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Epic V7 Surfski

  • 17' Length
  • 21.25" Width
  • 50 Weight (lbs)
  • $ 1,495 MSRP

Epic V7 Surfski Description

The new Epic V7 sets a new standard for rotomold performance. It is lightweight, extremely efficient, and easy to handle. The V7 is outfitted with the same high quality fittings as every surfski in the Epic lineup, including the carbon fiber footboard and pedals and the hugely popular Epic designed bailer. In addition, it features an aft storage compartment with a lightweight, waterproof hatch that puts the V7 in a class of its own. It offers similar stability to the V8 with the increased durability of a polyethylene kayak. Its capability can be further enhanced with the optional kick up rudder (no modification needed). This combination allows the V7 to be paddled in areas where composites cannot.

Epic V7 Surfski Reviews


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Epic V7 Surfski Specifications

  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Length: 17'
  • Width: 21.25"
  • Deck Height: 14"
  • Primary Material: Polyethylene Plastic
  • Material Description:

    Rotomolded Polyethylene with proprietary core technology and white with integrated graphics 

Epic V7 Surfski Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Hull Shape: V-Bottom
  • Chine: Hard
  • Storage: Stern Hatch
  • Special Characteristics: Surf ski

Recommended Usage

  • Activity Type: Racing/Fitness
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water, Open Water/Ocean
  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult

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Epic V7 Surfski Reviews

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Epic made the v7...

Epic made the v7 indestructible! The surfski is designed to use either a fun or a rudder, the mechanism is simple to adjust and easy to Take apart. We created our own quick assembly of all cables and it made setup and takedown a breeze. Bought 2, got my fiancé hooked on surfskis and she is becoming a very fast paddler. Don’t hesitate! If you want a fast kayak, especially on lakes with no motorized boats this is the kayak for you. And it’s a lot cheaper than a carbon v10. Wish they would make a closed hull sea kayak from the same material.

After eight years of...

After eight years of paddling, I finally graduated to a surf ski. Watching several paddling colleagues attempt to paddle a boat narrower than 20 inches wide I was quite skeptical at my abilities. My initial thoughts first boarding the V7 was that the primary stability was much better than I imagined. In the 2 years I have been paddling it, I have never capsized and feel that it would be pretty difficult actually. It came with a short 8 inch as well as a longer under stern rudder, both of which are extremely responsive. I purchased an over stern kick-up rudder for shallower waters. Installation is a bit challenging and the turning response time is much different.
Are use the V7 primarily in still waters for racing. I have raced on larger, rougher waterways including the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico with no problem. I have surfed a few smaller waves but have not had the chance to do any serious surfing as surf skis are intended to do. I can imagine it would handle remarkably well given my prior experience.
The rotomolded body make this boat ideal for a “beginner” surf ski or for waters that may have debris that would damage a fiberglass or carbon boat. At 37 lbs, it’s light enough for almost anyone to load/unload and fits in most kayak racks without additional positioning devices. Overall, this is my favorite boat (out of 9) and is a great way to work on stroke technique and balance if you plan on progressing to a more narrow ski.

I am in love with this...

I am in love with this surfski, we are rowing them on lakes and ocean, rivers and in pool for capsizing and loading practice. the folding rudder option for lake use is so intuitive and simple to install and use. balance is not an issue and I am 6'7! the v6 was too narrow for me, but these babies are just my size. the fact that they can take a hit and not crack is my favorite thing so far. I am all about speed but some lakes and rivers do have floating surprises and one hit on a very fast session could be a crack on a carbon hull (I have one carbon surfski and it is well pampered and covered). one thing i dont like is the fact you can not paint them, they are white because of the material they are made of and any paint or sticker will not stay on this kayak/surfski.



I bought my V7 in early...

I bought my V7 in early September 2015 and have been paddling it almost every week since then, so I have become very well acquainted with it. I purchased the optional over-the-stern Smart Track kick-up rudder to alternate with the surf rudder because I paddle not only in the sea, but on lakes and rocky rivers as well.

The good:
- Super stable. So stable in fact, that I can rock my hips from side to side without bracing (holding my paddle chest high), to the point of getting water in the seat bucket, and this boat will not flip. You have to really lean over to fall out.
- Very fast. Obviously, at only 17 feet long and 21.25 inches wide it is not competition fast. But it will blow the doors off any sea kayak. It is only slightly slower than the V8.
- Super tough. It is plastic, so banging it against rocks and scraping the bottom on a fast-moving, rocky river is no problem (use the kick-up rudder, obviously). The plastic is very stiff, not a wobbly wet noodle like some poly kayaks. This is due to the stiffening foam layer inside. However, you must still take the same precautions you would with any poly boat. Do not leave it sitting on narrow bars in the heat. It will deform. I know from experience... Still, it popped back to shape with a little time.

The not-so-good:
It is heavy (but you already knew that, right? It's poly). Epic originally advertised a weight of 45 lbs. Subsequently, they had to change that spec to 50. I got 51-52 on my bathroom scale. The fabric hatch cover is cheesy and a pain to put on in the wind, but I was happy to read in another review below that they will make a hard hatch cover available soon.

The bad:
The surf rudder attachment is terrible. I don't know why they chose to use a clamp system for their boats, instead of a simple nut on the top, like Stellar uses, for example. The others attach with a simple nylock nut on the threaded shaft-simple, it works. The V7's rudder has a smooth post with two tiny holes drilled into it. Once the rudder is inserted into the boat, you must insert a tiny pin in the uppermost hole (why it has two, I don't know), then tighten a clamp around the post with two allen bolts. Why?

