Name: AEMPowell

Most Recent Reviews

Best PDF on the market and I have tried several different brands but NRS fits well and is more comfortable than any other. Love new colors and design and recently purchased a new NRS PFD which I love and have had many complements!

Excellent boat . Easy to track and great boat in all conditions if short or long paddle.

Awesome jacket! Highly recommend!

This is the perfect chair to tuck inside your boat and then when your group takes a lunch break, yoh can easily assemble your chair and relax while enjoying your lunch. Also a great chair for around the campfire, visiting Grandkids, or even a dorm room chair! Took a little while to learn how to put together but then easy when you learn!

My favorite kayak out if all my boats! The 145 can go anywhere, long or short paddle! It tracks well and can survive any condition such as concrete landings, logs or oysters! I highly recommend this boat for all level of paddlers but especially a beginner needing a stable boat!

Even though this kayak is no longer available, if you can find one used you will have a gem! Extremely light, easy to handle and tracks well are just some of its unique features!

Love thus shirt and it is perfect for kayaking! Light with sun protection!

Love this vest! Comfortable! Goes with everything!

Werner paddles are the BEST. I have always used a Werner paddle and enjoy the lightweight carbon paddles especially when paddling long paddles, the lighter the BETTER! Would not go paddling without my Werner paddle! Highly recommend buying either this or any number of the excellent selection of Werner paddles! Most outfitters will help you make a decision on the right Werner paddle for YOU!

Epic kayaks are some of the BEST boats available! One of the owners, Greg Barton is also one of the world's most amazing paddlers. Greg (I think) is the only two time Gold Medalist for kayaking representing USA in the Olympics. Every Epic boat is a superior product including the Epic K1 L. Greg also designed the Winged paddle which is a most have to go with any Epic Kayak! When you want a lightweight FAST boat, this is the one for you!