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it’s a uniquely designed &…

Submitted by: paddler2423336 on 11/7/2022

it’s a uniquely designed & built kayak. I know of no other matching boat and I have owned and paddled 60 or more kayaks of every design and construction.

It’s not really a Starter Yak. You prolly won’t understand or appreciate it. That’s just where you are and that’s okay.

It fits a whole gamut of profiles as a yak. That’s a hard line to paddle. It’s very unique. It does it all well and it’s a lightweight boat with gorgeous lines. And it’s fast, with sweet glide that’s very nice when racing .

I can’t believe I read this whole diatribe of a review on this yak….cause a paddler didn’t realize that they owned the boat and could make it whatever they wanted it to be. Every yak, sup, canoe or whatever you have can be rigged out completely to be whatever you want it to be. I have done this endlessly and fearlessly. You can get the stuff for nothing online. Padeyes or ringlets or whatever they call them. I have bought them in black, white and bronze. Bungee material can be bought in dozens of colors and diameters. I have color matched tricolor boats with 3 different colors of bungee. The best boat is the one you build for yourself and you alone. Some people completely expose weak mental stance while reviewing a product…I will never understand it.

I own a yellow version of this yak with no rudder. It helps massively to be able to hip steer or edge this yak in certain conditions. Go Full Race Brace in this one. Tie in tight. Use your lower body and get the full workout that paddling can give. Is it a Fitness, Race or Overnight Yak? It can do all of that. It can do more. It’s a lightweight with beautiful lines. It’s fast. It’s not for beginners. It’s not designed for that.

Buy one if you can. I got big time lucky on mine. She has another and I want that one too. I would buy a 3rd one after that. My 11 year son and 14 year daughter fight over this boat. I need at least 2 more Cat 5’s. My kids have been paddling 4 Summers now. I put them in every kinda yak I can. They both own two yaks and a SUP each. Yet they fight over the Cat 5. They both learned how to cut/edge the yak almost instantly. They have passed me on The Holston like I was standing still. They love paddle powered speed and that’s the essence of the design.


I recently purchased a used…

Submitted by: tmornstar on 5/23/2013
I recently purchased a used Hurricane Category 5. Similarly to a previous reviewer, I have had more than 30 years of paddling experience in a wide variety of kayaks. I paddle just about every day as a part of my fitness routine and this boat fits the bill perfectly. The boat is a dream to paddle – enough to get me out on the water when I need a little push.

The Category 5 carves turns like a sports car hugs a rural road curve. The boat is very fast as noted by other reviewers. At an hour-long workout pace, the boat easily holds a 5.5 mph to 6.0 pace. One reviewer noted that there is no deck rigging on the fore deck. I found this as a good thing as we all have our own personal ideas as what works best. I easily added the decking on my boat and outfitted the boat to accommodate my model GPS and water bottle, map, etc. The previously noted sounds from the bow-wake come from the slight-sloping bow to increase the waterline of the boat. I have found that the bow's slight-sloping bow may snag and wrap leaves or grass more easily than a more exaggerated bow. This is such a minor issue, in my opinion, but noted here only in response to a previous reviewer.

In short, double thumbs-up on the Hurricane Category 5.


I own this boat because she's…

Submitted by: paddler234979 on 4/30/2013
I own this boat because she's light and fast. Since I am 158 pounds, the boat has perfect balance and stability. The bad reviews usually come from the 200 pound and over crowd. The boat is designed to perform for the under 200 pound crowd. For me at 6'1" and 158 pounds of love, she's just right.

I've only day paddled this…

Submitted by: FrankNC on 8/24/2010
I've only day paddled this boat for one afternoon, but I wanted to add my comments after reading the other reviews. I thought this boat was amazingly fast for it's short 15'3" length. I "arm paddled" it to about 6.5 mph on my gps even without the foot pegs being set up. It does tend to turn whenever you stop paddling but it is controllable when you keep paddling in flat water. It is a flat water fitness design not a sea kayak so I'd compare it to Olympic K1's and other narrow racing designs. It is only 23 inches wide just behind the seat. The rest of the boat is very much narrower than a sea kayak but still a little wider than a K1 or a surf ski. It is much more stable than a K1 or a surfski.

At 5'10" , 225 , and size 12 feet I'm a pretty tight fit for this boat. The Factory Rep said it was designed for people under 200 pounds. So it was not the most comfortable boat for me but it was in the top three most comfortable sit inside kayaks I have tried. When I loose another 25 pounds I plan to try it again. If it fits better I will buy it and ad a rudder for windy days. It really does reward paddling faster with faster speed. It is very light and very inexpensive for a fitness boat. As it is so short maybe I could race in the Rec boat class and do well.


Unfortunately I'd like to…

Submitted by: brownmattei on 7/27/2010
Unfortunately I'd like to second many of the comments of the first reviewer. I was looking forward to trying out this new design, but was disappointed with it in several ways - the greatest being the stability. I wasn't bothered by the primary stability, but the tumblehome (beam at waterline being greater than beam at deck) created poor/nonexistent secondary stability. Not good. The other thing that bothered me was the funny bow wave it set up - sort of a gurgling splashy thing. I asked the rep if this was a wave piercing type of design, and why the bow was designed that way, but he was unable to answer.

Before entering into the…

Submitted by: samelnyk on 7/12/2010
Before entering into the review, let me give some background. I have paddled numerous kayaks. Currently, I own a CD Gulfstream, caribou S, solstice, a VCP Aquanaut, and 2 Feathercrafts. I have paddled numerous other boats, but this one tops the list as one of the worse. I realize that it is a specialized boat aimed at exercise but that does not excuse what I feel is poor design.

First of all, the kayak is designed for exercise. Fine, however, that does not excuse certain design features. For example, there is no rigging in front of the cockpit. This rigging would have been useful for storing hydration packs. Even having a day hatch a la Cletus would have been useful. Second, the boat has very low primary stability. This is unusual given that the boat has a 23 inch beam. I have paddled boats with 21 inch beams that have far better primary stability. Third, this boat needs either a skeg or a rudder. This boat has an extremely bad tendency to weathercock in any form of wind or wave.

During a recent paddle in very moderate waves and wind (something that my other boats would have handled well), the boat wanted to go its own. I simply gave up paddling just to see what it would do. Well, it swung around -- driven by the wind and waves. Lets see -- poor design, poor primary stability, excessive windcocking -- not good. That's why this boat rates a 6.