But the problem that has infuriated me most is the way the rudder cables (cords, really) are tied to the clamp. The clamp has sharp edges, which started fraying one of the cords. If I hadn't noticed, I could have been left without a rudder out in the middle of nowhere. Also, I think there should be a dummy post for when you use the kick-up stern rudder. As it is now, the clamp just floats around loose when the surf rudder is removed.

All in all, apart from these cheesy details, I love the boat. I've had a blast so far and I'm sure I will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

I first paddled the Epic...

I first paddled the Epic V7 about a month ago and was surprised at how stable it is. The ski is a pleasure to look at and has been well fitted out. I particularly like the adjustable peddles and handles front and back.

I didn't rate the ski a 10 out of 10 because the compromise for stability is speed; although this is still a fast ski. I ended up buying the V8 after trying the V7. As I understand it they're the same design just made from different materials. I love my V8 mainly because I take it in the ocean and it's quite stable and great for catching runners.

You can see more about us here:

The V7 is great fun. It...

The V7 is great fun. It is at once stable and responsive, a pleasure to paddle in both mild seas and chop. And it goes almost without saying that the V7 is a bargain among surf skis.

Even so, I must report that the neoprene hatch cover can fail. This happened to me in a surf launch when a wave broke over the boat and collapsed the hatch cover. The V7 swamped, and I was lucky to be close to shore.

I contacted California Canoe and Kayak. Keith, of CC&K, volunteered a new rudder for the one that broke off in surf thrash, and said he would transmit my concerns to Epic.

Then, wanting to forewarn other V7 paddlers as soon as possible, I described the collapsed hatch misadventure in a review sent to They wrote back that they were surprised to learn of this issue and would get in touch with Epic.

Subsequently I heard from Vince Bechet, Epic's Marketing Director, who wrote back that Epic has a design change coming. New V7s will have a hard hatch cover, and current V7 owners will be able to obtain a hard cover retrofit kit. When the hard covers become available, Epic will work with its dealers so they, rather than Epic Kayaks Inc., may contact current customers.

For now, I award my V7 retailer, CC&K, a 10; and the same goes for Epic Kayaks Inc. The V7 ski itself, with the new hard cover, or with the retrofit kit installed, will earn the same.

This is a wonderful boat...

This is a wonderful boat for what it is. I know of at least one person who thought it would be stable, because it is billed as one of the most stable surf skis. It is very stable for a surf ski, but pretty un stable for a kayak. Also the boat does not respond to edging like a typical sea kayak. It was designed for using a rudder and while it is a hoot to remove the rudder and try to paddle it that way, it is best suited for using the rudder and paddling fast.

It is absolutely the most comfortable kayak I've ever paddled so it is my first choice every day I paddle.

While I have enjoyed playing in the surf with it, I would not recommend it as a rough water play boat. This boat is used for getting out through the surf and then working outside the impact zone. It does get out through the surf well and it surfs well, but confused seas are very difficult to paddle.

Finally, a stable...

Finally, a stable affordable surf ski that fits the shorter and lighter paddler. I took up kayaking a few years ago and the first surfski I bought was a used 1st generation V10 Sport that was built and fit a much bigger person than me. On the V10S I was tossed around in waves like a rag doll and did a lot of swimming. I'm just 5'6" tall and weigh 157 lbs.

I love the V7. It fits me and it also fits my 5'2" daughter. I have been paddling the V7 a couple of times a week for the past 2 months and I have not fell out of it yet. Unbelievable! Waves and wakes from motor boats are fun and challenging. I'm getting a great workout and having fun at the same time. This is the fastest plastic boat available in the USA in my opinion. I have been able to knock off 3 minutes in my weekly 2 miles race compared to my Eddyline Nighthawk and 2 minutes quicker than the V10 Sport. Test one out at your local Epic dealer. You'll be glad you did.
- Mark from Rochester NY.

Having left surfsking...

Having left surfsking about the same time as a flat stomach left me many years ago, it was with some hesitation I bought a new V7. My first launch was predictable which probably should have told me it was better not to attempt it from a busy rowing dock on a lake full of board SUP-ers watching the wide guy on the skinny boat. Within minutes though I'd remembered a few basics and was the fastest thing on the water (at least that's how it felt). A few more tumps have followed but it's quite forgiving boat for its dimensions.

Fast forward a month with plenty of practice time in the middle I completed a 10k flat-water race against a mixed field of K1s, kayaks and safari boats. That I finished first by a margin that says more about this boat than this paddler.

Bottom line: surf-skis have always been fun but the learning curve was steep. With the V7 it feels like Epic has found the balance between speed and ease. The boat is beautifully built and being plastic I'm confident in taking it everywhere.

This is a surfski which...

This is a surfski which means it is a sit on top kayak. It is more narrow than the V6 but very stable. It has no knee braces so takes some getting used to. It is Epics only rotomolded kayak or surfski and is $1580 with no tax and free shipping from Kayak Trader dot com. I got the kickup rudder option as I do a lot of shallow water paddling.

I just use it as a day tourer and it is great for that as it has a roomy aft compartment. It is fast and the rudder allows me to maneuver far better than my old kayak which had a skeg only. The seat is molded into the cockpit and has no padding but optional pads are available.

It is far easier to paddle than my old kayak as the hull is scalloped allowing for the paddle to get very close to the kayak without banging my knuckles. Even though it is polypropylene it is 6 pounds lighter than the old one which was 2 1/2 feet shorter. Also the storage is only about 10% smaller and has no skeg cable interfering with the rear compartment. It even has a bottle holder in the cockpit.

I really like the ease of entry from the water as it has no seat back interference and the water just drains out automatically. What I do not like is that the water drips off the paddle into my lap so I have to wear paddling pants if it is the least bit cool.

It is an awesome day tourer and handles wind and waves well. I can paddle into the wind as fast as my old boat paddled in no wind.