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Name: paddler788369

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First let me say that this is my first surfski. Just finished my first paddle and have a few thoughts and one very annoying issue. I have listed reviews of several kayaks I own or have owned on this site. Most are the narrow and fast type. I mostly paddle for fitness. Comparing speed, I would say this might be the fastest plastic kayak/surfski out there or at least close to it. That said, it will not hang with the Nemo L, not even close. It is easy to get on and off and that is a nice change. I am 6'2" 205 and it fits nice. Stability, I like to do the,(can I turn and look behind me test). This boat is very stable and you can turn to look behind you without flipping over, or at least I can. Looks, it looks nice, but gone is the white plastic that looked like fiberglass. They have replaced it with the typical granite looking plastic. Overall it seems well made. I did install the stern rudder due to conditions where I paddle. I find that it turns easy and fast. Seat is comfortable but I may add a lower back support. Now for my two major issues with the boat. First let me state that I believe you should be able to carry your kayak/surfski by yourself. That brings up the first issue. The carbon handles on the sides are nice but even grabbing at the furthest aft point the boat still dips to the stern. That means, you are dragging this thing around, rudder dragging on the ground. With a kayak you can move your hold position for best balance at the cockpit. You cannot with this. It isn't that the boat is to heavy, though it is clearly gaining weight from when these first hit the market. It is just that the balance is wrong and there really is nothing you can do. It is annoying enough that it will not see the water as much as I hoped it would. Epic should know this and should have fixed the grab handle placement. The second issue is more or less a surfski thing I guess. There is no drain in the seat. That means, if the smallest amount of water gets in the seat, you get to sit in it the entire time. Why is there no drain? I have had so many kayaks over the years and it seems like most of the designs get to 80% and screw something up that really would have made it a 100% boat. So, let me say to Epic, fix the handles and watch the weight!

I have a Nemo L from Headlands Kayak, I believe it is the same as the Kayak Pro boat. I ordered this boat without ever sitting in one. Looked good on paper and the price was excellent,(2000.00). I picked it up in Baltimore and after getting it home, I have to say it looked great. It appears well made and well finished. I have owned several kayaks over the years, started paddling in 1993. Some of the boats, Perception Eclipes, Sea Lion before that, Necky Elaho, Current Designs Extreme HV, Seda Glider. I would say this boat is the fastest of them all, a bit faster than the glider. I only paddle for fitness, no long trips. I am 6'2" 206. so I am not a small guy. It might be me but the major downside to this boat is that it is very unstable. This kayak requires your attention at all times or your going for a swim. I would not even take this out in anything above a light chop. That said, it is fast, light and cockpit is long enough for a large paddler. The seat does adjust which is a nice feature as most kayaks do not have this.