Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Guster Description

Built-In Foam Blocks for Additional Flotation

ST Perfeormance Hull Gives Excellent Stability and Tracking

Bungee Straps to Secure Gear

Guster Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Emotion Kayaks, Inc.
Guster Reviews

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This kayak weighs less than…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/18/2021

This kayak weighs less than it looks like and is very stable in the water. However, it's very difficult to keep in a straight line and if you stop paddling immediately starts spinning you around. Compared to my other kayak I spend a lot of my paddling energy trying to keep it facing the right direction, so it ends up being slower and more difficult to paddle. It's fine if you're just looking to noodle around on the water, but frustrating if you are trying to cover a certain distance or do some exploring.



Great canoe for a beginner…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/6/2018

Great canoe for a beginner or an older outdoors person like me with more limited agility. Easy to transport. I like the bright yellow color for safety on the lake. Comfortable seat, ample storage, durable construction. I'll enjoy this kayak for years and would recommend it without any reservation, especially for a casual kayaker.


As my first kayak purchase,…

Submitted by: dknine on 6/27/2018

As my first kayak purchase, my Emotion Guster has certainly met my requirements. It is a very stable, yet responsive craft. I feel very safe while on our lakes or the Salt River. The size and weight make it an easy kayak to load, transport and manage. I really like the removable hatch cover- this makes stowing extra gear a breeze. As a paddling rookie, I'm most happy with my Emotion!! :)


I was originally looking to…

Submitted by: Alby on 6/18/2018

I was originally looking to buy a kayak for fishing, but have found touring to be a lot more enjoyable. Typically we paddle 8-10 miles a day on the numerous lakes we have been to. My Lime Green, Guster 10 is a very stable boat and it is surprisingly fast, for a 30" wide boat. My paddling buddy has a 12' kayak that is narrower and I have no problem keeping up with him...until the wind comes up, at that point I have to paddle a lot harder to keep up. This boat tracks well, has a large cockpit and a very comfortable seat. The rear hatch is not water proof, but it is large enough to fit a lot of gear into; I pack a Nikon DSLR with extra lenses, water shoes, a stadium seat, raincoat and a small soft side cooler in the back of this little boat! There is also plenty of room under the front deck of this boat. I added two rod holders for fishing rods and GoPro holders. Ialso purchased a half skirt for it. This is where the Guster 10 falls down and looses one star in my rating. The combing on the cockpit is not made to retain a spray skirt, I have tried numerous things and it is very difficult to keep the spray skirt on, but where there's a will there's a way and I have been able to make it work when needed. All in all this is a great beginning kayak that I would not be afraid to recommend to anyone wanting a good beginner boat or a good sit in fishing boat.


Very stable durable kayak

Submitted by: paddler397961 on 9/26/2017

I bought one of these (the Lifetime Lancer model) in July when we had a hot spell in the Seattle area, specifically Whidbey Island. I bought my first one at Walmart for $188, couldn't go wrong. Even in rough water it inspires confidence. I then bought a second one. Modifications included water tight cases for my phone and keys/wallet/etc and deck hatches for the bow. I then bought a 3rd at Cabelas for $249, this time an Emotion Guster. They've basically the same with the exception of the adjustable foot rests and seat back which is padded. Great stable super rigid thick walled kaytak, thicker than the Sun Dolphin Aruba and Pelican Trailblazers which are thinner, and you can feel it. Not light at 48 lbs but the thick sturdy hull and deck give me confidence. SUPER STABLE!!! Adding deck hatches to the rear storage and grab handles on the port and starboard sides of the cockpit to aid in getting in and out, carrying alone, or worst case to get back in in case of being capsized. I highly recommend this stout little Kayak!! Great job Emotion/Lifetime!


Just took my new 10' Guster…

Submitted by: paddler237103 on 9/10/2016
Just took my new 10' Guster out on the lake. Smooth water. No wind. Fun kayak but had some tracking issues. I was balanced- but the kayak kept wanting to bear to the left- left is fine in politics- but I wish my boat had a bit more tracking control.

Great little first time kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2016
Great little first time kayak at a very affordable price. If this kayak is able to perform as well as a more expensive model I'm happy with what I have, Lightweight, tracks well and very durable.

I purchased my Lime Green…

Submitted by: Alby on 5/6/2016
I purchased my Lime Green Guster 10' Kayak from my local Cabela's for the killer price of $199.00. Yesterday was my first time out in it and I am fairly impressed. It is very stable and tracks fairly well for a 10' boat. I was paddling with a friend who has a 12' boat that is a little narrower. I had no problem keeping up with him except when the wind came up I noticed he would pull ahead of me, paddling at the same rate. I would have to dig a little harder to keep up. Once the wind died down I was right there again. The Guster sits a little higher in the water than his boat, which I believe is the reason for the effect of the wind on it over his.

This boat is loaded with great features for the money. The seat is comfortable, did I say we paddled nearly 8 miles? The adjustable peddles are easy to adjust, which is a good thing because I have foot problems and had to adjust them three times to keep my feet from going numb. I had room under the bow to put a towel in a dry bag, and a small cooler. In the rear hatch I had rain gear, a change of clothes and some other misc. emergency items. I had very little water that got in my boat, other than a few drips form my paddle; I stayed dry and so did the boat.

