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Name: gastoltenberg

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I have a V7 from the 1st container to the states from 2014. It's surface was pitted out of the container as were all the others as well as dented form shipping pressure points so I picked the best of the worst. I have 7 kayaks, 5 skis, 1 sea kayak 1/2 PVC/thermal plastics and 1/2 composite all stored and cared for in the same manner. The V7 is the newest of the plastic and is now full of stress cracks including ones discovered horizontal just forward and aft of the bailer now making is structurally unsafe to paddle. The concept is a good one as I loved this for rivers and creeks with hazards but since it is impossible to repair in structural areas buy an older composite ski where a few dings or dents are no matter and repairs with fiberglass, resin, and gel coat can easily be made. I have an old V10S from 2006 and it remains near mint and now after 16 years needs to have upper deck re-fiber taped to the lower deck, expected from heavy chop and hull torsion. Go for a used older ski. it will be lighter, costs the same, last longer and can actually be repaired. Possibly all this has been refined but I regret this purchase. Should have just kept the Viking Javlin which I replaced with the V7. Once I remove the hardware this week it will go to the land fill or re-cycle center with about 100 paddles and 800 miles on it not a very good ROI.