Chair One Compact Folding Chair

by  Helinox

Chair One Compact Folding Chair Description

The original Helinox Chair One ensures everyone has a seat at the table. This lightweight, compact camping and backpacking chair packs smaller and weighs less than a bottle of wine. The collapsible chair’s frame is made from proprietary aluminum alloy, for a maximum strength-to-weight ratio, and setup is easy and fast thanks to a single internal bungee cord that self-assembles the poles. The Helinox Chair One is the perfect easy-to-carry chair for travel, camping and other outdoor adventures.

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Chair One Compact Folding Chair Reviews

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This chair is light and…

Submitted by: paddler413740 on 12/21/2022

This chair is light and comfortable and easy to use. it has held up well


This is the perfect chair to…

Submitted by: AEMPowell on 12/20/2022

This is the perfect chair to tuck inside your boat and then when your group takes a lunch break, yoh can easily assemble your chair and relax while enjoying your lunch. Also a great chair for around the campfire, visiting Grandkids, or even a dorm room chair! Took a little while to learn how to put together but then easy when you learn!


These chairs by Helinox are…

Submitted by: paddler413740 on 2/27/2018

These chairs by Helinox are great I have the chair one it is light weight and easy to pack and set up. It is so nice to have a chair to sit on, better then just setting on a log.


This chair had been getting…

Submitted by: Deannasteckler on 5/11/2016
This chair had been getting great reviews for a reason.. it's compact, light weight, and comfortable. It is pretty expensive ($112CAD) but it comes with a 5 year warranty so i figure a comfortable camp chair for $20 a year is pretty reasonable. Its small enough to fit pretty well anywhere in a kayak or bag. Even if you overload your boat its small enough to fit between your legs or under/behind your seat.

There is a downside however, I have been using it on possibly the worst ground for it.. soft, slopey, fine-silt river bank. With nothing on the legs it sinks into the ground and puts undue pressure on the pole connectors. Therefore, I also picked up one of the Helinox Ground Sheets (size small) which has completely solved the problem. On the super soft terrain, the ground sheet not only stops the legs from sinking, but you can build up the ground underneath it to create a level platform pretty easily. It also fits into the carrying case really well. It is pretty expensive for a mesh sheet ($35CAD) but the corners are reinforced and it's really well built. If you're planning on using the chair one for river camping I highly recommend investing in the ground sheet.


I bought 3 of these compact…

Submitted by: Canadoe on 5/2/2016
I bought 3 of these compact folding chairs for a 5-day canoe outing for me and my boys - all 180+ pounders. They are simple to unpack, set up and repack into an included storage bag, and were the envy of the others in the group - except for the guide who also had one! Although they appear fragile they were solid and comfortable on rock, grass and sand. They are not inexpensive, but we found them more than worth the cost in comfort and convenience.