I am impressed with the fact that my first time out was a paddle of 7-8 miles! I was comfortable, warm and dry even though the weather at times was cool and windy...we even got rained on a little. All in all an awesome Kayak!

The only negative I can find to date is trying to find a skirt for it was a real chore. The Emotion company was no help either, which is kinda sad, but I measured and searched. Finally I got a hold of Harmony products to find out their Recreational mini skirt might work, they pulled one from stock and gave me the measurements. It fits nicely but the cockpit combing is pretty shallow and I couldn't get the skirt to stay on, to use it. I am going to modify the mini skirt to make it work, by using a smaller diameter bungee cord, which I'm thinking just might be the ticket.

Other than this issue I'm diggin' this kayak! It looks great and performs nicely for a low budget boat."


I bought 3 of these for my…

Submitted by: phaller104 on 4/27/2016
I bought 3 of these for my teen kids. So far they've been great. We do have the high-back seats, but they are comfortable and roomy. Solid manufacturing it seems.

This is an excellent product…

Submitted by: paddler236719 on 4/27/2016
This is an excellent product for the price. I picked it up in store, and although the edges were a little rough, it was a really easy, 5 minute thing to fix. I use my guster for slow rivers and lakes, and I can say this is one of the most comfortable kayaks I've ever been in, whether you're fishing, taking pictures, or just exploring the body of water. I'm a smaller person, and the entire kayak is extremely roomy, but still sturdy. I would feel safe standing up in this kayak; it's that sturdy. If you're looking for a beginner rec kayak, I would 100% recommend this one.

AWESOME KAYAK!!!..I have 3…

Submitted by: Gyorgyi on 4/25/2016
AWESOME KAYAK!!!..I have 3 inflatable Kayaks. Two person Sea Eagle, and two Intex K1 (single person). This is my first "hard" kayak and I took it out for the first time yesterday on Saluda Lake,SC. It's comfortable, sturdy, fast and tracks well. I LOVE THIS KAYAK!...There is so much room in the Kayak to store your gear and goodies. Now I am looking to sell my Sea Eagle and keep the Intex K1 for River Rafting. This Kayak is a great buy and worth every penny. I may buy another one just to have around for friends who want to join me on the Lake. Don't hesitate with this choice. You won't be sorry. Miles of water and Smiles.

I bought an Emotion Guster at…

Submitted by: paddler236558 on 10/8/2015
I bought an Emotion Guster at an REI sale last summer and have had absolutely a ton of fun with this great little kayak. At 48 lbs., it's small and light enough for one person to car top and portage. It tracks fairly well, but needs a rudder for better control. Still skillful paddling can overcome these shortcomings.

It's got a nice, large cockpit, and it's beamy enough to handle most lakes well. I've taken it out in whitecaps on Lake Washington and Vancouver Island, BC lakes, as well as Barkley Sound and the Broken Islands Group on Vancouver Island, and it handled them all well. The seat is comfortable and the bungee tie downs and rear storage compartment handy. Plenty of room to get in and out in the large cockpit, too. Only improvement would be availability of an optional spray skirt, as I could not find one on-line, possibly because the cockpit is large compared to other kayaks.

The Guster is a very tough little, easy to maneuver craft, made from durable, thick polypropylene. It can take a lot abuse. I've dragged mine over gravel, razor sharp oyster shells, and rocks with just scratches to show for all the wear and tear. Overall, this is a great little kayak for beginners and experienced kayakers alike.


Emotion Guster - I was very…

Submitted by: SplashFun2024 on 9/5/2015
Emotion Guster - I was very excited to find this inexpensive kayak in orange at a clearance sale at REI. I was specifically looking for a stable boat unlikely to flip in the salt water bays and inlets where I paddle.

This is a good first kayak to get the feel of the waterways and learn the good/bad traits. This is a wide kayak- easy entry and exit. (My husband, who has a Dagger, calls it a bathtub!). I find my arms hit the sides sometimes when I paddle since it is wide.The fold- down seat is soft and comfortable; the backrest comes up high for support. A useful bungee cord arrangement clamps stuff down and I put a carabineer on the rope for extra water bottle. The paddle has its own storage slot on the side. A cup holder fit my small Nalgene, and the rear hold compartment is big enough for insulated lunch box, towels, etc. Small amount of water will eventually get into that compartment. I rely on gallon zip lock bags.

I find the Guster tracks straight, but it is slow going with no rudder. My next kayak will definitely have a rudder. Even paddling hard, the rest of my paddling friends are always leaving me behind. I am female, 5' and 115 pounds, I work out in a gym, so I am not a weak paddler. I think it is the size and bulk of the kayak that holds it back from the group of Necky Looksha kayakers speeding ahead. Alone I love to poke along the shoreline slowly and enjoy the scenery. I net shrimp, and take photographs. It doesn't bother me that it is not a fast racy, kayak.


Over the weekend borrowed…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2015
Over the weekend borrowed this kayak from a friend. It is a great kayak; was comfortable, easy to handle. I don't own one yet, but this is at the top of my list after padding around for several hour.

This is a great beginner…

Submitted by: BelieveMore on 7/3/2015
This is a great beginner kayak. It has movable footrests. Comfortable seat. It is just the right weight for me at 48 lbs. I have enjoyed it very much for the 2 times I have been out in it.