberglass. I returned the board within two weeks of having it. I am dissapinted. Pros Handled well in the water. Paddle included with board was nice and light. Cons Fiberglass was not holding up well in salt water and two uses in a two week period. Usage Exercise and touring.

We just bought 2 from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/16/2015
We just bought 2 from Costco.. LOVE LOVE.. so beautiful! Perfect for my husband and our 2 littles.. Pros EVERYTHING. stable, beautiful, design, weight.. Cons Nothing Usage Exercise and just paddling around.

Bought the paddle board…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2015
Bought the paddle board package at Costco. Had an issue with the zipper on the carrying case. Contacted the company at jimmystyks.com. Responded same day. Shipping replacement the very next day. Excellent customer service! Pros The design of the board. Wood grain is beautiful! The bag & lightweight paddle in the package are great! This is our second board (first one was a different brand which cracked) and we will be getting another one from costco next year. Stable even when waves from boats hit it. Cons Wasn't happy when zipper broke but am very happy with the customer service to take care of the problem. Usage Touring the puget sound.

I bought this board from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2015
I bought this board from Costco a few weeks ago and have used it only on calm lake waters. My cattle dog loves to ride on this with me and thanks to the long deck cover and cargo straps, there is plenty of room for him and lunch and PFD. Nice paddle and very nice storage bag. Pros Light, nice paddle and storage bag. Cons Not a thing. Usage Touring and exercise....maybe some flyfishing and river cruising as well.

Wanted a sup for a long time,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/25/2015
Wanted a sup for a long time, a freind suggested a jimmy styks from costco, we have been indebted to him ever since! Fantastic board! We live near the ocean and use it quite frequently! Pros Price is more than reasonable Cons A touch heavy but manageable Usage Touring

Great board for the price…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/24/2015
Great board for the price point. Used it in flat water. It was responsive and fun for a beginner board. I haven't had a chance to use it on the ocean just yet but I will be doing that at the end of the month. Pros Price was great Cons A little heavy. Usage Touring

Overall: Great value at $699…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/17/2015
Overall: Great value at $699 at my local Costco. This is a great SUP for beginners. I have used it on slow flowing rivers and flat lakes with ease. Easy to carry and transport. I am really happy about my purchase and wish I could go out on the river even more often to paddle around on this SUP. I ended up buying a second one for my wife too. Pros Easy to transport Feels like a great quality board low cost Easy to ride Cons i have no negatives for this SUP at this price. You will not be disappointed. Usage I use it for touring, exercise

Great board great price and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/16/2015
Great board great price and I am enjoying it very much! Pros Price makes it affordable for nearly anyone to start the sport. Cons A little Heavy but I'm used to Gorge sized windsurfers. Usage Exercise

The model is the single fin…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2015
The model is the single fin Beaver and is a great beginner/intermediate flat water recreational board. Pros The integrated deck pad, tie down cord, and self venting design are nice features and the board is otherwise aesthetically very nice (wood grain graphics). The board is not as heavy as I thought it would be and my wife carries it easily. The slide fin box allows you to adjust the fin for tracking preference, and the board does paddle well even in a slight wind. It comes with paddle, bag, leash and a few spare parts. Cons No complaints yet, it works as expected. Usage I have not tested it except on flat lake water but for that purpose it is entirely fun to paddle. This is a beginner/intermediate board and works for that purpose.

This board is great for price…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/13/2015
This board is great for price and handling. Light weight easy to carry. I carry on a roof rack has to be light. Only used on ocean calm to choppy handles great. Will be using on lakes soon don't see a problem. Pros Light easy to handle runs smooth. Looks great as well. Cons A little long at 11.6 if you are small to carry but its light. Usage Touring work out on ocean soon on lakes.

Super HAPPY with this Amazing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/2/2015
Super HAPPY with this Amazing board ! Pros Easy to handle. Beautifully made and designed. Great family fun for all ages. Cons No bad commit Usage Touring and exercise

Good board for beginners very…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2014
Good board for beginners very stable! Pros Affordable and fun for beginners! Cons A bit heavy for loading and unloading. Usage Mostly for touring and exercise.

Love the board! I've been…

Submitted by: daisywreath on 7/2/2014
Love the board! I've been kayaking for the past 4 or 5 years and standing up is awesome! It feels very stable on small inland lakes, even during windy conditions. I have yet to try river boarding, but I feel confident this board will work well. Pros It's light, easy to carry, and moves well in the water. The foam padding on the top is gentle on your feet and knees. Cons As I've said, I love the board. This comment is in general. I didn't realize when I made the purchase it should be stored in a relatively cool area. Michigan summers can really heat up a garage. So, identifying a decent storage place is my only complaint. Usage The board was purchased for recreation and exercise.

good entry level all around…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/28/2014
good entry level all around board Pros nice looking, affordable, works well in downwind surf, planes up easily. Cons Poorly conceived venting system, somewhat soft and deforms if set for any time on an uneven surface like a small rock hidden in grass. The adjustable carbon paddle does not hold it's adjusted position well Usage All around use in a not for profit stand up paddling club: The Gorge SUPer Club, Inc in Hood River OR