Name: Deannasteckler

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This chair had been getting great reviews for a reason.. it's compact, light weight, and comfortable. It is pretty expensive ($112CAD) but it comes with a 5 year warranty so i figure a comfortable camp chair for $20 a year is pretty reasonable. Its small enough to fit pretty well anywhere in a kayak or bag. Even if you overload your boat its small enough to fit between your legs or under/behind your seat.

There is a downside however, I have been using it on possibly the worst ground for it.. soft, slopey, fine-silt river bank. With nothing on the legs it sinks into the ground and puts undue pressure on the pole connectors. Therefore, I also picked up one of the Helinox Ground Sheets (size small) which has completely solved the problem. On the super soft terrain, the ground sheet not only stops the legs from sinking, but you can build up the ground underneath it to create a level platform pretty easily. It also fits into the carrying case really well. It is pretty expensive for a mesh sheet ($35CAD) but the corners are reinforced and it's really well built. If you're planning on using the chair one for river camping I highly recommend investing in the ground sheet.

Excellent and versatile beginner/intermediate kayak. Two of these can pack enough gear for 4-5 days for two people if you are a low maintenance camper. It's small enough to maneuver tight corners but tracks fairly straight. A bit strenuous on big flat lakes however, as you can get pushed easily by strong wind. That may be a testament to my small size/power as opposed to the kayaks.