Weight (lb)

Wasatch Description

Quick-Release Comfort Rest System (CRS) Seatbacks
Convenient Centralized Rod Holders for Fishing
Innovative Skeg Wheel for Transportation and Tracking

Wasatch Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Emotion Kayaks, Inc.
Wasatch Reviews

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Just bought this year from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/11/2022

Just bought this year from Dick's. The canoe is very stable and fairly comfortable. The inner edges are very rough and the cup holders are useless. Seats could be better but for the money it's a good value.

My modifications so far: I added door edge guard to the inner edges so I can grab it there it without cutting my hands. It took two 16' packs to do all the way around with a little left over. $14 bucks worth off Amazon. I drilled the rivets holding the center seat in and removed the center seat. I screwed some 2x2 wood inside with SS screws and flat washers using the rivet holes. I also put a piece of 1x1 across to get back the rigidity lost by removing the seat. I mounted a Coleman cooler that has good cup holders and a ruler in the lid and placed it further forward than the original center seat was. I secured the cooler to the new cross member with bungee cords. I think it's a 54 quart. This gives me more leg room in the back and plenty of room to place dry storage and tackle boxes. I also added a 55 lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor. I drilled new holes for the head screw so the handle sits offset to the right a little with the prop aligned with the hull. This makes it easier to turn without hitting myself in the head with the tiller. I failed to read it was only rated for 40 lb thrust before I bought the motor but they didn't stamp motor size in the ratings plate inside so I doubt it will be questioned. I wouldn't want a smaller motor in case of a stiff wind. I have a group 27 deep cycle battery that is rated at 100 amp hours.The battery fits behind the rear seat out of the way and doesn't cause any imbalance in the weight distribution but makes it hard to pick up from that end. The current draw on the motor checked out at 52 amps at full speed with the canoe fully loaded, two passengers, cooler, and fishing gear going against a slight current. I should get just shy of 2 hours run time at full speed. We usually paddle downstream and use the motor coming back against the current. I might add a second battery for backup but not sure about that yet. Last I mounted a Garmin Striker 4 GPS/Fish Finder. I made a shim out of 3/16" lexan so the Garmin mount would sit flush on the gunnel of the canoe. Make sure and mount far enough forward as to not get in the way of paddling. I stuck the transducer into the center of the hull right behind the rear seat with plumbers putty. It reads depth and shows fish and debris fine but loses some temperature accuracy. With all the extra weight I wouldn't want to load it in the back of my truck so I screwed some 2x3 wood runners onto my 10 ft long utility trailer for transport. I also made a dolly using some wheels from a power wheels jeep. Both the trailer and dolly supports fit up in the two grooves of the hull bottom.


Brother-in-law bought us the wrong canoe - So glad he did! My sister…

Submitted by: paddler236953 on 7/18/2016

Brother-in-law bought us the wrong canoe - So glad he did!

My sister and I had been wanting to purchase a canoe since we live in the Baltimore Area and can launch in our own back yard at multiple public boat launches in the tributaries off the Chesapeake Bay. We were going to buy the sundolphin that has the built-in cooler and flat back for a trolling motor, however, my brother in law offered to go pick it up from Dicks just after Mem. Day weekend and mistakenly brought this one home!

At first we were upset, but then realized that our prayers had been answered - we love the canoe! My sister was initially fearful of falling in the water, ( she can't swim very well ) however, after we took it out the first time we discovered that it is extremely stable = no fear of tipping! She doesn't even wear her lifejacket. (but it's in the boat per law). And this was in somewhat choppy salt water off Chesapeake Bay, not calm lake water.

The seat backs are a godsend (I am 53, my sister is 50 and a cancer survivor) and the length is great at 13 ft - no need to put it on the roof, we ratchet it to our 6 foot pick up truck bed using 2-3 ratchet straps. No problem. Travelled 3 hours to Ocean City, MD and back, then 3 hours to Lake Anna in VA, again, no problem, and we had to travel down I95 and around the DC Beltway! We even added the dog to that canoe trip! What a blast! Just be sure to flag the rear of the canoe for safety when transporting it.

Yes, it is a tad heavy at 94 lbs, but we are fairly big strong girls, we can manage it. It helps to be able to launch close to where you park the truck, although the wheel does help to maneuver it for short distances. The cup holders need to be deeper. I am going to try to jerry rig a more stable cup holder. We don't fish and can't comment on the rod holders.

We want to add a salt water trolling motor and will add comment after purchasing one and trying it out.

I had been checking craigslist for months and I couldn't find used ones for less than this one cost new! This canoe is a great buy for the money! Buy it, go out and have fun with your family/loved ones! Use it often - don't let it sit in the garage - LIFE is TOO SHORT !


We bought two Emotion Wasatch…

Submitted by: FaiththeGolden on 1/4/2016
We bought two Emotion Wasatch Canoes in Spring 2015 for family fun activities. We have never been canoeing before and found the canoes to be stable and comfortable with real seats that have backs. They track very well and are easy to paddle. We have attached electric trolling motors and the battery fits in the back.

We have done multiple fishing trips with coolers and fishing gear in the middle. We canoe in fresh water lakes, the Florida Intracoastal, and Fort. George's inlet. We use 220cm kayak paddles, which work very well. There is also room for a golden retriever in the front.


Good stable canoe. The seats…

Submitted by: James4197 on 7/4/2015
Good stable canoe. The seats are comfortable for several hours on the water. Very easy to maneuver with one person or two. One fall back is that the cup holders are not deep enough so drinks do not stay upright. A little on the heavy side for 1 person to handle at 96lbs but it can be done. The skeg wheel is a nice feature as long as you are on concrete but grass or gravel not so much.

I would definitely recommend this canoe to someone new to canoeing just for the stability.